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What are you gonna do about it?

  • Dumpster me

  • Watch me screech autisticly

  • Beg for feet pictures

  • Tell me to neck myself

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Homoerotic fascist
wonder what got his friend the kiwi attention? my guess is tranny or furfag
also big doubt about him being "one of the most private individuals ive ever seen" cause being an annoying attention whore is pretty much required to be noticed here, no matter the subforum
Every dox I've seen was based on information the individual posted in public. You can't be "private" and share stuff that links back to real identity.


I wouldn't start from here.
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Thats likely Sam (m) aka Vordrak aka Domestic Terrorist Samuel Collingwood Smith.
Sam most likely is Legal Aid Loser... it's actually fascinating the way a Gamer Gater, Zoe Quinn hater, and friend of Milo, has somehow ingratiated himself into the woke Tannisphere in the UK.
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context: @QuadNarca made plans to troll on KF using the same screen name, and turns out to be a thirsty tranny (see people's posts on his profile and in the TLOU2 thread)
Did they not realize that derailing threads or whatever their autism was here gets them banned quicker than whatever redditor there is modding the subreddit? They can say how other users posting reddit screenshots is off-topic but those pretty much related to some tard ass trolling plan. (Archive)

They're specifically winning about the most physically repulsive tranny thread and how some TERFs like the Farms.

Also, a faggot with horrible teeth is totally not mad at the Farms:
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Who is this salty man? Did he have a tweet that ended up somewhere and he overreacted to it as though it was a personal thread?
Fresh kiwifarm review from /v/ (edit: and /g/) discussing Alex Mahan's latest challenges

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Edit edit: hoes mad
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Gotta enjoy the salt of a mad hoe anon just because some hackers chose not to really mess with YanDev's accounts any further.



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That's a parody account made to impersonate this person.

The genuine article isn't too far off from this, however. They quite literally just got off from making an account and yelling at people within their own thread.
That’s a pretty good parody then, had me fooled.
Donations for spending all day in the Internet? :\
A lot of troons seem to think they can get one for being online all day.


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