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  • Dumpster me

  • Watch me screech autisticly

  • Beg for feet pictures

  • Tell me to neck myself

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Immortal Technique


Just A Butt

Lift me up, like a garage door.
This one is pretty fun to laugh at and you'll be surprised to find out this site is filled to the brim with far-left socialists..........that are greatly influenced by the republican Steve Bannon. That makes perfect sense. Also, this person really hates @Analog Devolved

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Combing through this person's twitter feed; they're a reeeeeeeallllly far out there QAnon follower.
Speaking of QAnon, this guy also hates me for my involvement with them.
I guess Bryan’s mom is having trouble locking down the router.


International Glownigger Commander
What's it like to have an impotent stalker?
It's almost like clockwork, in a way. All you have to do is post your allegiance to something that he hates in his thread and you're on shit list.
I wish I had the ability to live in people’s head rent free like this.
It doesn't help that it's an "first come, first served" basis.
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niggy joo
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Lmao how would you even know they had a account on this fourm?
Also no, in the US you can't just physically attack or shoot someone (Which I'm guessing thats what he's hinting at) just becsause they have a account on a fourm, not that you even should be worried about that because no one on the internet is going to go out of their way to find you irl, you're just some random nobody.