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What are you gonna do about it?

  • Dumpster me

  • Watch me screech autisticly

  • Beg for feet pictures

  • Tell me to neck myself

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Brownie lives matter

Snag had enough of your shit

I like how all the lolifags are accusing this site's admins as the real "predators."



The scourge of man


Turns out the tech purge was in fact, not on (Tweet deleted immediately after the redirect to Fediverse). Dunno who this person is, they've been posted a few times in the Tranny sideshows thread from what I can see thats about it, claims to have been harassed by us. I did find this funny thread from them though

Also, has anyone ever realized how many 'victims' of the farms immediately notice that it's down? Like within an hour of it going down there were dozens of threads from furries and trannies alike gloating about how we're gone for good and never coming back.


You got the stuff?
Lol, if nobody liked it it wouldn't have survived years upon years of DDoSing and legal takedown attempts and disk issues and everything in between. It speaks both to Josh's dedication as well as the loyalty of its userbase
Sadly this time it was not the JUS but a faulty chinese NIC that dear leader got for aliexpress, thats why you buy american baby