Kiwi Farms Secret Santa 2020 (No Seriously, Reg Closed Now) - The 9th Secret Santa, It's Time To Pretend We Actually Like Each Other Again (Ok, I Guess Some Of Us Actually Do? Weird.)!

Jet Fuel Johnny

Full Metal Sperg
True & Honest Fan
I'll try this year. I've got more spare time.

  • Name (Your account name of course): Jet Fuel Johnny
  • Likes: Women, RPG's, sci-fi, fantasy, cool artwork, mil-porn stuff, sarcastic memes, making wire sculptures, and reading.
  • Dislikes: Most soy consumer bullshit.
  • Fun Fact About You: I was grazed/hit by lightning in my own front room and my older brother laughed that I probably had it coming.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? I don't have the time for that. Hopefully next year.


gotcha, crouton
I'm free.
  • Name (Your account name of course): Deodar
  • Likes: DOOM, Blood. TF2, Godzilla (+co.), just video games in general, actually. Got a huge soft spot for Postal.
  • Dislikes: Anime, weebs, hentai/porn, trannies, furries. the chinese, the japanese, famous people, politicians, etc., the list goes on and on
  • Fun Fact About You: My back hurts.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? Yes.


big areolas
  • mtndewsweg777
  • Likes: rabbits, music, nature, mushrooms, playing guitar, sleeping, gardening, taking hikes
  • Dislikes: fat people, politics, troons, fake people, hentai
  • Fun Fact About You: I made a fucking rug over quarantine.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: possibly

  • Name: Zaryiu
  • Likes: History, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Anime that is well written and well drawn, video games, comic books, mangas that are well written and well drawn, decent to good cartoons from 80's onwards, tabletop rpgs, wargames ( honestly I'm not difficult to please)
  • Dislikes: Stuff that is edgy just for the sake of being edgy, modern comic books with a few rare exceptions, people being mean to animals, social Media (and all the bullshit it causes), people being mean to animals, hypocrisy, trannies (well the more obnoxious ones, the others i can tolerate), the cray part of the left, wokeshit, child abuse in all it's forms
  • Fun Fact About You: My posts are often cluncky and too long because i tend to post in a stream of consciousness and it's not easy not to do that
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? If you need a replacement for someone who can't suddenly be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000
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Fandom Trash

Out of the dumpster truck and into the garbage can
Hey guys! I hope I'm not too late for to participate; I have been loving the other ones so far.

Name: @Fandom Trash

Likes: Anime (specifically My Hero Academia, One Piece, Soul Eater or Full Metal Alchemist). Cats-especially Siamese or Maine Coon. Drawings of my favorite anime characters like Deku or Maka from Soul Eater. I honestly just love art, so a sweet drawing for Christmas is pretty much good for me.

Dislikes: Nothing much. Maybe really terrible, sjw art where the characters are barely recognizable.

Fun fact about me: I like watching Foodie Beauty videos when I have spare time for myself.

Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sadly no.


*Nasally Laugh* Ahha-haahaahaa-Ahhaaaa
Name - @Breakfast_Guru88

Likes - Edgy Pol Humor, Indie/Rock Music, Movies (Mel gibson, Nick Cage, B-Horror) Retro Vidya, Weightlifting, Cats, based things

Dislikes - most normie shit like star wars and marvel, hip hop, not based stuff

Fun Fact - in holocaust class in middle school I scared my fat jewish teacher when I bought a copy of mein kampf to learn more about the whole thing from the horse's mouth

X-mas spirit bot 9000: I'll try and do an art thing


Breakin' Wind
True & Honest Fan
  • Name: TheImportantFart
  • Likes: Star Wars, creepypastas, guitar, Pokemon, Godwinson's Jahans videos, Doctor Who, bears, rabbits
  • Dislikes: Brainless Trumptards, pseudo intellectual fart huffers, Christcucks (morons who converted just to own da libs), Islamists, Carl Benjamin and his insufferable fanbase, horror and slasher films, heights, spiders
  • Fun fact about you: I am the night
  • Able to be x-mas spirit bot 9000?: You ask me every year and each time I have to say no

NOT Sword Fighter Super

"Cheerleeder" of Slapfights
True & Honest Fan
I'm both happy and sad that I'm too late to be a helper this year.
Note: if you decide to participate then fucking turn your shit in on time.
I had to make 3 gifts last year because people were late and not responding to my DMs.
Good luck to the helpers this year.

  • Name: NOT Sword Fighter Super
  • Likes: laughing at the stupid shit people do, Nintendo stuff (obviously), Kiwi Farms, Random shit
  • Dislikes: people who constantly talk about politics or Covid19. Also faggots without a sense of humor
  • Fun Fact about Me: I work in health care but I hate being called a "hero" for it. That shit is fucking cringy
  • Xmas Spirit bot 9000? I've done it every year I've been here so far, so why not continue?

Mao Hao Hao

Soon Nyaaaa....
Whoops, almost missed this. Considering this may be the last Secret Santa I can participate in with this site (that article 230 stuff or whatever that could lead to its demise), I definitely want to take part again this year.
Name: Mao Hao Hao
Likes: Animals, Insects, Anime/Manga, most video games, anything overly cute, horror stuff (books, movies, games etc).
Dislikes: Politics, terrible SJW stuff.
Fun Fact About You: I am stupidly good at rhythm games.
Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No


Kadir-Buxton Method practitioner
Name: Clovis
Likes: art, history, science, lovecraftian horror, sci-fi, animals, heavy metal, counter cultures, folk horror, the 1980s, the 1990s, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, dungeonpunk, triangles, ghosts, jokes, conspiracy theories, David lynch, David cronenberg, John carpenter, John waters, the Cohen bros, birds, dinosaurs, bdsm, rubber, web 1.0, spooky shit, cartoons, dada, surrealism, german expressionism, net art, explosions.
Dislikes: Christmas, most mainstream pop culture, politics, furries, section 230, most people, centipedes, snot, hard work, the TV show Friends, cycling, feet, DD;lg, scat, corporate culture, bad design, cringe.
Fun Fact About You: I can moonwalk.
Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? YES.


Has ugly pecs that creep everybody out
I'll take this shit on!
  • Name: Naamaleipuri
  • Likes: Anime, Cute Anime Girls ,JRPGs, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting and Running
  • Dislikes: 3d girls, Immigrants, Niggers, Muslims, Finnish Justice system and squirrels. AND SANDNIGGERS!
  • Fun Fact About You: I really, REALLY can't drive a car. And have crashed once. I've been jailed twice because of justified self defense.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? I have no idea so no!

Cynically Insane

I haven't been fucked like that since grade school
  • Name: Cynically Insane
  • Likes: Abstract art, text games, celtic punk, character driven stories, terfs
  • Dislikes: Furries, Weebs, troons, memes, bobs and vagene (prefer dick but don't need to see it).
  • Fun Fact About You: I once won the women's division of a lumberjack games I entered at the spur of the moment.


"I'll save them all... the whole world."
  • Name: Clockwork_PurBle
  • Likes: Horses, cats, memes, movies, horror movies, Johnny Cash, Batman (Scarecrow is my favorite), horror games, coffee, wine, cursed images, weird stuff, ironic humor
  • Dislikes: far lefties, 2020, soy-people, yappy dogs
  • Fun Fact About You: I am the shortest of my siblings (and the oldest) and first cousins despite not being objectively short
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Yes, but I will likely just do drawings and writing

Road kill lunch
  • Name: Road kill lunch
  • Likes: Collecting road kill, working dogs, mountains, gore
  • Dislikes: Troons, hospitals, kids, abusers
  • Fun fact about you: Do terrible taxidermy on dead finds
  • Able to be x-mas spirit bot 9000? Y


Not Deprecated
True & Honest Fan
  • Name: Nu11ptr
  • Likes: Philosophy, books, music, those quiet moments when the world seems to stand still for a brief instant, hope.
  • Dislikes: Marmite, smug, malice, teen fiction novels.
  • Fun Fact About You: I can balance almost anything on my head indefinitely.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sure!
  • Like
Reactions: Law


hates dogs, loves vicodin
  • Name: Law
  • Likes: rainy days, Warhammer 40k, wrestling, bad movies and the mockery there of, slipstream fiction
  • Dislikes: folk music, people who take themselves too seriously
  • Fun fact about you: I don't actually hate dogs and love vicodin. It's a red letter media reference.
  • Able to be x-mas spirit bot 9000? You have enough bots, you don't need Law

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