Kiwi Farms Tenth Annual Secret Santa - Posted on the 10th of November


scooby doo 2: return of the snacc bar
Oct 30, 2020
  • Name - like_shut_up_&_drive_scoob
  • Likes - hollow knight, trails in the sky, paper mario (only the first 2), classic anime (80s/90s), cats, scooby doo, manga, old skool fantasy books like John Carter and LOTR, progressive rock, jazz, and new wave.
  • Dislikes - progressive politics, gorn, weebs, animal abuse, rap, country music, cartoon network cartoons, and unironic edge lords.
  • Fun Fact About You - I beat mass effect on the highest difficulty during my first place thru. I uh sing sometimes.
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モノ子ッッ可愛いよおかわいいいよォモノ子ォォアアァァア アァッ!!!!
Nov 14, 2021
whoaaa this looks fun
  • (my) Name (is not important.... what is important is what im going to do....) - Monoko
  • Likes - eatin fun dip
  • Dislikes - people who say adam sandler's click was a bad movie okay like dude click fucking rocks it made me cry really hard near the end how could you even say that
  • Fun Fact - my favorite national anthem is latvia's national anthem
  • X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000 - I hate robots

Elaine Miller

Pathological liar. BPD thot. Aroused by attention.
True & Honest Fan
Mar 29, 2021
@What the shit wanted me to do this so here goes:
Name : Elaine Miller
Likes : shitposting, programming, anything AI related, @tinycactus on Instagram‘s art, anarchy, rock & indie music & karma
Dislikes : SJWs/, Tiktokers, Mia Khalifa, the government, most of the police force, political censorship, injustice, libertarians & tech conglomerates
Fun Fact About You : lurked this site years before I got a thread
Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? : absolutely, why not?

Probably An Autist

mergers are gay
Feb 3, 2021
fuck it

@Probably an Autist
Likes: vidja, animu, 90s JDM cars, gym, schizocows, shitposting, you guys <3
Dislikes: online lgbt faggotry, heights, cinnamon
Fun Fact About You: I can cross each of my eyes independently to one another
Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: If you *really* need me to, I can try.

Cynically Insane

I haven't been fucked like that since grade school
Apr 16, 2019
  • Name: @Cynically Insane
  • Likes: Music, sport, 2A, lulz, cooking, baking and food, Salvador Dali, optical illusions, reading, pets over people
  • Dislikes: All things weeb, bobs, vagene and dick pics (As a woman, if I wanted to see a guys cock I'd just ask him.), incels, normies, trannies, furries.
  • Fun Fact About You: I am an old, based mom.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No. I'll focus on making 1 quality product.

The Fraggle Queen

Turns out Doozers explode when you fuck them.
Mar 5, 2021
Name: The Fraggle Queen
Likes: Sanrio, pokémon, old cartoons, silent hill, weird obscure horror games, studio Ghibli, rock music
Dislikes: Marvel comics, most pop music, most people
Fun fact about me: I have over £1000 worth of horror collectibles.
X-mas bot: Not sure, depends on how much baba fraggle kicks the shit out of my womb.

thinking about mr hands

There’s somethin in this world nobody has seen yet
May 4, 2021
  • Name: Thinking About Mr Hands
  • Likes: Attack On Titanrip, Toradora, Assassination Classroom, Final Fantasy XV, Pokemon, drawing, music, ice skating, shitposts, Vidiya Games, Jschlatt I apologize, my likes look very faggoty, the good Lord and savior Jesus Christ amen
  • Dislikes: Any Marvel movie after Winter Soldier (besides spiderverse, the Spidernigga rocked), twitterfags, doin the naughty before marriage, anyone who acts like they're "baby uwu and so innocent and wholesome" or "fierce and a baddie", parents who let their kids on the internet unsupervised.
  • Fun Fact About You: I've been drawing and writing my entire life and still am bad at art*sigh*
  • X-MAS SPIRIT BOT: Maybe? I work a lot, but I'd love to try as a just in case!!


Hell is real and we live in it.
Jun 18, 2019
  • Name: @Bugs_Galore
  • Likes: Country Music, Hunting, Fishing, Skyrim, Dogs, DOOM, Goblin Slayer, 3D Printing
  • Dislikes: City Dwellers, Cities, Troons, Reddit, All Rap Music, Furries, Breadtubers
  • Fun Fact About You: I am currently attending school trying to get my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine :)
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Unfortunately no. Not enough free time, sorry!


Plantation Barbie
True & Honest Fan
May 16, 2015
  • Name: Lunete
  • Likes: Jojo, cute animals, nature
  • Dislikes: Fat chicks
  • Fun Fact About You: I have no idea how I got this true and honest fan rating. I just woke up one day and it was there.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? I might be able to do one or two.

Overly Serious
Oct 20, 2019
  • Name: Overly Serious.
  • Likes: Attractive women; History; Ancient Rome; Nightcore; Blue Oyster Cult and their contemporaries; RPGs; creepy crawlies and bugs of all kinds.
  • Dislikes: Reggae, Marxists, Large Passenger Jets, Thai food, Coconuts
  • Fun Fact About You: Fast typist; Child of the Sixties and the Summer of Love (original, not riot one); Once ate an entire box of weetabix in 30mins (the double packet size, not the little small ones).
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? Alas, don't have the skills and it takes me all my time to do just one decent gift. So not this year, sorry. Maybe in emergency.


GORGAR speaks...
True & Honest Fan
Oct 4, 2017


Ganymedes (Γανυμήδης), Ganymede, or just Gaymead


Classical Greek art and Imperial Roman art (e.g. the Fayum Mummy Portraits), Byzantine Art, Early and High Italian and Dutch Renaissance Art, Pre-Raphaelite Movement, Late 19th and Early 20th Century Art (think Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Mucha, and Harry Clarke) Spy thrillers (either James Bond on one extreme and Geroge Smiley on the other) and Crime fiction (particularly Noir), the animated films of Cartoon Saloon, learning languages like French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, Hebrew, Myths, Legends, Fairytales, Chivalric Romances and Epics


Faggotry (of the unfunny and tasteless kind), moral outrage for clout, Tumblr/CalArts-tier shite, poolitics by grifters on both ends of the political spectrum, weebshite and degenerate decadence in Anime/North American/European animation (looking at you, France), personal politics that fucks everyone over


I had a Jollibee Palabok Fiesta and I liked it very much,
I sat next to an iguana without realizing it (i thought it was a statue), I am an eternal bitch slave


Only on Weekends, bitch :stickup:
The based legend.

Nein Inch Nales

Aug 3, 2019
>Name: Nein Inch Nales
>Likes: Goth girls, Castlevania games, Bloodstained games, Blaster Master Zero series, Mega Man X, artwork and drawing, bobs and vagene, The prodigy and bands like it, macabre stuff (see my profile picture), goofy memes.
>Dislikes: animal torture, political fag shit (i.e woke shit and cuckservative grifting), retarded conspiracies, narcissistic dumbasses, fundies.
>Fun fact about me: I'm still alive, apparently.
>Spirit bot 9000: No.

Conan O'Barbarian

Late night talk show conquerer
Feb 21, 2020
Name: @Conan O'Barbarian
Likes: Classic scifi and fantasy, ancient history and folklore of all kinds, extinct animals and cryptids, extant animals especially bears, geology, nature, video games especially horror and adventure,, Yakuza, Soulsborne
Dislikes: Just about every internet subculture there is, furries, identity politics, tankies, heat, lazy coworkers, americanized ethnic food
Fun Fact About You: I get extremely excited about the things I do like, but I will rope myself before I step foot in any kind of fandom setting. Scandinavian.
Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I may be able to do one or two extra given notice
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"Everyone Hates Mondays" -Ermes Costello
Mar 6, 2016
  • Name: @Miel67
  • Likes: Drawing, Coloring, Kiwi Farms, Anime, Reading, My Pet Turtles, Sunshine and Food
  • Dislikes: Roleplay and Furries/Gross Fetishes
  • Fun Fact About You: I was gifted 10 adult coloring books and I'm now finishing my first one
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? Probably not

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