Kiwi Farms Tenth Annual Secret Santa - Posted on the 10th of November

Overly Serious
Oct 20, 2019
Name ten attractive women.
Gina Carano

Rachel Nicholls

Lena Headey

Georgina Moon

Mongolian Woman with Ruddy Great Bird (actual name)

Brie Larson. I can't help it. It's those cold, merciless eyes devoid of human emotion, that shovel-shaped perfection of her face. She's like a murderous sex-doll to me.

Bingbing Li (might have seen her in The Meg).

Deborah Ann Woll (in this picture she looks like Golum in drag but I still think she's cute.

Wallis Day

Jennifer Lawrence



Chaotic Neutral
Dec 22, 2016
Name: Aikaterini (Katerina)
Likes: Photography, storytelling, reading, writing, kiwi farms, chocolate 🍫, music and tarot
Dislikes: furries, troons and pedos
Fun fact about me: I've won poetry and drawing contest when I was little and a photo contest in 2014
Able to be a bot? Yes

Oh and sorry about my cum recipes cook book 📚 that I gave as a gift to someone here, I'm deeply sorry
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Demigod of Peace
True & Honest Fan
May 2, 2017
Name: Aikaterini
Likes: Photography, storytelling, reading, writing, kiwi farms, chocolate 🍫, music and tarot
Dislikes: furries, troons and pedos
Fun fact about me: I've won poetry and drawing contest when I was little and a photo contest in 2014
Able to be a bot? Yes

Oh and sorry about my cum recipes cook book 📚 that I gave as a gift to someone here, I'm deeply sorry
I don't know why you would mention a book like that and not share it with the rest of the class.

David Brown
May 24, 2021
Name: @David Brown
Likes: Conspiracy theorizing, humorous and irreverent treatment of historical tragedies (i.e. joking about the JFK assassination or 9/11), classic American literature like Melville or McCarthy, metal and punk music, learning or reading about different perspectives and ideas, Sneed
Dislikes: Excessive weebery, jannies, political sperging, unhealthy obsessions over things outside of our control
Fun Fact: I've played guitar for over ten years and I am PROUDLY mediocre. Have written, played and sang, recorded, and produced several songs for various terminally online communities.
Xmas Spirit Bot: Won't say yes now, ask me later if it comes down to it.

Sweating while trying to write my likes and dislikes in a way that doesn't make me come off like a pretentious tool. May or may not have succeeded.

Tranimal Farm

Femto Sonichu
May 25, 2021
  • Name - Tranimal Farm (formerly Loony Troons)
  • Likes - Art, particularly modern fantasy/sci-fi stuff, particularly art done by the League of Legends splash team, (e.g. Esben Rasmussen, Victor Maury) Alex Flores my favorite artist currently. Nordic folk music like Einar Selvic, Danheim, Heilung. Wholesome shit.
  • Dislikes - Abstract/modern art. Fat positivity. Offensive jokes that aren't funny, saying nigger doesn't make you the king of comedy, even the internet. Faggots, not gays, not queers in general, but specifically faggots, y'all know what I mean.
  • Fun fact about me - I have basically been constipated since birth. Majority of my childhood was on a fuckin horse's dose of laxatives.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? - Don't count on it. could change

Lovecraft's Cat

Cat Lives Matter
Dec 12, 2020
Name: Lovecraft's Cat
Likes: Lore-heavy media (vidya in particular), medieval history, languages, edgy jokes, logic puzzles, trivia, math (I only know up to first-year calculus)
Dislikes: Leftist ideology, hypocrisy, Harry Potter, fanfictions of any kind, anything that takes itself too seriously
Fun Fact about me: My dad worked as a NASA contractor for a short while. Or so he tells me.
Can I be a Christmas Spirit Bot: Prolly not

Dolphin Lundgren

Picking blueberries with Henry Fonda.
True & Honest Fan
Nov 15, 2017
  • Name: Dolphin Lundgren
  • Likes: Anything involving Old Hollywood, silent films, anything Victorian and Edwardian, moodboards, Books: especially classic novels: especially books by EM Forster and F. Scott Fitzgerald. British television and old British comedy- mostly Blackadder, Black Books, or Jeeves And Wooster, Bioshock, Ragtime music, Audiobooks, Writing, Classical, Celtic, and oldies music, Wild west history, Impressionist art. Ambience videos. I love ambience videos.
  • Dislikes: ASMR. Fuck ASMR. I may like ambience but I can't stand ASMR sounds. Snobs or cliques. Superhero films. Modern art. Stans. Beyonce. In fact, I don't like her fans either. People who act like they're funny when they're actually obnoxious. Tik-Tok. Science fiction.
  • Fun Fact About You: My earliest memory is me burning half my head with a candle when I was 2 years old. Doctors thought my mom did it, but I remember climbing on the counter and listening to it.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No , don't have time.


True & Honest Fan
Apr 20, 2018
Name: @awoo
Likes: programming, math sometimes, legos, minecraft, all autism things 🧩, coffee, being offensive, especially political memes
Dislikes: libtards, modern pop music, boring people? idk
Fun fact about me: I am simultaneously lazy and a hard worker. It switches
Able to be a bot? No

Suburban Bastard

lol mad
True & Honest Fan
Apr 7, 2019
@Suburban Bastard
Likes: metal, action and rpg games, blood + gore, formality, the beach, mindless destruction, bad cook lolcows, kirlia

Dislikes: gay shit, bananas, sex toys, toys, country music, New Jersey

Fun fact: I was a public beach lifeguard for 4 years.

Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I may

The Empirical Bogey

Pretty FMV ladies
Jan 24, 2020
Name - The Empirical Bogey

Likes - The Humanities (not pretentiously), especially Western humanities and culture, languages, Internet culture and history, older technology, RPGs usually action or strategy or Zelda-like games, optimistic or cool or funny media, all kinds of weather, food and cooking

Dislikes - The stock KF dislikes, plus annoying music, indistinct and identical music, woe-is-me, vapid, or all-is-trash edgelord media, those attitudes in real life, vaporwave, white chocolate, apple pie, gummy peach rings

Fun Fact - I had Asian eyes until around age six. No one could guess my ethnicity and everyone thought I was adopted.

Can be a Cheer Bot? - No, maybe next year. Sorry.

spencer reid

not spencer reid
Feb 23, 2020
name: Spencer Reid - going to try and give a variety of likes so you're not stuck, feel free to also get hints from my profile or something, sorry for the zoomer tastes
likes : art, anime and manga style, rabbits and small animals, law (as a subject), films, mystery as a genre, reading ('dark academia' type things), moodboards, anything cute, indie perfume/fragrances in general
specific likes : Person of interest, omori, the secret history, pixel art, story based games (LiS, visual novels) + rpgmaker, the cartoon 'amphibia' (and frogs more generally), taylor swift, math rock, city pop, cartoon saloon movies
Anime : Yoshitoshi ABe works (particularly haibane renmei and lain), monster, ikuhara works (utena and penguindrum), madoka, erased, ghibli movies
dislikes : excessive fanservice, noise, internet arguments
fun fact about me : my female rabbit is called leo
able to be xmas bot?: prob not
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Oct 11, 2021
Name - fuckin AWOL

Likes - violence & memes

Dislikes - internet forums

Fun Fact - I invented the .

Can be a Cheer Bot? - FUCK no


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
Was considering skipping out this year given my lack of presence since May. But what the heck?

  • Name: Jewelsmakerguy
  • Likes: Same as previous threads - the 1980s, robots, cars, animation
  • Dislikes: Likewise - Stupid people, green bell peppers
  • Fun Fact About You - the first ever Transformers figure I ever got was this guy on my fifth birthday
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? - Depending on when the assignments are given out, probably.

Some Badger

May 14, 2021
I'll give this a go, what the hey.

Name: Some Badger

Likes: drawing, animation, weeb shit, vaporwave art, european badgers, furry art I guess, RPGs, jidaigeki media, medieval history, celtic iconography, Fire Emblem (strategy games in general, really), gondola : DDDD, consuming spicy food, D&D homebrews, Latin choirs, the Second Amendment

Dislikes: capeshit, Twitter, vegan alternatives, corporate art, overpriced food, grifters, hamfisted politics in my media, art hoes

Fun fact about [me]: My beard is four different colors but I color it to match my hair in my art.

Can I be crimmus bot: Nah, I'd like to get at least one of these under my belt first just so I know what I'm getting myself into. Maybe next year??
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The Last Stand

RIP Betty White (1922-2021)
True & Honest Fan
Aug 17, 2018

Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Get ready for Mariah Carey on repeat because we're approaching the Christmas season!

Sign ups last until December 7th so that you're forewarned.

Jan 25, 2020
  • Username: Jorgoth
  • Likes: Guns, girls, anime, Japan, physics, animals, children, computers, robots, mass death (of people obviously)
  • Dislikes: Trans rights, being expected to care about things I don't care about
  • Fun Fact About You: I recently had way too much iron in my blood because I supplemented both Vitamin C and iron, making me constantly tired. After deliberately bloodletting on a daily basis for the past few days, I've begun feeling way better.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? No

Apis mellifera
Aug 23, 2020
name: Apis Mellifera

likes: bees, frogs and salamanders, dinosaurs, gardening, bird watching, nature, Ozymandias, Fungi from Yuggoth, cosmic horror and scifi writing, Portal, Gorillaz's Demon Days, horror art, forum-type art (comically bad photoshop jobs, ms paint comics), minecraft, stellaris, unique recipes

dislikes: loud = funny humour, reddit, twitter, white chocolate

fun fact about you: I regularly read poetry aloud to my dogs to practise my enunciation/accent

christmas bot? yes
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Old Beaky :^)
Jun 14, 2020
fuck it, here we go

  • Username: Str8Bustah
  • Likes: Mecha, Mythology, Breakcore, Puzzles, Snowboarding, Antiquarian stuff
  • Dislikes: Trannies, Chinks, Contrarians, Urbanites, Gore, Non-Denominationals
  • Fun Fact About You: I've been choking in my sleep for over a year now and even though the doctors found out what's wrong with me they aren't doing anything about it haha.
  • Able to be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? All I want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to shut the fuck up. Gregorian Chant and Choirs not Pop Music and Ballads. Amen.

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