Kiwi Miner Episode VII: The Empire Strikes Back -

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After a test run will you consider offering your miner as a service while undercutting other competing services?


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Is this thing mining even when we haven't opened the site or have it idling in a tab?

The banner claims I am mining at NaN hps.
Send help.
EDIT: I refreshed the page and my antivirus pops up saying they blocked connection to it
despite me whitelisting both Wiwi and the miner. Thanks, Avast, you're so helpful.
2nd EDIT: I had to whitelist them as HTTPS, HTTP doesn't do anything.
I'm probably an idiot.
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0% is definitely still mining. Hps is still updating (6-7, down from 11-12 at 20%), and Chrome task manager shows 7-10% CPU usage on this tab.

Though I'm not complaining - Around 15% usage my fans hit a particularly annoying pitch, so this lets me continue mining without aural agony. 10% increments would probably be a more sano solution, but this works.

No idea why it's running, though.


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I can't turn the miner up on the KF page. Clicking it does nothing but highlight the miner. Right clicking and opening the miner frame in another tab works, though. :late: and :dumb:, I know.

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The miner died after a reboot (possibly earlier, I'm not sure), I get 0.00 hps regardless of settings. Disabling all antivirus software didn't help, changing browsers did nothing also. Any ideas?

edit: Aaaand it's running again, like magic.

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Is this thing working right?
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I can set it at 100% but it's not using my cpu at all.
Try restarting your browser &/or computer. I had that happen to me once and that was because I left the browser window open for a couple of days. Restarting Firefox fixed it.