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Mister Höek has gone insane
I make stuff and throw it out most of the time but I was listening to the "Internet Juche" stream Josh did and I made a nothing wrong with doxing song out of some of it. Even though this thread is kinda dead I figured I'd post it since no one else on earth would get it. Not my first track but it is the first song I've felt was good enough to release (even though it's kinda clipping and sloppily EQ'd).

Holy crap this ripped pants song is incredible. I wish I could get my stuff to feel like it's all got it's own spot in the mix like that. The verb on that main instrument is *kisses fingers* Mwah! The samples are funny and I kinda want to do some stuff like that but I can only use samples like a shitty remix artist would at this point.

EDIT: added an mp3 to the post if you don't want to use soundcloud and I got so caught up in being a shill I forgot to talk about the OP in the first place.
This is really fucking good, I could see Jersh using this in a stream intro tbh. Good job Kiwi! :suffering::suffering::suffering:

Today, I uploaded TWO songs, both are same bpm, and same subject matter... the pigroach man! (Cue horror sting) anyway it's gonna be an A B comparison Snorty Pig, I find more hilarious just for the hell of it and Tahxic Monie Juice is more of a serious type (I can only tolerate so much of the noises so only the snorts are in as kick drum) so enjoy :)


pic 3.jpg

Part of my current set up. Quite a complicated set up but easy to use. It's basically a live rig and everything goes into either a 24 channel mixer or an 18 channel digital mixer.

One of the synth modules controls all the midi and CV clock timing and the Arturia keystep and beatstep control most of the sequencing of the synths and drums. It's not for any other reason other than I like making music. I've not played live in years and I rarely record anything.

I've also got a load of guitars and amps knocking around and god knows how many stomp boxes.

Good stuffs being posted :) I wish my synth setup was as impressive, but I live in a small apartment and I dont have the space for a rackmount set... ah well, what can you do. Anyway, I have a relatively new track made from samples (I honestly dont remember all of what I sampled, but it was influenced by "Kill me a mithafucka" by Project Pat if that matters.) Enjoy


Headless Chickens. :P

The Exponents, Peking Man, Split Enz and Coconut Rough are brilliant as well. I used to chat to Andrew McLennan a lot on Facebook.

Well friends, today's song is kinda an interesting song I made a song just using a certain squirrel v-tuber voice clip from one random video talking about brain cells at 3 AM (ironic that's when I decide to get out of bed after waking up at 1:30 or 2 in the fucking morning). I honestly dont know why I did it... was it because I was bored and struck with inspiration? I dont know. Anyway enjoy the random techno track I made.