Kiwifarms has a culture problem.

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Apr 25, 2015
One of the more salient ones is that moderation philosophy largely remains a holdover from pre-nightmare PVCC. Accountability is a lovely sentiment that I appreciate our mods espousing, but with KF's present structure, it's toothless. That's more than a little problem on a forum this large and unwieldy, where personal relationships can only guarantee so much. So, I want to workshop ideas on how to address this issue and make peers of the mods once more. Some of them come from experiences on other (sometimes ancient boards), others are more improvisational:

  1. Sanction board: per-user thread that collates their history of warnings, bans, why, and the reasoning behind extensions. Don't obfuscate behind a shell account.
  2. Formal ban appeals: to be attended to not by the mod that instituted the ban, particularly when considering long or permanent bans, as a hedge against cronyism, over-reaction, or plain error. Include appeals to the sanction board.
  3. Mod nominations: you want better coverage of the forum's corners, more diverse voices, and a less adversarial relationship? Here's a way how. Nominate on a regular cycle such that existing mods can also feel free to step down without shortchanging anyone.
  4. Mod recalls: because, let's be honest. Sometimes we get some stinkers and that's just mundane reality when it comes to running a place like this. Make nominations for recall anonymous through a bot akin to the Giftbot, and set a percentile threshold to carry the recall or not.
  5. No blanket staff posts: Append each name individually to an advisory post, not in aggregate. If you want to be regarded as like us, post like us instead of erecting a procedural wall of perfect mod unity (it mostly serves to stifle discussion and cement the perspective that you're not our peers).
  6. Forget moderation of console warring/port begging/store warz that falls below the point of personal attacks. It's all trivial consumerist faff and coming down on it so hard is a solution in search of a problem. It's busywork, not valuable work.
  7. Shed the 4chan vestiges: seriously, so much of this crud is just hanging on because of simple inertia. Do we need member castes? Do we need four canonical subforums? Do we need to mandate OTs that expire at 20k posts?
  8. No more heavy-handed, "This is the last word on that, the united, formless, shapeless, and undivided mod mass decrees it" tosh. Discussions taper off and end. Don't throw weight around just to have the last word.
  9. More openness: discussion of the site's culture, future, and problems can't solely remain the prerogative of the mod team. Open discussion is the only reasonable way to make things better, work conciliation, and invest the entire forum in better outcomes.
  10. Proportion: accusations of bigotry can't be simply played off with stonewalling and blanket accusations of a criminal offense committed by the sanctioned member. It's irresponsible, it's insulting, and perfectly underlines the cultural problem that is driving people away and embittering members against a mod team that increasingly looks out of touch and out of hand.
  11. Conciliation: full and open discussions of crises like this one, including giving the accused and their witnesses the chance to speak for and defend themselves, and full ownership of mistakes, blind-spots, failings (both on the account of the mods and the accused). The social expectation to cop to fuckups should be expected of mods too, and not just as something that is nice to have when it happens.
So, these are just a few things that I've been thinking on, and I'd like to talk about where we go from here. Openly. Because it's overdue.

Aug 7, 2019
I'd like to see your experience modding a shit-posting forum and come back to us about how much fun you had with all your new friends.