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I was inspired by @FroggyMan when thinking about making this thread, so I'm thinking about making moodboards and stuff! I use befunky (collage mode) and Pinterest for the pictures, and also feel free to share your own! Here's an example of mine.
why are we here.jpg

If you want me to try making you one, feel free to fill out this form!

Desired Theme:
Favorite Color:

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This looks neat. Please make me one OP. Here are my parameters;

Name: Zest
Desired Theme: Tropical Breeze
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Extra: neon pink maybe? I don't really care as long as the color either contrasts the turquoise or compliments it.


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I think this is a really cool idea! I'd make some as well, but the art of moodboards is something lost to me. If you're offering to throw together a collage of our prophet Daddy David Koresh, I'll willingly accept and will happily print it out to jizz on.


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Damn, moodboards are my favorite!
You're doing spectacular, ISOPODEYES.

Name: PumpkinSpiceBitchMeringue
Desired Theme: Stars in the sky, cats
Favorite Color: Blue
Extra: Green

I'll greatly appreciate and love whatever you do!
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Ooh, this looks sweet!

Name: VerdantBuckle34
Desired Theme: Minecraft, exploration. (That 'spirit of adventure' feel overall.)
Favorite Color: Green and sky blue
Extra: nada; thank you for doing this in advance!

Name: Exuvia
Desired Theme: Regency menswear
Favorite color: Beige, if "grey" isn't a valid answer
Extra: old medical illustrations, J J Grandville

(If you're starting to get overwhelmed by the number of requests you're under no obligation to do mine)
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