Kiwifarms Users as Sonic Characters - A thread where you can request a sonic character to be made in your (relative) image

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Mobian Frog
For the past week or so, I've been in general chat working to make Sonic OC versions of some of the users there and on Kiwifarms as a whole. I've decided to expand to here because I've drawn everyone there.
Here are a few examples of my work
This one's of Emspex

This one's of Alan Pardew

and lastly, this one's of Dynastia

So if you want a drawing similar to one of these lovely pieces (which, considering this site, the chances of happening are extremely slim), all you have to do is post your gender (so I know whether or not to give the thing tits), your prefered species and what you want the thing to wear and hold (so long as it's not too lewd).
Edit: When I've given your post a like, that means I've started work on your request
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Mobian Frog
Make one of Null. have him be the overlord god or some shit that every one else is trying to hunt down. and make one of the people chasing him the pm of new zealand.

gender: male

species: idk some mutant aquatic cat

attire: suspenders. only suspenders
The first one I drew was Null, actually. I drew him before your suggestion, however, and so I drew him as this dog.

This was also before I knew what I was doing exactly


for a name I guess something dumb/clever like Cyn or Ganance or some shit
gender: female

Species: some sort of a bird (preferably an owl or any sort of corvid, yes even blue jays)

Attire - a hoodie and a resting bitch face

PL 001

Eh, what the hell, I'll bite. Let's see what you've got.

Gender - Male
Species - Cat (Maine Coon preferably)
Attire - Zoot suit and Panama hat

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