Kiwitober 2021 - Inktober's autistic cousin - Thank you for a great one!

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Sep 25, 2020
Featured on Oct 3, 2021 at 8:58 AM: Community: Users want to do a forum-themed Inktober event.
Inktober is a drawing challenge where artists are given one prompt a day to explore for the entire month of October. Kiwitober is for artists of all mediums: pen and paper, digital, poetry, short stories, claymation, whatever you do, post it here.

The prompts are released early for the artists to plan out the month. @Pumpkinsplice made one for BP last year but with the advent of our new background, I thought it would be fun to extend the challenge site-wide to include as many artists as possible. For our international friends, feel free to submit prompts in your time zone. You don't have to be an artist to participate; there are different mediums and all are accepted. Write, act, sing, draw, whatever!

The only rules for Kiwitober are as follows:
1. Please label your submission with the prompt for that day
2. Avoid powerleveling or ousting yourself by posting Kiwitober art on your social media (or do, I don't care)
3. Please keep prompts in order as best you can; you can skip prompts that don't interest you
4. Do your best to post the day's prompt on that day but if you forget or are lazy, you can post multiple pieces in one post

This Year's Prompts:

Have fun and happy Hallow33n!
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Sadly since I can't draw to save my life I probably won't be able to participate. But the obvious bait gives me an idea with our precious, very, very precious puppychan..... Or whatever name she's going by. Also imagine if the Nopedoline came back to draw for kiwitober. That would be worth watching