Koby dox -

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Koby lives in Kauffman and goes to Kauffman HS
Koby's mom's contact info 469-595-6765
Koby's Mom or sister 469-595-6211
JoJo AKA Koby LeFlore Address 580 Post Oak Ben Kaufman Texas
Moms FB http://archive.md/yDUbm
Jojo's mom Bobie Leflore of Kaufman Texas USA

She uses Sprint

moms previous adresses
600 N Wilson St Kaufman, TX 75142-1537 4170 Fm 1836 Kaufman, TX 75142-8856 232 Heather Lane Cir Terrell, TX 75160-6560 605 N Clay St Kaufman, TX 75142-1307 107 Love St Kaufman, TX 75142-1215

Discord: JoJora#9361


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El Porko Fako

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Well, this isn't very nice. Just because you're having problems with your boyfriend at school, doesn't mean you should drop pics he sent you on here.

Also, shouldn't you be studying or sleeping? It's a school night and it's almost finals week. You're not going to be a Longhorn if you're fucking around on places like this in the middle of the night champ.

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