Kotaku's The Gamers Of The Year, 2020 -

Brown Fabio gamer of the year... One of the most - actual - toxic people on the internet and nephew of the Brown Buffalo, owner of the propaganda news network named after a group of young individuals who participated in the Armenian Genocide. Nice job, Kotaku.
He is on the list because he has sex with one of the big Twitch thots (Pokimane) and did propaganda on Twitch for AOC and Omar.

Amira “Xmiramira” Virgil, who is one of the series’ most influential content creators. She’s an EA Game Changer, which means she’s part of The Sims publisher’s community program that highlights top players and contributors.
No, it just means that she's a paid shill, like every other member of the EA Game Changer program.

I misread the title as "Games of the year". I feel clickbated.
Oh, they're playing a game but there's no winner.

Vyse Inglebard

HA! That was easy!
Are you implying America didn't deserve 9/11?
What if they gave you guys your own 9/11 (in Minecraft, of course)? How would you like it, you fucking leaf faggot?

I'll take my top hats now.....
Oh, he never said that, you say? Then, what, pray tell, is this? A deepfake?

Twitter needs to burn, and all of the self-righteous pricks with it.
I thought they said gamers are dead?
The PROBLEMATIC gamers are dead, you shitlord! The gamers that suck our dick bring the great issues of social justice to light are the only true and honest gamers uwu!!!!

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Imagine being a child born of extreme privilege and wealth who networks through those avenues to find employment by which you don't need to be capable of playing video games, capable of writing prose, capable of being honest with your audience, or even capable of being an adult human being - that your place of business pays you through the generous bankrolling of some of the most corrupt, audacious, big-capital friendly entities around (replacing its predecessor) ,

and THIS is how you alleviate that cognitive dissonance to convince yourself that you're a moral, valuable person? How embarrassing.

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3 disgusting fucking blobs and a faggot retard who desrves to be sodomized by a rusty garden hoe, who will more than likely be exposed for grooming minors in the near future like all male feminist, lefty streamers. No one who plays games gives a fuck about 'gamer of the year'. They watch streamers that make them laugh and they enjoy. People playing the fucking sims and a soyboy faggot who was 10 fucking years old when 9/11 happened. He was still wetting himself so he should probably shut the fuck up.

Kotaku is irrelevant and they could have named Joe Biden as gamer of the year. They don't matter, they don't sell games and they're incapable of anything with talent. Sims 4? Really? Not only one, but two of them. I've never heard of these ugly, ugly women and will forget about them the second I go along with my day. Kotaku only exists to be mocked, its a living joke.

Fuck I even thought one of them was the fat psychotic tranny extorting Sony for a free PS5. That would have made more fucking sense than 2 Sims retards, like how badly do you have to fuck up to even do this list? They can't even progressive right, holy shit.
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This is fucking bullshit.
2 women in that list are Sims players, and that isn't "gamer" (if that word makes sense nowadays), is more like being a normie.
The third one is a bit... i don't know, relatable?
And the fourth one, wtf is that guy?

Lol, this is the best comment in that article. It's like "get fucked".
In the sims community the most popular sims content creator is a literal bimbo that makes all her characters bimbos using porn mods and "roleplays" a literal bimbo in random online games. I am not sure if she is trolling, playing a character, or is just a bimbo. It's not hard to imagine why they'd pick some random nobodies over the real deal.

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Coleman Francis

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It's hard for me to process that these are real people and not a figment of some faggots daydream.

There is one thing these slobs do illustrate quite well though: the reality that social justice "activism" with a healthy dose of pure identity politics obsession, and far left political insanity that is 100% unrelatable to all but the non-functioning, cretins who are so thoroughly privileged they not only have the leisure time to dedicate 300% of their time to video games, but also have the time and lack of self respect to start one person crusades to make large corporations like Electronic Arts add their personal preferences and fantasies (likely sexual in nature and extremely depraved) to games from a decade ago.

They also seem to have parents (maybe grandparents in fact) who left them with enough money that they're able to spend every waking moment on a hobby for children. Without ever even having to consider things like managing a household, or having an occupation.

They can also afford to bribe failing videogame websites most likely on the brink of bankruptcy to make them Der Funrer of all gamers for the year.

The pursuit of pure video game hedonism doesnt seem to have brought them the satisfaction and joy they were looking for sadly, as they can't even manage to not look completely miserable for even a few seconds snapping their pictures for the article. 3 of the 4 have violently forced their bodies into an advanced state of atrophy due to unreasonably long periods spent in an absolute state of extreme inactivity.

And the last guys just a highly inbred A-Rab but at least he's not at a stage of obesity that can only be partially resolved with a multiple series of extremely dangerous, highly invasive surgical intervention that will monopolize what little time they have left in life.
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