KPop Stans - The round eye fans of slant eye bands

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Tbf, how long is the shelf life of a korean idol? They all sort of blend together, I wouldn't be surprised if many went into the industry expecting this sort of fanatic attention to only last a decade or so, and then get forgotten. Isn't that how that works with jpop?
Most groups are forgotten fairly quickly. There's only a handful that are considered very well known.

H.O.T. recently had their 17? Year reunion. The first Korean group to tour China. Most of them have judging or hosting positions on TV today.

Another would be S.E.S. I think the first Female Korean group to tour China. They also have pretty much guaranteed TV spots if they want them. While one I think married another celebrity and is raising her children at home most of the time.

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yeah these people are nuts

Its like the old days when weebs were this new thing.
Let's not forget the people like this:
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Ah, yes, "Oli London", aka the Buffalo Bill of K-Pop.
Now, I'm not on Twitter, I don't hunt cows down like the vets; I do, however, watch guilty-pleasure daytime TV. One of my favorite programs for this is Botched, a show about two LA plastic surgeons who specialize in reconstructive work- usually fixing the fuck-ups of less talented plastic surgeons or shady overseas back-alley surgeries. While it's fascinating to see some of the work that goes into the reconstruction work (the facial expert is a genius, in my opinion), the show's real selling point is the formula they take with clients. They generally have two "normal" clients who had bad surgery done and are coming to the office to get it fixed, and then one bugfuck crazy person who comes on to be laughed at, told they're crazy for wanting two dicks or no nose or whatever they're going after, and then summarily booted out of the office.
A couple weeks ago, Oli here was the crazy:
He apparently drags a cardboard cut-out of Jimin with him everywhere and treats it like a real person (there's footage and pics of him doing this outside of the episode, so it wasn't just a reality TV bit), is obsessed with looking as much like Jimin as possible, and even has his own shitty K-pop song:
In the full episode there's some excellent footage of Oli going to a dance studio that specializes in teaching K-Pop moves to flail around like a spastic off the beat, totally convinced he's just like Jimin. Watching the teacher deal with him is magical.
He's also apparently got a booking on Dr. Phil, but I haven't seen that yet, so no comment.
Credit to fellow Kiwi @Spastic Colon for informing me that this thread exists.
EDIT: Some background info on this guy from the episode:
-He's from a middle-upper-class British family.
-Flaming queer (obviously).
-Has been obsessed with BTS from basically square one, was living in Korea when they got big. Sees Jimin as the peak of human perfection, loves Jimin, wants to marry/be him.
-Has dropped the equivalent of 150 grand on surgeries to look like Jimin. The side-by-side really lets you see how """"effective"""" this has been:
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Is that person appropriating the South Korean race? Do they get a pass if they play the transrace card or does whiteness supersede it? They're basically Rachel Dolezal but with more money/credit and more insanity.
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That's what you get in the plastic surgery capital of the world! Coupled with the homogeny of their race centralized around one ideal look. Wouldn't be surprised if some stakeholders in the beauty industry had ties with big plastic surgeons.
There has to be some sort of crazy pseudo-slave labor shit going on with this surgery, considering how pretty much all animation is outsourced to them anyway, and we all know how they're treated.

Who knows.