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I am consistently annoyed how YouTubers like Kraut keep on lightly skirting over the issue of left-wing terrorism in the 20th century whenever they touch upon it. It's like people waxing lyrical about "muh fascist Evropa" and when questioned about left-wing reigns of terror they are just kind of like "oh yeah, guess that...happened". Like here, where Kraut briefly touches upon left-wing terrorism in Turkey as in "well, it happened" and then just quickly moves on to talking about Kenan Evren being a meanie right-winger curbstomping lefties, when he cracked down on everyone, including right-wing movements, to try and restore order in the country.

He also fucks up pretty much everything about Alevis but that's kind of similar to people who think of Sufism as some hippie kumbaya version of Islam.

Bob Barker

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The only issues I see with Kraut videos is a failure to disclose biases and tangents to push certain viewpoints. I don't really see this as an issue since the bias is kinda obvious.
I haven't seen any of his new videos because I so strongly assumed this was the case tbh. He might have gotten a new audience and recovered from his fuckup, but that fuckup told you all you needed to know about the man's ability to handle rightwing ideas he disagrees with.