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Kraut and Tea / Joseph LancasterSchizo pseudo-intellectual with impulsive buyer's remorse

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by MarvinTheParanoidAndroid, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of why the fuck Kraut would think for a microsecond that after running what amounts to a dox gathering and distribution network and being ousted by everybody on the internet, he still thinks he can come crawling back in and “clear his name.”
    The only reason I can possibly think as to why he’s doing this is that there’s a possibility that after is internet escapades he can’t procure a real job.
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    Guts I like that!

  2. I am indeed clairvoyant

    He is arguing about side issues which don’t matter and people did kind of make a narrative about. Rather than his admitted activities.
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  3. Timestamps (or approximations) for anything particularly interesting?

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  4. Still live so not really. But right now Guardian is getting “grilled” by some autist and a journalist about how bad he is. It’s the dumbest thing ever because it amounts to two people saying he’ll be sorry but never following through on the threats to expose him.

    Apparently Kraut’s address was actually found here on page 6, not from ruin’s recordings (not that they ever confirmed it was even there and Kraut basically says he won’t do so). Kraut says it is his parents address and that people wanted his family swatted or something. No idea if that’s true or just him trying to plug a hole in his story.

    And there was some deal with JF and Coach trying to get something out of Kraut but those details are being saved. That is the only thing I think Kraut genuinely has going for him.

    My prediction was spot as fuck on: Kraut wants to talk about the bad things other people have done and equivocate about what he did. A great example being “the girl I tried to get fired was actually run off by Linkin Park fans” which doesn’t change he tried to deplatform her even if it ultimately didn’t matter. It’s like children with a bigger vocabulary.

    And I find the fact that the Farms had his info the whole time to be ironic considering he tried it with Coach. Dying by his own sword basically.
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    #1224 Belloch, Jul 10, 2018
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  5. their argument is that "it's public information" when he wants to do it to other people but when devon tracey used this argument against him in 2016 he sperged out and said devon was breaking the law. of course, he will never admit this inconsistency even after acting exceptional about everyone under the sun supposedly doxing him for the last two years. people were obviously able to find everything about him using his name, which he put out himself, but now when he needs the "public info" excuse he is happy to use it

    i bet if he had never postured as being a super-righteous anti-doxing hero, nobody would have cared about any of this

    also, rage didn't delete her channel until after the skeptic efforts to bully her off, jeff holiday even gloated about it and took credit for it. wish i could remember which stream this was on but jeff was very proud of the fact that he and his friends "bullied rage" in his own words
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    SuperDeeDuper it's a show stoppin' Zany kind of popcorn!

  6. end intro 9:00
    aquatic alex jones/arthur nebe in 13:22
    tonka in 50:30
    dongwave 1:15:30
    kraut 1:32:36 2:32:36

    EDIT: kraut starts talking about the doxxing around 2:36:00
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    #1226 BobManly, Jul 10, 2018
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  7. Jeff Holiday being a degenerate cunt. Shocking behaviour.

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  8. It was the nobullshit stream after he made a scene out of being doxed by a friend (he wasn't, Brooks is just stupid). Bunty did the smart thing and left as soon as Jeff started with the bullying rant.
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  9. Forgot to add this last night. In the stream Kraut admits to wanting to use what he learned about people to attack them, he is just now saying none of it was personal or secret into (except Coach but that doesn’t count!)

    It’s pretty much trash
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  10. lol wtf "Operation Mincemeat" against alt-right/Jordan Peterson(‽). 2:50:30.

    Edit: 3:06:35 - so @NotCobalt is Braving Ruin now, spreading info to known SWATting site Kiwifarms?
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    #1230 Particle Bored, Jul 11, 2018
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    Particle Bored

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  11. Does he mention me or KiwiFarms?
    No way I am listening to 4 hours of sperging. There's still porn I haven't seen, somehow.

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  12. Kraut will spend the rest of his Internet's career trying to justify the shit that he has done. This is the sad story of a man too arrogant to admit that he engaged a subject in the wrong way. At this point, he is already done.
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  13. it's actually quite funny how much he admits to and then tries to justify. didn't help himself at all despite donga's gentleness

    he claims that br is trying to get his parents swatted by pointing out your post as proof that br is not responsible for his dox, even as kraut himself draws more attention to your post by mentioning it himself. the guy is just hopelessly thick

    what's funnier is that he also says what he did with crp is fine because it was public info. septic community has no consistency or standards as per usual
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  14. The Eternal Kraut

    Do it again Bomber Harris
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  15. I remember watching Kraut in the early days. Pretty funny how he's an acrobatic idiot, constantly making excuses for his acts, and still continuing to bring attention to himself. If you don't want to bring attention to your dox, stop bringing it up, because people are going to search for it. Hell, this thread is on the first page as a result of him flipping out constantly. The more you panic, the less oxygen you have in your tank, Kraut.

    On a related note, cheers to the Septic Community tarding out constantly.
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    Shway Bored with the world.

  16. Aside from lying and extorting what else has he done so far
  17. An unremarked upon aspect of that stream is he seems to not realize he did get curbstomped in the actual scientific debate
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  18. and it's sad because the "race realists" might well be wrong about a lot of things or using sloppy argumentation but kraut is too dumb and too cocky to pull it off even with a whole team of people basically doing the work for him. all he actually had to do was deliver the material and they collectively and hilariously shit the bed

    that's an aspect of all this that often goes overlooked amongst the drama whore e-celebs.

    the start of the thread also goes over his history of basically trying to start drama with people and then embarrassing himself, swearing off of it, and then doing it again a couple of months later. the guy is too fragile for the internet. he can't handle being mocked, he can't handle someone disagreeing with him, and most of all, he can't handle being proven wrong
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    SuperDeeDuper it's a show stoppin' Zany kind of popcorn!

  19. He knows what he is doing. Just because it is available to the public doesn't mean it isn't doxing. It's not like that info is easily available or offered by the person/target himself. You need to go out of your way to find that personal info, from many sources and compile every single bit of personal information.
    It is doxing and exposing someone personal info, someone with a strong political view, to the public is pretty much like throwing someone into a cage filled with starving lions.

    We see day after day, week after week, month after month, reports of people getting fired because a group of people spammed their boss email or phones saying that their employee is a nazi racist and needs to be fired. Their houses swatted, mommy and daddy harassed because those people wanted blood and with the "public available info" they can just get what they want.

    "Oh I just threw him into a cage filled with lions, i didn't personally killed him! The lions did! I'm innocent!"
    Fucking sneaky rat Kraut knows what he is trying to do. People doxing under the excuse that "it is available on the internet" know what they are doing when they compile phone numbers and home/work addresses and have those available for other people to do what they want with said info.
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