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Dramacow Kraut and Tea / Joseph LancasterSchizo pseudo-intellectual with impulsive buyer's remorse

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by MarvinTheParanoidAndroid, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. it's actually quite funny how much he admits to and then tries to justify. didn't help himself at all despite donga's gentleness

    he claims that br is trying to get his parents swatted by pointing out your post as proof that br is not responsible for his dox, even as kraut himself draws more attention to your post by mentioning it himself. the guy is just hopelessly thick

    what's funnier is that he also says what he did with crp is fine because it was public info. septic community has no consistency or standards as per usual
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  2. The Eternal Kraut

    Do it again Bomber Harris
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    ZippyZoopa Ginger Neck Snapper

  3. I remember watching Kraut in the early days. Pretty funny how he's an acrobatic idiot, constantly making excuses for his acts, and still continuing to bring attention to himself. If you don't want to bring attention to your dox, stop bringing it up, because people are going to search for it. Hell, this thread is on the first page as a result of him flipping out constantly. The more you panic, the less oxygen you have in your tank, Kraut.

    On a related note, cheers to the Septic Community tarding out constantly.
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    Shway Bored with the world.

  4. Aside from lying and extorting what else has he done so far
  5. An unremarked upon aspect of that stream is he seems to not realize he did get curbstomped in the actual scientific debate
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  6. and it's sad because the "race realists" might well be wrong about a lot of things or using sloppy argumentation but kraut is too dumb and too cocky to pull it off even with a whole team of people basically doing the work for him. all he actually had to do was deliver the material and they collectively and hilariously shit the bed

    that's an aspect of all this that often goes overlooked amongst the drama whore e-celebs.

    the start of the thread also goes over his history of basically trying to start drama with people and then embarrassing himself, swearing off of it, and then doing it again a couple of months later. the guy is too fragile for the internet. he can't handle being mocked, he can't handle someone disagreeing with him, and most of all, he can't handle being proven wrong
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