Snowflake Kristina Maione / King Kristina / The King's Kourt / intrinsic-roars - Man hater, tranny shill, superstraight sperg, Canadian BLM advocate, confused "bigender"


I'm sorry. It had to be this way.
Aug 13, 2018


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Feb 19, 2021
In some of her pictures one eye looks bigger than the other, or maybe one is lazy?


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Jan 29, 2021
On the topic of constructive criticism you have too many videos out just hanging out in your op. Maybe put them in a spoiler drop-down or something to avoid the lengthy spam.


Sep 26, 2019


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Apr 16, 2013
This OP could use some work, tone wise. It's too emotional, and the formatting could use some work.

She seems like your garden variety Very Online White Girl, where's the drama?

Also those are some huge shoulders, my god.


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Mar 6, 2016
I'm not impressed by her and would not have sex with her. Judging by tweets alone her personality's ugly, to say the least.


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Apr 15, 2014
She's about as "lesbian" as a preppy girl saying she made out with other chicks in college. She also looks like another run-of-the mill, basic bitch, e-thot.

"Anti-white?" Please. Kristina has to be the most plain, white girl name out there. She would only be whiter if her middle name was fucking "Wonderbread."


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Apr 25, 2018
Kristina released this amazing and informative comic, all those years in school spent very well. Comparing men to ticks couldn't possible perceived as negative unless you're a salty, immature incel.
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Hm, I bet she wouldn't agree with people using this exact same argument to treat all muslims like potential terrorists...

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Jan 2, 2020
She was sperging about her parents telling her to not be political on the most mundane shit like gay rights.

Her ex was a dick to her so that's why she started her feminist progressive youtube channel.
There it is. I was wondering what exactly was the root cause for all of this shit she's doing, and this basically answered my question. She's not only rebelling out against her parents, but she couldn't (and still can't) get over how the last guy she was with treated her like shit even though that was just ONE guy and not every single man in existance. The worst part is that she's shilling her Patreon, begging people to feel synpathy for her by giving her money, making her no better than an eThot with an OnlyFans account.

You know who else did extreme "progressive" shit for attention?