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The girls no longer have to wear the neck braces and only Avee still has an NG that Krissy changes weekly, as she has for over a year.


This is either the worst case scenario nightmare of surgical complications when you take doctor's advice, or it is an extremely well crafted tale of MBP that has left two young girls a nightmarish life of surgeries, infections, complications and permanent, life long damage to their bodies.
family and tubes.jpg

(she made sure those tubes showed because awareness)

If people are calling it "the Klein Girl Nightmare", it's got to be bad ... and it is.
2018 05 18 Klein girl nightmare.png

Krissy Klein, mother of 4 living children (as of now), seems to absolutely love the attention she gets from being a martyr to both her girls. She posts and reposts and shares the memories of their surgeries and complications and calls them her "warriors". Children shouldn't have to be warriors. Her 10 year old is on palliative care because of permanent brain stem damage, her 11 year old is already severely depressed and suicidal because of the medical trauma. The two girls have been through nearly a dozen brain and spine surgeries and Krissy says they have bone/hardware infections as a result of the 2017 surgeries that require lifelong antibiotics.

Krissy has a long online history of asking for money. To date there have been 3 gofundme's made by Krissy, at least one current gofundme for the family, local fundraisers dating back to 2011 and Krissy drops her paypal in nearly every post she makes to the group.
The most recent gofundme has a $10,000 goal. The need is for a car.
gfm2019 10k.png

They got a car and the money to repair the transmission on the other, and the gofundme was not taken down.

In Nov 2018, it appears the EDS dx was obtained without genetic testing, and the geneticist thinks Krissy's kids are "too complex" for a simple EDS dx. wow
not what she wanted.png

The news is "dreaded" because it DID NOT confirm EDS. The Klein family does not have EDS. Krissy still continues the narrative that they all have some sort of connective tissue disorder that causes the myriad of constant medical issues in herself and the children.
dreaded news that its not EDS.png

Krissy says the new doc thinks it's Loey Dietz
fancy new dx.png

Loeys-Dietz syndrome is a recently-described connective tissue disorder with features similar to those of Marfan syndrome, and the vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Loeys-Dietz syndrome is primarily characterized by aortic aneurysms (weakened outpouchings of the aorta, the main artery in the body) in children. It has features similar to Marfans. People born with it generally have facial deformities such as widely spaced eyes, cleft palate, sometimes club foot, and long fingers.

After the news in July that the new doctors think the kids need less medical care and tubes, Krissy shifted the focus back to herself, first with a mysterious reaction to a new medication and an unexpected and mysterious allergic reaction from the MRI contrast, then most recently a vague revelation that she now had breast cancer. She rarely answers any questions or gives details about her own health, but posts about every medical procedure or medical issue her children have.

Let's go ahead and start with the image that made me suspicious in the first place, special thanks to Gwen Shank of 8crazyshanks/8crazygrifters (archive) for trying to emulate Krissy, had I not caught the Krissy post Gwen shared and decided to click on her name, none of this would have been possible.

gwen wants her kids like this.png
Full post:
first look.png

What was suspicious?
This post is all about Krissy. She completely neglects her girls to take a photo and make this post.
Krissy mentions herself 30 times through the use of I - I'm - I've - me

OTT pics of the girls in matching outfits, matching neckbraces, matching feeding tubes.
girls 044.jpgdolls.jpggirls xmas 2018.jpggirls hospital 03.jpg
2018 07 07 strong beatiful neck braces.png2018 08 03 OTT.png
xmas 2018 040.jpg2019 07 04.jpg

Krissy does not show relief when her children's test results show they are healthy or do not need intervention, she does not post when test results are benign, negative, She posts things like "we had an awesome appointment" when there are diagnosis and talk of surgeries. She will post that there is testing being done, then not post the expected follow-up or share the results - unless it's a new diagnosis or health problem. Not much is posted when there's good news.

The post from July showing doctors were not cooperating with Krissy's requests anymore:
2019 07 03 update.png

"Expert" Kiwi analysis of the above post from @Kate Farms Shill
Her kids are anxious as all hell because mom has them convinced they're dying
She's looking into more surgery
She's got the younger* daughter drugged with THC
It sounds like the doctor is on to her, thinks she's coaching the kids and that they're just anxious, and that keeping them home and focused on their health is making them worse. Why he kept the one on THC is beyond me. She didn't appreciate being told she was making her kids worse by making their entire lives revolve around how sick they are and how much pain the were in.
Trying to get eosinophilic esophagitis dx for the son, which is a trend with mbp moms right now because if you play your cards right it's a feeding tube to fuck with. She may be starving him or she may be convincing him he's in pain from eating. Kids are suggestible as fuck.
Seems like she's not running feeds appropriately in her little dolls because she wants permanent PEG-J tubes rather than nose hoses
Wearing braces when she doesn't need them will weaken her muscles.. She's flexible and if she builds up muscle (i.e. if mommy stops starving her and immobilizing her joints and lets her be a fucking kid) her joints will stabilize
And she wants a tism DX because tardbux and it makes the kid easier to control/paint as an unreliable narrator.
(Edit to correct, it is the younger daughter on marinol for palliative care because of, and I cannot repeat this enough, the permanent damage to her brain stem from all the surgery)

Now for her history:

In this 2012 blog (archive),

2012 (2).jpg

Aveahna was 3, almost 4 and had been diagnosed with Celiac and mom says doing well on the gluten free diet. Then she gets into her own health issues vaguely:
Aveahna is 3!!! I just can't believe that the last 3 years have gone so fast. She is still itty bitty and is extremely girly as well. She too just finished her first season of ballet. I loved watching her coordination in some areas and her clumsy-ness in others. Still learning how to get everything to work at the same time in sync. I just love this age, although it is rough too. They are blossoming out of tantrums and into communication and sometimes its not always pleasant. She is doing amazingly well Gluten Free and we have not had a flare up in I don't know how long. Avee tends to make friends with "big" princesses (as she says). So most of her closest friends are her mommies age. I just love that about her. Avee took first place in her age division at the Snowflake Baby Pageant here in Rangely, and although not many entered and all were cute, I was still very proud of her. That's the highlight of her life right now, her princess crown.
avee age 4.png

link: Rangely Christmasfest (archive) Some of the Christmasfest events included a fundraiser for Avee.
Every three weeks I go in for procedures to help with pain and pressure from my IH. Had a small bout of complications with some organs failing me, but with a couple surgeries I will be like new.
(IH - or Intracranial Hypertension, or Pseudotumor Cerebri)

In a blog post from the end of 2014 (archive):

Summer 2013, Aveahna (then age 4) fell ill with symptoms like: migraines, fatigue and sleeping all day, pain that Krissy says kept the young girl from walking. When taken in for an exam, Krissy says the doctor noted an enlarged, sore liver. Bloodwork, Krissy says, showed elevated liver enzymes and nutrient deficiency. The girl had already been diagnosed with Celiac and mom says she follows a strict diet. Yet the bloodwork was "puzzling" and there seemed to be no cause why the girl was not absorbing nutrients.

Yet no mention of how Celiac, untreated, can cause all of these mysterious symptoms. Could it be that mom was not feeding her a gluten-free diet? Or was there a real medical condition that doctors could not explain? There never was an explanation for that, it turned into EDS and Chiari and now GI issues.

Articles claim by age 4, Avee had broken both legs. But there are no photos of the Avee in casts - as you would expect Krissy to do, with her propensity for oversharing graphic medical photos of her children. This could be explained by the toddler having had weaker bones or even stress fractures that were exaggerated for sympathy.

Dec 23, 2016 Moffat County Locals: Klein family trusts in God to see them through difficult times (archive)
By age 4, the toddler had broken both of her legs, she had dropped off the growth chart, was malnourished, her liver was struggling and she seemed to have frequent headaches, said mother Krissy Klein.

By age 5, Krissy had been successful getting Avee into modeling and it seemed to be going very well.

Among the modeling links for Avee, a very unsettling YouTube channel (archive)
2013 05 A.pngScreenshot_2019-09-13 Pinterest(1).pngScreenshot_2019-09-13 Pinterest.png2014 10 26.png2016 06 15 Avee official.png

By the beginning of 2015, a Facebook page for baby and children's gifts posted a fundraiser for the Klein family, the first of many. In this post, it says Aveahna has "formally" been diagnosed with Juvenile Osteoporosis, Hypermobility Syndrome and Celiac Disease, and doctors suspect a metabolic syndrome. Costs were for the 5 hour trip to the clinic in Denver where they could treat her.
2015 01 23 fundraiser.png

Krissy started a GoFundMe (archive) to help get money for the travel expenses and brain surgery for Avee. If this surgery was so life-saving and necessary, why was it not urgent? The surgery was scheduled several months out. (medical kiwis feel free to help explain Chiari)
Posted Oct 22, 2015 - Surgery was Dec 31, 2015
2015 10 22 update.png

An important update from May 2016 reveals genetic testing DID NOT show EDS.

This was not the first time Krissy sought surgery for her children. Aaron and Haleigh had already both undergone Nissen Fundoplication surgery, which is a major abdominal surgery.
aaron1.pngyoutube slideshow.png

She claims many allergies for her children, and other health issues such as asthma, sometimes resulting in trips to the ER, which Krissy gleefully shared.
2017 04 05 ott.png

The ridiculous over dramatization of asthma care and pneumonia vaccine.
The video is gross:

"Our wonderful pediatrician"
suspicious wording.png

She got the scans.

Avee suffered severe complications (according to Krissy) after her decompression surgery in Colorado. The second surgery for Avee might actually have been life-saving. But why did Krissy fight to get Haleigh surgery after the horrific complications Avee suffered?
2016 12 27.png

Sadly, the complications post surgery were nothing short of horrific for both girls, and even worse for Haleigh, who spent 5 months old her life with an open would on the back of her head. Despite how painful and traumatic these surgeries and complications were for her children, Krissy never fails to celebrate their "zipperversary" - the day she allowed surgeons to permanently damage her children for symptoms that seem much less severe than the issues they face daily now.
Krissy celebrated Avee's 6 month, 1 year and 2 year zipperversary of this failure of a surgery that left her daughter with permanent brain stem damage and on "comfort care".

2017 12 31 Aveanah zipperversary.png2018 12 31 A zipperversary.png
Haleigh's Zipperversary - celebrating a 5 month open wound.
2019 05 16 zipperversary.png2018 05 16 pt2.png

avee1.jpgavee scar.png

2016 02 02 avee shunt series.png2016 02 07 avee.png2016 05 03 avee dx.png
Krissy says that the decompression surgery in Dec 2015 was unsuccessful and left Avee with a bony spur causing brain stem compression and permanent damage.
Watch your volume - this is in Feb, just 2 months after the first surgery. There are no videos like this before Avee's first surgery. Quite the opposite. Lots of videos of Avee being quite active.

She posts stuff like this once in a while where she says "I'm going to be completely vulnerable" - IMO this is a sneaky way to say "I'm being completely HONEST" - Lie detection 101 - when someone opens with "Let me be completely honest with you" what follows is not always the whole truth. Just speculating.
2016 07 07.png

Krissy throws those parties and reposts all the graphic images in what seems like an attempt to re-live the experience and get more sympathy.

In May 2017, Krissy was successful in getting more brain surgery, this time for both girls.

Second GoFundMe (archive)
Krissy can't complain?
2017 05 11.png

2017 05 15 Haleigh post op.png

2017 05 16 Both girls post op.png

2017 05 17 both girls post op.png

presh.png2017 07 06 complications.png

Trouble swallowing appears to be the only concern and driving factor behind surgery for Haleigh
2017 02 16 drink thickener H.png
2017 05 25.png

2017 05 25 (2).png

2017 06 22 update.png

The NS who performed Avee's 2015 decompression apparently didn't want to operate on her again. Why would he refuse if it was so medically urgent?
2017 07 17 a.png

2017 09 07 update.png

In September, it appears Avee got a staph infection from surgery, it destroyed enough bone that a screw came loose and Avee had to have more surgeries.
2017 09 20 Aveanah screw.png2017 09 21 Aveanah screw.png2017 09 22 aveanah post surgery loose screw.png2017 11 04 Aveanah imaging.png
She reminds me of Gwen Hartley here -
And she sure does get excited about surgery!
2017 10 25 surgery sassy girl.png

After the surgery, Haleigh suffered with severe wound healing issues.
2017 11 28.png

never been the same.png

Haleigh complications, warning: gross

2018 09 30 7 surgeries by now between both.png

Avee with supposed CSF leak:
2018 10 14 csf leak.png

Haleigh's complications didn't have an end in sight... She had multiple brain surgeries in 2019.
2018 11 03 csf leak surgery soon.png
2018 11 05 haligh struggling.png

2018 10 21 Haleigh surgery.png2018 10 31 Haleigh.png2018 10 31 yeah that cheers me up.png2019 01 19 Haleigh head wound.png
2019 03 14 Haleigh upcoming surgery.png
2019 05 15.png

"Not sure how you can help" ... *drops paypal*
2019 06 06 scheduled for surgery mon.png
In 2018, Krissy made an awareness video that only revealed just how much life had been stolen from her daughters. These two girls "miss being kids" at 8 and 9 years old. They miss dancing, running, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and most of all, they miss their friends. It is incredibly sad and only raises further suspicions. Why would doctors operate on children who could run, jump, ride bikes, do gymnastics, dance and both lived relatively active lives?
H cheerleader.jpg
H cheerleader 2.jpgH cheerleader 3.jpg

For someone who loves to post all the nitty gritty about surgeries and bad test results (with excitement), why was Krissy not vocal about the symptoms her children experienced that led to surgery? In this video, Haleigh starts her list of symptoms with "trouble swallowing" and continues with vagueries like "brain stuff" and "spine stuff". Why would you list trouble swallowing FIRST, before brain and spine 'stuff'? Don't forget, Haleigh has had a Nissen Fundoplication, could that be the cause for her trouble swallowing? If that's even true. Usually a person starts their list with the most concerning symptom. Was trouble swallowing worth brain surgery?

You would think after all that, Krissy would be eager to keep her children away from the OR...

Yet, she says. Yet. Let that sink in. After watching both her daughters suffer endlessly after those surgeries, Krissy says, "yet"


After successfully getting doctors to agree to put a feeding tube in for Avee, the plans suddenly changed the day of and both girls got one. It startled their supporters, leaving them baffled and questioning. Krissy's explanations ranged from malnutrition, problems gaining weight to gastroparesis.

Just Avee scheduled for feeding tube:
2018 09 28.png

Looks like she really wanted a GJ tube instead of NJ

feeding tube 1.png
feeding tubes 3.png
feeding tubes 3.png

"not just because" ?
feeding tubes 4.png

feeding tubes 5.png
feeding tubes 6.png
feeding tubes 8.png

This Thanksgiving dinner in a bottle looks so delicious and savory, what a treat.
feeding tubes.png

The reality of the tubes was overwhelming.
2018 10 05 overwhelmed.png

But Krissy still wants a g-tube for avee
krissy want more toobz.png

Krissy claims to have diabetes, IH, heart issues, hypertension, Chiari and EDS, even though they had no formal genetic testing for EDS and was told she and her kids do not have EDS. By the beginning of the year, Krissy appeared to be trying to shift the focus back to her own health issues:

We don't know who she was asking about though, the image could have been a freckle on her, her husband or any of the kids. But it didn't show up and there's no more information. Just weird.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Dermatology/comments/atcq3x/is_this_cancer/ (archive)
https://www.reddit.com/user/Zandkklein/posts (archive)

k vague.jpg

k health.png

There wasn't much explanation here. And still not much explanation when she responds to the worried followers.
k health22.png

k health1.png

She gives zero details, not even what type. Comments include stuff about DCIS, but she doesn't respond.
2019 09 05 breast cancer treatment.png

drops that paypal again
Past talk of fraud and what looks like a hospital suspecting MbP:
fraud inv.png

fraud investigation.png

separation test.png

Our kids really are sick!
too much.png

"not sick enough.... unnecessary procedures" ...

People have asked what the dad thinks, and I think this sums it up a bit, he appears to miss life before brain surgery. I would too, man.
zach avee before surgery.png

And to end this trainwreck, here's another bizarre inconsistency and even more bizarre behavior:
2019 03 13 twins when.png

Say happy birthday to your dead baby brother!

Only there is not really a history of a twin that could be found, from what I found on Krissy's old MySpace (archive):
]avee US.pngavee US (2).pngavee not twins.png
Not a doctor, but I see one baby. I see no markings of Twin A or B. I don't see two names on her belly. So where did this male twin come from?

In the Avee birthday post from 2018 there is no mention of a twin.
The rest of the links:

Claiming allergies for Haleigh in 2012 (archive):

Claiming allergies for Aaron allergies in 2012 (archive):

Twitter for the girls: https://twitter.com/aveahnaaurorah (archive)

Instagram fan pages for them:

https://tabithaw.wordpress.com/tag/zavrick (archive) (Lots of healthy family photos)

April 18, 2017 Servers at JW Snack’s will donate Thursday’s tips to help Craig family (archive)

May 21, 2017 Color fun-run brightens gray day as community rallies around the Klein family of May 21, 2017 Color fun-run brightens gray day as community rallies around the Klein family of Craig (archive)
"All four of Krissy and Zach Klein’s young children suffer from Chiari malformations"
More than $26,000 has been raised through the following events.
  • $6,900, from server tips and donations April 20 at J.W. Snack’s Bar & Grill.
  • $6,700 from a raffle held by TIC.
  • $1,000 from Dark Horse Liquor
  • $1,000 in private donations.
  • $9,000 during a dinner and auction held May 5
  • $1,800 from Big Rack Outfitters.
June 5, 2017 Family returns home to Craig after children have brain, spinal surgery in New York (archive)
In the months and weeks prior, the community rallied around the family, raising over $26,000 to help with medical and travel costs that insurance didn’t cover. The outpouring of support has continued, but the family has asked for quiet time.
Jan 23 , 2019 Basking Ridge Teen Hosts Dance-A-Thon To Raise Awareness For EDS (archive)

Feb 11, 2019 200 Teens to Dance to Raise Awareness for EDS and Help Support the Klein Family (archive)

Fundraiser: https://fundly.com/dance-for-the-kleins#gallery/2 (archive)

ped moved in may 2018.png

2018 11 08 `.png

2018 09 12 into eds clinic.png

2018 06 08 is she enjoying this.png

Sounds like that's what she wants. Take another look at those cheerleading pics.
comment fusion head to butt wtf.png

2018 09 30 H comment.png

"although she's not officially diagnosed"
2017 02 28 POTS.png

42 infusions a week.png

yeah, pretty crazy. *runs*
Personal Info:
Kristina Paige Klein (Tefertiller-Robison) b 3.15.1987
Zach Klein b 7.05.1979
The two were married 7.15.2005

Four kids:
Aaron Lee 09.2006
Haleigh-Ann Aeralynn 10.2007
Aveahna Aurorah 03.2009
Zavrich Oakley 09.2010

Krissy's Facebook (screenshot below)
Krissy's new Instagram (screenshot below)
Krissy's old MySpace (archive)

Zach's Facebook (screenshot below)

Couple's Twitter (archive)

Her Facebook group (screenshot below)

YouTube (archive)
krissy IG (2).png
Klein’s Journey Of Hope fb.jpg
avee IG1.png
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oh my god. i actually audibly gasped that she had brain surgery done on her young daughters. what kind of fucking doctor would OK this?

edit: also the pictures of the open surgical wound caused this visceral reaction in me that's hard to describe - like a mix of anger, sorrow, and disgust

edit2: young daughterS, i'm dumb / healing- >open
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Little bit of a powerlevel here, but someone I know was diagnosed with chiari 1 malformation. You would need to have it show on an MRI -- so, I doubt that she could con a doctor into that type of surgery. However, about 5 years ago, it was still considered experimental -- at least by their insurance company. There was a debate whether it was medically necessary or helpful to have such a surgery. The surgeon this person saw got into some trouble for a malpractice case which ultimately led to them deciding not to pursue the surgery but rather dealing with the symptoms of the chiari. Their neurologist also didn't recommend the surgery, either, for what it is worth.

Maybe she isn't faking illness, but she does get off on the martyr syndrome. Those poor kids having their medical issues blasted all over the internet. You don't want future employers to have that kind of info some day. They aren't supposed to take that kind of information into consideration -- but they totally do. I don't know why she wouldn't want to protect their medical information.

elliptical narcissist

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One of the most chilling posts I've ever personally read was when she was brought up in the Munchausens thread and someone posted "She's mutilating them now so she won't have to compete with them when they're a little older and prettier than she is."

Seeing that she placed NG feeding tubes in her daughters herself made me feel sick.

Great submission!
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There is so much wrong here, and this woman is very, very sick (in the head). I don't know how she managed to get doctors to buy into her claims of her kids' illnesses, I'm just... sickened.

EDS seems to be the munchie/spoonie disease of choice these days. It seems like it comes up every time I hear of a new nutjob. I find it interesting that she constantly refers to the generic "connective tissue disease" instead of the actual diseases. I actually had to look up "connective tissue disease" and it seems like all of them could be a hassle, but treatable/manageable hassles. Not like she makes it out to be.

The more I think of what she's done to her kids, the angrier I get. Why is the husband going along with this? Is doc shopping in multiple states the reason she's getting some doctors to go along with this lunacy?


This is pleasure!
This thread was exhausting to read through but not because of anything you did wrong. It was just an assault to read through detailed descriptions and accounts of child abuse on a level one rarely sees as it is happening. The thought that this is still happening right now as I sit here writing this reply is kind of painful.

The more I think of what she's done to her kids, the angrier I get. Why is the husband going along with this? Is doc shopping in multiple states the reason she's getting some doctors to go along with this lunacy?

I suspect the husband says nothing because of the money. He might think the kids are actually ill but I doubt it. I think it is more likely that he knows she is insane and abusing his kids but it keeps her away from him and money comes in that makes his life easier.

As for the doctors: It is amazing what people can have done if they'll doctor shop. When this all breaks down(it will probably take one of the kids dying or killing themselves) and ID Network picks the events apart for their crime porn addicts I guarantee it will come to light that multiple doctors were probed until one would do what Psycho Mom wanted.

Casket Base

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Krissy is fat and I would not have sex with her.

One of the most chilling posts I've ever personally read was when she was brought up in the Munchausens thread and someone posted "She's mutilating them now so she won't have to compete with them when they're a little older and prettier than she is."

Pretty sure that was me although a few others echoed the same sentiment. It's really hard to ignore the fact that her girls would almost certainly (and hopefully still will) grow up to outshine their mother. I just can't help but feel that this factors into her sadism.

P.S. Great job, OP


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It sounds in the part where she talks about "multiple genetic conditions" like they said "your daughters don't have any known genetic conditions, of course that doesn't mean they don't have something going on we haven't found out yet, they could have any of several things, or even a combination..." and she took it and ran with it.

The older daughter looks like she's being mommy's perfect patient. But the younger daughter...she seems to have bruising around her eyes sometimes, and always looks sad and angry. She knows. She knows what's happening to her and is too scared to speak out. She knows mommy will be putting shit in her tubes if she does.


I'm having trouble grasping how I am responding to this. I guess first an foremost, great OP, but immediately after: how in the hell can the medical sciences be in collusion with this? One look at the medical records should be enough to say "this is doctor shopping and will only really hurt these kids."

Doctors are not infallible, and you can’t have doctor shopping without doctors willing to sell. It also looks like Krissy is not the type to tell doctors the whole truth, based on the inconsistent stories she tells in her Facebook posts.

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