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Literal Cancer Cell


Buttons is a deviantart artist who is known for, among other things, dating Anthony Aguilar. However, apart from just dating a bonafide lolcow, she is more than capable of being one by herself.

Cringey Art

To start off with, her artwork is MS Paint art that would make even first graders feel good about their own artistic capabilities. She is, at her core, a no-talent hack who shows no signs of ever improving in her craft.


Attention Whore

And as someone with no talent and no future in life, she finds herself in a place where she is incapable of getting validation. So she resorts to bitching on her DeviantArt in both journals and the descriptions of her art about how horrible her life is. The ones listed in the example are just a select few instances of when she has done this, but this is a regular occurance with her. And, of course, most of the time, she threatens to off herself. Which would honestly be doing the world a favor.





Potential Liar

However, a lot of the time, her stories don't quite add up. For example, she was complaining about how it was the anniversary of her mother's death and she said she was grieving. But there was a little bit of an inconsistency with the dates which threw her credibility into question.



Dating FNGR

After being called out on the inconsistencies in her story and seeing people's trust in her quickly beginning to wane, she quickly reached out to find someone who would protect her from all the meanie weenies online who want to shame her for lying about something as serious as her mother passing away for sympathy points.

So, who better to protect her than ForNoGoodReason, am I right?


Manipulative Nature

Of course, what happens when her boyfriend decides he doesn't want to protect her on something she honestly deserves to get some fallout for? Or what if he just wants a break to finish up his college courses? Well, she can't have that. The only thing to do is to tell everyone about how the guy abused her, among other things.


Omorashi Baby

Lastly, there's always got to be icing on the cake. And in this case, the icing on the cake happens to be very wet and smells of AIDS. But, hey, at least it's sterile, right? ... Right?

Oh, and she likes wearing diapers too. Gotta look sharp for Daddy Aguilar.



That was just a taste of this cow's (yellow) milk. She is capable of producing much more than just that. If you want to get a few more laughs at her, here's a short list of things that are sure to get her titties in a twist.

  • Tell her to kill herself, or even just simply say "KYS."
  • Don't read any of her art's descriptions.
  • Tell her that you like people she hates.
  • Tell her that you hate people she likes.
  • Be a cyberbully.


Buttons' info was recently posted on Twitter by someone who goes by the name @NotShellyD. Turns out it was available on the white pages. Given it is now public knowledge, I'll go ahead and slap that down here.

800 Bearses Way
Apt 5f
Hyannis, MA 02601-2251


Known Social Media

Skype: kikipuff23
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Literal Cancer Cell
If you take into account the age difference plus her love of Omorashi/DDLG fetishes, that context implies some pretty negative things about FNGR.

In other news, Buttons posted this comment on the latest episode of How Not To Brony. And is it just me, or does it seem like (aside from the sympathy bait,) she's got some closet racism going on?


"Our slaves were treated worse than your slaves!"


Literal Cancer Cell



And so the totally predictable has begun. Buttons has begun using FNGR to fight battles against random furries online on her behalf. Human shield ho! I wonder how much of her last relationship will repeat itself here. Will Anthony be accused of physically abusing her next? Also, how much do you want to bet Buttons is just over reacting because this person mildly inconvenienced her or disagreed with her in some way?

This would also be a good post for the FNGR thread, but I figured I'd put this here since I laugh harder at Buttons than I do FNGR generally. But someone else can feel free to post it over to FNGR's thread as well.


I regret nothing.
True & Honest Fan
I'm honestly astounded that these kinds of people (the ones like FNGR and stuff) are able to get a romantic partner/date. If anything, instead of getting you down that they can get one and you can't, be happy, because if they can, you probably can too. Fuck, anything is possible.


Going to the store to get some cigars
She's gone ahead and locked her twitter

There is this tweet though, from Anthony:

I think this MIGHT be about @WhyDidIDoThis and a girl he's friends with, because said girl pissed Anthony off by warning him that one of his friends was making moves on her despite being a minor (In fact, Anthony has been trying to prevent her from revealing who it was by making videos begging her parents to take her off the internet rather than punish the creep responsible)


Literal Cancer Cell
Oh, I know what that's about. She was ranting on his video about how you have to help people who were threatening suicide, no matter if you think they're lying or not and even if they've been horrible to you. So I just left a brief response of "KYS."

She's either...
A) Bitching and crying about being told to herself.
B) Trying to act calm and collected like she has been in comments sections to make it seem like people aren't getting to her, but inside, she's fuming.


Oh god. She's literally begging people to go watch Anthony's shitty videos. You can actually see the desperation in her text.

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Literal Cancer Cell
So, I decided to check up on Buttons today to see if she'd had any "incidents" recently. Although she keeps her twitter account private, I knew she had a GoFundMe going on. I went to check it out and saw it was still frozen in place. But then I took a look at the comments.



It seems the horsefucking fandom is having yet another GoFundMe scandal. On the bright side, at least she's living up to the OP that describes her as a Manipulative Liar. On top of that, she attempted to have this woman's son taken from her in response to being told she needed to go. For those unaware, DCFS stands for Department of Children and Family Services.

But just seeing the end result of her stay with this woman isn't interesting enough for a post on it's own, in my opinion. So I looked on the GoFundMe host's Facebook to look for what caused this unfortunate divide.


She threw a massive tantrum, screaming and punching the walls... Over some grub.
I feel so bad for the woman's child who had to witness a 19 year girl acting worse than even him.


Going to the store to get some cigars

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