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Careercow Kurt Eichenwald / Roy Rogers / Andrew McDonaldA-Logger, Epileptic Sped, Litigious Failed Journalist. Hentai Weeaboo Racist, Suspected Pedo, Sexist

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Guest, May 6, 2017.

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  1. anyone else realize that hologram waifu is Kreiger's wife?
  2. Poor Kurt will likely never learn that those on the left will never forgive anything but the purest of ideological allies. He recently tweeted that it should be recognized that Donald Trump was right to pardon Jack Johnson (who was basically convicted of fucking white women). Here's some of the very first comments:


    You will never be good enough for them, Kurt.
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  3. It's actually a little sad that every so often when a tiny, teensy little shred of sanity and rationality peeks through, it gets slammed on by the people he's aligned the rest of his life with.

    I wonder how much that's contributed to him being such a fucking nutball.
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    Jigglyjogglers The Doctor Bashir guy
    True & Honest Fan

  4. Saw this on Twitter today.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.46.47 PM.png
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  5. upload_2018-6-11_15-8-34.png
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    CatParty Boo
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    Henk Hill

    Henk Hill Clouds?

  6. There's going to be real, randomly targeted accounts on that list, and when they ask Kurt "Hey, what the fuck?", he's going to lie out of his ass or fake a seizure.
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  7. Is organizing a watchlist like this even allowed by Twitter staff? Kurt's basically threatening to dox a hundred thousand people or at least share their names and incite harassment. Surely that can't stand?
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  8. NotAKitty

    NotAKitty Lazy good-for-nothing NEET
    True & Honest Fan

  9. boohoo.png

    block notification.png

    There's going to be real people caught in this, and Kurt once again will be in hot water.
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    Henk Hill

    Henk Hill Clouds?

  10. Wonder how fast Kurty would come about on that if people got him permanently suspended...?
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    Jigglyjogglers The Doctor Bashir guy
    True & Honest Fan

  11. It would be extremely shocking if a bunch of people report Roy Rogers the child porn website administrator for targeted harassment.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  12. If he can really dox 100000 people in a month, he should have an honorary membership here. :semperfidelis:
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    Kosher Dill

    Kosher Dill Potato Chips
    True & Honest Fan

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  13. He has a hobby, but that hobby causes a refractory period.
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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Festive Yuletide Gremlin

  14. Kurt's done a thorough job of ensuring that he's virtually unemployable, at least in the field of journalism.

    It really says a lot about someone's character when they're too much of a liability for that particular industry.
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    thismanlies The Crapture Doth Approaches!
    True & Honest Fan

  15. The technical genius Kurt doesn't realize that IP addresses are not permanent and there is no real permanent way to identify individuals online.

    Still, he brags about "his" contacts in twitter and "his" contacts in law enforcement that tell him otherwise, I imagine his "contacts" being his wife tired of hearing him whine about being bombarded by Russian bots 24/7 and assuring him someone'll do something about it.
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  16. Give him a little bit of credit; he lasted over a month since his last chimpout when a lot of people were predicting that he'd have one every week until the stress gave him a heart attack.
    Stock Image Photographer

    Stock Image Photographer What kind of fruit do you like the most?

  17. I think he's really going to be legit crushed when everyone starts dunking on him again. Personally, I thought he'd manage to hold it together til his book came out but I'm wondering if maybe that's never going to happen.

    Karl_der_Grosse Shake it like a Polaroid.

  18. I think there's a decent chance that the publisher's lawyers had a few... suggestions... before publication.
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    Jigglyjogglers The Doctor Bashir guy
    True & Honest Fan

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