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Judging by his e-mail to D&C insisting the guy apologize unless he wants to get sued, but also forbidding the mention of the threat itself, this seems like an unfortunately likely scenario.

Sorry if thas had already been answered, but isn't this illegal or atleast shouldn't it be?

He's forcing someone to jump through his hoops and act against their own self-interest or else he is going to abuse the legal system and draw them into a long, expensive and unwarranted lolsuit.
Oh, and if you tell anyone you're fucked!

Sound like coercion to me...
Ben Shapiro posted a email he just got from Kurt



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Some people just crave the social validation they feel twitter will bring them. Honestly, Kurt give me major Stephen Glass vibes in that he is perfectly fine lying and making shit up in order to make him look like some sort of ace reporter.

I love that he's just given up on pretending he's never insulted Kyle. By all means Kurt, continue to go to war with Kyle. Maybe send him some threatening emails like you did with D&C, because those tactics have made you look great in the past.
Maybe Kurt wants to start a website with Kyle?


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Kurt is on the fucking warpath. He's also starting to reach Brianna Wu-levels of Twitter addiction. It's getting hard to keep up.

Jim was right, the Kurt Curve is a real thing and he's getting exponentially crazier as time goes on. At this rate he may even write a 45-part Twitter rant on why the moon landing was totally faked.


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:late: but I didn't see it in the thread so...
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Kurt once claimed he was at ground zero on 9/11. I can't wait for this story to morph into Kurt claiming to have been rescuing children from pedophiles who were taking advantage of the chaos to molest them.

"I was at ground zero and personally pulled out hundreds of people. Then at the memorial service I proved the Christofascist minister didn't know the Bible, and took over the ceremony. Then Congress awarded me a medal for Best Speech Ever."

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