Kurt McConkey / PataponCreeper / PC / Mysterious-Cat-01 -

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Inactivity ensues
Meet Kurt McConkey, aka Mysterious-Cat-01/PataponCreeper. Kurt is diaper fetish artist on DA and spends most his time making low quality videos on his YouTube channel. He is also a white knight of BlueCatRiolu, DanielHerox2.0, and Darlalloons26 despite knowing about the drama that each of them have caused over the years. He is 19 years old (As of 2/17/2018, the date that this thread was created on) and he has autism.

Some of Kurt's videos:

Claims that he cannot get a job because of his "autism".

Kurt's totally original OC, do not steal:

Kurt's artwork (Taken straight from his DA account):

Face reveal:

Kurt is friends with two other babyfurs just like him named Quartzie (18 years old) and Peyton (15 or 16 years old). Both of which are pretty infamous for causing drama online and attacking people who don't agree with them.

Videos and journals exposing Peyton:
https://youtu.be/b8yyPxBCDmk (http://archive.md/ZWZOf)
https://feza-kitsune.deviantart.com/journal/Tracing-in-the-Name-of-the-Lord-PeytonTheRiolu-670191884 (https://archive.md/YBBJc)

Quartzie spamming "Fuck you. :)" on someone's comment because they said that didn't like Sonic Forces's OST:

I already mentioned this on Daniel's thread, but I will bring it up again for the people who do not know about this. PC has been claiming that he tried to kill himself a few days ago and keeps posting about how "depressed" he is just because he was banned off of DuskTheRaccoon's discord server and no one was willing to "forgive him" for his actions. Of course, he is putting the blame on Alpha-X01 who had little to zero involvement in the matter what so ever and keeps over exaggerating what really happened in Dusk's server.

Luna, an ambassador in Dusk's server, calling him out on his bullshit:

Facebook (Abandoned): http://archive.md/SbJWa
Twitter (Abandoned): http://archive.md/zQ2BF
DeviantArt: http://archive.md/jXVi6
YouTube: http://archive.md/SCWN9
Furaffinity: http://archive.md/ambZW
Steam: http://archive.md/pyUim
Discord: PataponCreeper#3025

ES 148

Holy cow, PataponCreeper is the definition of 'dicksucker'. Back when I was in the Darlalloons Discord server he was like some kind of parasitic creature. I honestly thought he was about twelve.


I regret nothing.
True & Honest Fan
Was this the guy I always saw consoling Darlal whenever it he ended up posting a journal asking to given a seventy-fifth chance?


Brain Bleach Boy


A friend of mine came across this today and sent it to me...
I went to the high school this kid went to. When I first heard about him it was because a few friends of mine found his youtube channel. His vids were so autistic that we would watch them together laughing our asses off. Thank god this kid mainly remained silent in real life situations because any time he talked he would either get ignored or say something exceptional. There were Smash Bros tournaments hosted by the students from time to time that he would enter. He usually manged to get high in the rankings of the tourney because he didn't actually know how to play and button mashed to win. I'm also convinced he never showered because he wore the same black leather jacket, black shirt, jeans, and fedora EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you didn't think this kid was cringy already, try this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igp6shDoXh4 this video was put on our schools fucking video announcements. An entire school of about 800+ kids had to watch that fucking video in its entirety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3LpWucDh_4 This video may or may not have been on the video announcements, can't really remember. Ill ask around to see if it was.

Ill see if I can dig up more stuff to add to this masterpiece of cringe but no promises.