Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer - Black Supremacist Comic Book Writer, "FILED TO: RACE"


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Boomer Kuwanger supports that upcoming ThunderCats abortion?

Color me surprised. His whole career is based on taking a previously used idea and regurgitating it in a more terrible form.


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Almost 100% confident I'm late af with this, but is that Phil on the right? No, nevermind. Too feminine looking.

I'd say Superman #900 would have been the height of his career. Can't say I'm all that impressed with Kwanza's resume, only thing of interest was the work he did on He-Man.

Looking into Jamel's kickstarter, seems like another guy who couldn't get their work out when they should have.

People still haven't received copies of their comic.

Same goes with Kwanza.

Maybe if they stopped sperging on Twitter they could get them out?
They're just waiting for their donations to come in, honest. These guys are just so busy at home buying bananas for their mother's and paying the mortgage and bills.

Honestly, though, I feel pretty sorry for this guy. How do you write a comic worse than Sonichu?
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“Denaturalization of citizens” let’s look this bullshit up.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis Cissna, however, told the Associated Press that the agency is ramping up its efforts to identify citizens who, for instance, assumed new identities in order to avoid deportation and claim a green card or citizenship.
Seems fair to me.
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The Jim Jefferies show (see for context) really is the gift that keeps on giving, this thread has been inactive because Kwanzer stopped doing his daily #WOKE posts, but now he’s back to his beautiful cringey self:
View attachment 504157 View attachment 504158 View attachment 504159 View attachment 504160 View attachment 504161 View attachment 504162 View attachment 504163
Whining about a man drinking Diet Coke at a testimony instead of water. This really is the 21st century, alright.

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Whining about a man drinking Diet Coke at a testimony instead of water. This really is the 21st century, alright.
It's a long tradition!
While the president was in with Starr and his deputies, the rest of the White House was in a strange state of suspended animation. The waiting was killing everyone; little real work was getting done at the most senior levels. Soon after the grand jury session began, the electronic surveillance equipment that monitored the president's precise location at all times while in the White House showed that he had moved from the Map Room to the medical center. Some of his aides momentarily panicked. Was he all right? Doug Sosnik, the president's counselor and constant companion for most of the past two years, raced from the West Wing over to the residence to find out, only to discover that they had just taken a break and retreated to the medical unit because it was next to the Map Room and had a refrigerator filled with Diet Coke.


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The Jim Jefferies show (see for context) really is the gift that keeps on giving, this thread has been inactive because Kwanzer stopped doing his daily #WOKE posts, but now he’s back to his beautiful cringey self:
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All that rage typing and he thinks he's probably put a lot of intelligent thought into it, would be a shame if most reponses to it just went "ok." ,or "u mad?".

Kwanza you fucking dumb-arse, there's a reason why Trump uses small words, he's marketing a product (Trump) to you. Small/catchy/punchy will always stick in the mind better and are easy to remember. Also explaining complex ideas (such as geopolitical issues) in clear and simple words is the best way to go, it ensures everybody understands exactly what occurring and its incredibly important when doing so ACROSS LANGUAGE BARRIERS.

No wonder he completely sucks at being a writer too 'Brevity is the soul of wit' Shakespeare had this figured out in 1602 with his work Hamlet, it's an incredibly well known phrase and one of the most performed and studied works of writing in the world. Yet this is a completely foreign idea to him, tons of famous writers have similar quotes:
  • George Orwell's - 'Never use a long word where a short one will do' and 'If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out'?
  • Ernest Hemingway - 'Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use'
  • Mark Twain - 'To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. To condense the diffused light of a page of thought into the luminous flash of a single sentence, is worthy to rank as a prize composition just by itself…Anybody can have ideas–the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph'
One more quote that Kwanza should really think about 'The secret of being a bore is to tell everything' - translated Volitare 1738. I suppose i understand why he's never learnt any of this, after all book learning must be racist.

I decided to Kwanzafi some famous slogans (it's kinda fun):
  • A male person of colour expressing affectionate adoration towards the mentioned product
  • So deliciously tasty that I'll touch the tip of my tongue to digital appendages found at the end of the arm
  • Chew and slowly digest recently harvested healthy ingredients
  • For whatever reason perform the action required to accomplish completion
I'm lovin' it - McDonalds, Finger lickin' good - KFC, Eat fresh - Subway, Just do it - Nike

Here's some help for you K

Wait was this ever noticed? Wakanda, Brookyn :story:I wonder if it's just misspelled or Kwanza ebonics


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Let’s take a closer look at those Imgs:
3EA5F0F7-98B6-40B3-9033-E8C7F300A67B.jpeg C65057AC-311E-4BFD-92CD-55FBFC2AFC27.jpeg 6EDAC756-7C1C-4E3A-B8BB-BF0D10B401C6.jpeg
(The red flags were added by Kwanzer)
Flag 1: New account, fair enough.
Flag 2 & 3: first I had to find the name which was easy but annoying because Kwanzer has to make it difficult so that people won’t actually search for it:

E52F21DD-478B-4A7A-941B-DF0FBF242D69.jpeg 51DF016F-A0AB-4BAF-9F74-28E1350ADCF1.jpeg
I didn’t know Kwanzer was a fisherman, he went all the way to this account’s first day on twitter to get these:
And seems this was a slapfight judging from the replies:
Better yet context is nearly impossible to get since the account Dcnationmonitor is replying to has been suspended:

I find it fascinating that for as much Kwanzer is #BLACKPRIDE #BLACKEXCELLENCE, anyone who happens to be black and disagrees with him is automatically a white colonizer, here’s some #NotYourShield type replies to YaBoi Zack:
EC7C371A-5238-47E4-91CB-36A5AF1F6F33.jpeg 91E1471C-6EEC-4DD5-A42C-5926B66381F1.jpeg 07CB95A3-BB28-4760-8E2A-E960D6C6DEA4.jpeg 02D4B342-9DA3-487A-96A9-F833AAAB690E.jpeg 8E157968-2CE9-42BD-B2B7-C4765B145424.jpeg B1376EF2-0123-4F1A-AC90-AB7EC598367F.jpeg
Also, his newest pinned tweet:

Edit: Wew, he really went full “Y’all are house negros/Uncle Toms if you’re black and follow the hate movement know as ComicsHate!!!!!!” today:
414EE319-EE65-4CB6-AD7E-259A6879BD28.jpeg 7776F23F-C017-462F-8303-28B40C86D989.jpeg B777FB37-2812-4DCD-941B-DE2BF4B436D6.jpeg D9256C1B-2F00-42FA-8404-08BF52D96C44.jpeg B2C377DE-2367-4E0D-BA8B-64BB189F44FE.jpeg 93400AA2-50DE-4D88-A515-480851A6B56B.jpeg C99B5213-02DC-46D8-8592-85E0B56029CE.jpeg 51AB940F-FB13-44EF-AAAD-DD7AAB5F8779.jpeg 02C0B2CF-A4BD-4898-A73A-68BC34879232.jpeg
76487848-EF40-4966-A694-544480B926D9.jpeg 7DFE02DD-DFE7-48A5-9D48-F934B5928D33.jpeg F1FD87C2-43B1-4647-9DFC-F6B86F7E4191.jpeg 3E26186B-F1EF-4C41-808A-5000F29CB4E6.jpeg 4098BBF3-3FE0-4A09-BC0F-E6FE7ADD7B21.jpeg 011DA6A9-9CDB-4E7F-9C62-C5BCCA441189.jpeg 383E5501-ED8C-4F6C-B352-5603484D97B0.jpeg 3D155054-B3D6-4401-984C-52A167820D9A.jpeg 5F8CC114-30B3-4DAC-BB01-B04CFB2034E9.jpeg 57BB62F0-BED7-4E7F-B3C6-EF9358AF868A.jpeg 0DEFBE67-2AE0-4C1D-A0ED-713F226DD047.jpeg 9C797876-1462-4C03-A6D1-9BFC92F98992.jpeg F9E31DEE-9BBD-4656-A1A6-4E578EE32EC4.jpeg 98CBC586-7A5F-469F-B201-C14F00EE5E09.jpeg F8F82072-3BFE-4235-83BC-4A75B38C2051.jpeg
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I don't understand the "Fake Fan" thing when that phrase usually causes (mostly SJW) people to flip their shit when you point out "watching a Thor movie" is a completely unrelated thing to "following the comic" as they follow different plots. They consider it "gatekeeping and exclusionary language". Ignoring that, is the implication that they came out of nowhere or what exactly are they doing to "pretend"?

While not Kwanza who said this, keep in mind we've had people accusing websites of promoting piracy as "for people who say they hate current comic plots, they sure seem to know a lot about them". So clearly these "alt-right trolls" actually do read to some extent. Is he doing the "adopt your opponent's language" thing like when you hear SJWs use "Triggered" and "Special Snowflake" which only results in showing how effective those terms are on them?

Edit: Also what fanart is he referring to? I didn't think Black AF fanart exists.
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Edit: Also what fanart is he referring to? I didn't think Black AF fanart exists.
Actual art from his book BLACK AF: America’s Sweetheart:

The fanart that has him clutching pearls:

Zack even made a video:

Quick hide all the slaves and cover the Hitler shrine


I know why, but I'm pretty sure you're going to claim 'because racism'. It's because your displaying a 3D sphere on a 2D piece of paper, it became the most popular / default map because it was historically very useful for sailors navigating the globe. Hmm globes, don't schools have these any more?
Mercator projection, type of map projection introduced in 1569 by Gerardus Mercator. ... This projection is widely used for navigation charts, because any straight line on a Mercator projection map is a line of constant true bearing that enables a navigator to plot a straight-line course.
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Population: 1.216 billion (2016)
Area: 11.73 million mi²

United States of America
Country in North America
Population: 325.7 million (2017)
Area: 3.797 million mi²

Population: 144.3 million (2016) World Bank
Area: 6.602 million mi²

Country in East Asia
Population: 1.379 billion (2016) World Bank
Area: 3.705 million mi²


My favorite one is this...


Of course, you could always sperg him out with:

Africa AS A WHOLE has a GDP of 2.545 Trillion US Dollars

Which is basically the GDP of fucking France.

Where China is like 11 Trillion

And the US is 18.5 Trillion

And Russia is 1.2 Trillion

So in slightly more than the same land mass, it's 10X the GDP.

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