Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer - Black Supremacist Comic Book Writer, "FILED TO: RACE"

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In a way Kwanza's views are racist against his own race: even with superpowers (especially ones that are attack heavy) blacks are still enslaved by whites with no powers, tricked by them since they were so naive to let them in and too slow-witted to notice what they're doing, and held down by them to this day that they "forgot" their powers. They should've at least taken over a chunk of the middle east and/or be seen as gods.


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You know, in the hands of a competent writer, Kwanza's stories could actually be interesting. Add in a decent explanation as to why only black people have superpowers. Like, if this was some sort of alternate Marvel universe where the vibranium under Wakanda leaked massive amounts of radiation that caused super powered mutations. Or evolving to compete with the superior technology of white people. Or maybe even some sort of genetic "damage" caused by a similar incident such as The Tuskegee Study.
Like, maybe back in the days of segregation they experimented with an alien virus on some black people and the descendants of the survivors developed superpowers similar to the aliens that the virus came from ala the Klingon Augment Virus that was used to explain the difference between the physical look of Klingons between the original Star Trek and the later Star Trek films and series.

As it stands, the comic is way less interesting than it could be. In fact, it's positively boring, race baiting nonsense.


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In a way Kwanza's views are racist against his own race: even with superpowers (especially ones that are attack heavy) blacks are still enslaved by whites with no powers, tricked by them since they were so naive to let them in and too slow-witted to notice what they're doing, and held down by them to this day that they "forgot" their powers. They should've at least taken over a chunk of the middle east and/or be seen as gods.
It was pointed out early in the thread that it almost comes as a white supremacist plot in the "wait, you're telling me the Aryans are so great but the Jews outsmart them?" sense. White people were able to outsmart, overpower, and enslave literal superhumans. Slavery is aweful but goddamn.

Also Kwanza openly admits to being someone who bought into "X-Men were always about the Civil Rights movement" meme which isn't true and results in idiots like him who think the story works if you slip in any group instead of mutants. Marvel's mutants, just like most superpowers in it, was the result of space gods genetically modifying every other race. Literally nothing works 1:1 with black/female/Muslim/Asian/Jewish/whatever people.


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I know why, but I'm pretty sure you're going to claim 'because racism'. It's because your displaying a 3D sphere on a 2D piece of paper, it became the most popular / default map because it was historically very useful for sailors navigating the globe. Hmm globes, don't schools have these any more?
Also the Mercator has always been disliked by cartographers due to its inaccuracy. When Gall-Peters was created they played off the myth of ‘Eurocentric map makers’ when cartographers always knew the Mercator warped the world and were looking for a better projection. Peters would have known this were he actually a cartographer. Regardless, countless organisations adopted it to show how Woke they were. The map think was Woke Twitter decades before Twitter even existed.


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Kwanzer earned himself an article:
Black [AF] Writer Implies Non-White ComicsGate Supporters are Uncle Toms!
Jorge Arenas July 27, 2018

According to a number of folks, especially those on the left side of the political spectrum here in the United States, racism never died, it only evolved. I wish that I could say that they’re lying and are in fact only using it as a political cudgel. But believe it or not, it’s the truth. The problem is, it’s not coming from where they think its coming from.

In a tweet, this morning Black [AF] writer Kwanza Osajyefo took on non-white ComicsGate supporters, and in essence, called them Uncle Toms. In his thread, he highlighted where he believes racism is truly residing in our society.

I mean, ComicsHate is so racist they keep creating fake accounts overstating a label to make their digital circle-jerk seem open and diverse. This profile is basically, “what a white nationalist thinks black Twitter is”
— KWANZA OSAJYEFO (@kwanzer) July 27, 2018

I’m not surprised that meme-tick Exhibit NAz1 thinks it can fool anyone but ComicsHate dummies into thinking he’s black — or a real account.
— KWANZA OSAJYEFO (@kwanzer) July 27, 2018

These type of accounts are such giant red flags that show ComicsHate knows it’s discriminatory so it makes fake “minority” accounts to bolster a paper-thin inclusivity narrative. I know there are outliers who stan for it — but we know that type…
— KWANZA OSAJYEFO (@kwanzer) July 27, 2018

ComicsHate isn’t a conservative thing. It rallies around juggaloes — pause! I can’t insult juggloes — around sexist bigots. I don’t subscribe to “race traitor,” I’m not a tribalist. But POC who stan for ComicsHate align with blatantly racist rhetoric — so take it how you want.
— KWANZA OSAJYEFO (@kwanzer) July 27, 2018

Thankfully many users saw through this disgusting remark for what it is.

— Darthblackguy (@Chocolatesith22) July 27, 2018

I’m getting sick of people like you calling all the minorities that aren’ t in step with your agenda fake minorities.
— Comet&Tang (@TangHalley) July 27, 2018

this isnt much different than the whole russian bots thing
— Officer Zombie (@SNES_Zombie) July 27, 2018

Diversity & Comics weighed in and described Kwanza’s tweet as “Ugliness of Spirit.”

Ugliness of Spirit
— Diversity & Comics (@DiversityAndCmx) July 27, 2018

Thanks to that spotlight on Kwanza’s tweet. Minority ComicsGate supporters also decided to take to Twitter in order to call out Kwanza’s disgusting and ignorant tweet for what it was:

Should we tell @kwanzer that I’m black?
— Luis Gomes (@sme_damnedtuga) July 27, 2018

Fighting racism by calling people uncle toms. That’s some woke ass shit right there.
— T (@OrganicAnomaly) July 27, 2018

Calling me an uncle Tom huh. Uncle Ruckus would have been funnier. What’s ironic is that he still doesn’t get that hes still getting played by white feminists who are at the top of the oppression power pyramid. One false step with Becky and you are D.O.N.E. black man.
— StarOfElyon (@StarOfElyon) July 27, 2018

Kwanzer: “I am going to erase the identities of minorities, or call them race traitors because they don’t agree with me.” When you are desperate to piece together a narrative. These people are trash.
— Corrupt (@ic0rruption) July 27, 2018

We reached out to ComicsGate supporter Spike Valentine. he also happens to be a New York Times Bestselling comics writer and scriptwriter. And he created the Spider-Man character, Aracnido Jr. Here’s his take on Kwanza’s accusations:

Racist people act in a couple of ways; they treat different people like pests or their pets. Kwanzer, Antos, Busiek… ideologues are quick to pretend they speak on behalf of gay/trans folks, “people of color,” and women to pander to their own narcissist messiah complex and put down their “enemies.”

But the second they are confronted by the global diversity of people supporting #ComicsGate they will not address it and try to imply you are fake or brainwashed. Proving they see diversity as both pets and pests. Proving everyone what real racism looks like.

We are not a “people of color” monolith, we are not damn Power Rangers, we are an amorphous mass of individuals, just like the comics consumers. We only speak on our own personal behalf and these people should too.

Timothy Lim. the creator of Thump, My Hero Magademia, and Trump’s Space Force also responded to Kwanza’s accusations in the form of a photo.


This isn’t an isolated instance outside the comic book world. There have been cases of non-white conservative, libertarian, and even centrists being labeled Uncle Toms simply for not sharing a twisted form of group think. One of the greatest examples is Larry Elder who is an unashamed Republican. He has been called Uncle Tom or worse many times simply for thinking outside of how certain people think he should think.

Elder isn’t alone in experiencing this. Great thinkers such as economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have also felt these attacks for not kissing the ring of conformity. I myself have experienced this form of racism, professionally, as a former communications director for a gun rights group. I experienced first hand both white and non-white lawmakers call me and my colleagues Uncle Toms for not bowing to their ideology.

So what do you think? Did Kwanza Osajyefo go too far in his broad painting of minority ComicsGate supporters? And are you disturbed by this trend of racism from a number of comic book pros?

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Meanwhile on Twitter:

Hmmm, why doesn’t Kwanzer reply directly to these posts?:
Here’s the source for that parody cover:
Message from the artist:

The darkies that are agree with the comicsgate crew have REALLY got to him. He's still sperging out into a void about the race traitor uncle toms.

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upload_2018-7-30_18-20-35.png upload_2018-7-30_18-22-0.png upload_2018-7-30_18-22-23.png

Hmmm, its like people want to be judged on their character and not on their account creation date. If you haven't been on twitter since 2008 and have 44+K tweets, then your not a person at all.

@Yaoi Huntress Earth - you've got a reply

Good point Kwanza... Except Star Wars wasn't originally written as a trilogy, Vader being Luke's dad and Leia being his sister wasn't added to the cannon until AFTER it became so popular that sequels were written. You've apparent planned a trilogy already, I'm guessing he'll go the flashback route, a terribly contrived and awful storytelling trope.

Like others said only superpowered black people story could work, but you have to adapt the world building it just doesn't work in current day earth. Whitey has somehow still enslaved them and kept it a secret that only blacks have powers... He has a character that can fly and is not under government control - video themselves flying and post it to worldstar, have them fly through Harlam screaming 'niggers got superpowers y'all' Boom secret ended.

Black people that disagree with me only do so to appease the Massa
upload_2018-7-30_18-31-5.png upload_2018-7-30_18-31-38.png

He's only started doing this for -I'm a better person than you points. STFU Ryan!

Stop pleasing massa, you uncle toms!
I love his only reply

How dare people have fun with parody! REEE



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LOL. This is how Halloween Yo-Yo sounds like right now:


ωσкє вℓυє мυѕℓιм qυєєη

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It's "chattel," not "chalet," you fucking idiot. What, you think Asians were brought to the New World to be turned into winter cottages?
At least he didn't use "Cattle" like some feminists do (did?) when talking about women of the past. Would be pretty weird if we lived in a world where we pumped women up with steroids to get them big and also miIk them.


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Being Black sucks, nobody likes Black people, and SJW preachy media isn't my thing, but I would like to see authentic Black creations (not "give us black pantha wakanda foeveah!"), and the art is actually decent.

At least he didn't use "Cattle" like some feminists do (did?) when talking about women of the past. Would be pretty weird if we lived in a world where we pumped women up with steroids to get them big and also miIk them.
Off topic, but the average americunt can be considered cattle in today's society...
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DnC beat Kwanza *again*
Causing this reaction



Face it Kwanza - comicsgate are beating your arse like a red-headed stepchild. All of that free promotion and you couldn't crack $100k, while comicsgate books are currently doing so with no free publicity, only their own social media.

An extra Drumf is bad. Ever try to buy alcohol Kwanza? i guess that doesn't count as groceries.
Eliminate the Electoral collage! let California and New York decide who is the President from now on. Fuck all those 'fly over' states - Buncha redneck hillbilly racists. They are called 'fly over' because fuck everybody in them.


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Eliminate the electoral college? He doesn't know the process for changing the Constitution, does he? Hint: the president can't just do it.

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