Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer - Black Supremacist Comic Book Writer, "FILED TO: RACE"

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It's "chattel," not "chalet," you fucking idiot. What, you think Asians were brought to the New World to be turned into winter cottages?
At least he didn't use "Cattle" like some feminists do (did?) when talking about women of the past. Would be pretty weird if we lived in a world where we pumped women up with steroids to get them big and also miIk them.


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Being Black sucks, nobody likes Black people, and SJW preachy media isn't my thing, but I would like to see authentic Black creations (not "give us black pantha wakanda foeveah!"), and the art is actually decent.

At least he didn't use "Cattle" like some feminists do (did?) when talking about women of the past. Would be pretty weird if we lived in a world where we pumped women up with steroids to get them big and also miIk them.
Off topic, but the average americunt can be considered cattle in today's society...
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DnC beat Kwanza *again*
Causing this reaction



Face it Kwanza - comicsgate are beating your arse like a red-headed stepchild. All of that free promotion and you couldn't crack $100k, while comicsgate books are currently doing so with no free publicity, only their own social media.

An extra Drumf is bad. Ever try to buy alcohol Kwanza? i guess that doesn't count as groceries.
Eliminate the Electoral collage! let California and New York decide who is the President from now on. Fuck all those 'fly over' states - Buncha redneck hillbilly racists. They are called 'fly over' because fuck everybody in them.


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Eliminate the electoral college? He doesn't know the process for changing the Constitution, does he? Hint: the president can't just do it.

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Not *cough* Zack.
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Comics don't deserve good stories because (rolls dice...) Flint and PR aint got no water - get the water nigga
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My Snopes (the bastion of truth, LOL) link outweighs your argument
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Interestingly he didn't Snopes link Puerto Rico corruption
Slight :powerlevel:, my best friend lives in PR, he’s been bitching about this very topic for months. He can’t stand how one sided the media is regarding Trump on the aid he provided to PR. During the worst days of the hurricane disaster Trump sent aid almost immidiately (took him 3-4 days iirc), the higher ups in the govt. used (he specified Carmen Yulin) played up that Trump wasn’t sending them relief aid to get more than they should. Didn’t help that Carmen Yulin who became the poster face of the relief effort in PR would constantly, instead of working, be out doing publicity stunts. Hanukkah uses whatever he can find as a shield to keep acting like an idiot.

Edit: Kwanzer got into a slapfight with a black guy who is a D&C fan. This is some high quality Kwazerisms:

“Huh? wah, uh, he only insults more white males than POC to cover up he’s a racist, yea that’s it! Only real racists attack everyone indiscriminately to hide the fact they’re racists!”

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YaBoi got his hands on a review copy of Kwanzer's latest book:
Wow, that's not bad art for a high schooler, but for a comic book that's being actually released? That's objectively terrible. Kwanza should've paid more to the cover artist and let her illustrate the whole book, because the cover art looks nice. It looks like he chose a cheaper artist on purpose to pocket the difference.

See, I don't read comics, but wow, Comicsgate makes complete sense to me now. Thanks Kwanza, I guess?

Honestly, it saddens me that so many people use the fact they're from a minority group to try to achieve fame with a very poor work. It reflects badly not only on them, but on the people from the same minority who really work hard and are talented.

:powerlevel: I have this friend who is a very talented artist. He's been awarded many times and had his work exhibited internationally. He's black and comes from a poor family, and I personally know how hard he works in his craft. But he doesn't involve himself in drama, he prefers to quietly improve his skills instead of being an attention whore, he is humble (which honestly makes me want to grab him by his shoulders and shake some sense into him, because if he was as ambitious as he is talented, he'd achieve so much more!), he isn't a SJW, and despite his underprivileged background, he doesn't play the victim. There's no virtue to signal by supporting his work (except maybe having a good taste in art!).

Yet, it's the loud hacks who get all the fame and the money they don't actually deserve *sigh*

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Cozy and Frenpilled Diversity Quota
A complete dead horse at this point but I will like to go on a little tangent since nobody cares about this wanker anyway.
I honestly despise people like Kwanza, not the #WOKE #RESIST type, I mean the type of people who like to see themselves as nothing more than unlucky bastards the world hates and like to parade about how their mere existence is rebellion. Is a sentiment that has been around (sadly) the black community long before this fucker was born: nobody likes me cuz im a negro durr.
In my life I have met people who like to joke about it (me included) but people like Kwanza actually mean it and it pisses me off that they like to parrot it while pursuing asspats from whypipo.

Allow me to :powerlevel: a bit here: It might be that I grew up in a very tight family from third generation migrants but this stupid sentiment about "post slavery trauma" has always struck me as nothing but idiocy. All the "real black" people I have met in my life avoid woke issues as the plague, it seems like this bs was invented by big city wackos who never saw the hoods. Those fuckers like to pretend thet not every nigger is a star.

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