Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer - Black Supremacist Comic Book Writer, "FILED TO: RACE"

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Mr Snek

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I am no expert in the Marvel Universe, but somewhere in the back corner of my brain was the information bit crammed that Nightcrawler is a German by the name of Kurt Wagner. And still, usually Germans are white. End of story.
Gypsy technically if you go by who raised him. He also changed his name in Origins: Nightcrawler.

Due to who his parents are, Nightcrawler is white. Reason why people hated him, it's because of who his father is and why he looks the way he does. His mother is also Raven Darkholme (Mystique) Guess where the name "holme" comes from? Either British or Old Norse so chances are she's white. She was also born in Germany. His father was born somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, so either Hispanic or White. Given who he is though that's probably a lie.

Does Holiday here even read comics?


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He was so fucking close to realizing that there are factors other than the colour of someone's skin that can cause people to hate them. That even white people can be discriminated against for being "different". But no, he had to make it about him and his "problems".
I'm confused on why "blackness" specifically he leaped to. I get it's his shtick but that seems like a stretch.

I am no expert in the Marvel Universe, but somewhere in the back corner of my brain was the information bit crammed that Nightcrawler is a German by the name of Kurt Wagner. And still, usually Germans are white. End of story.

if you design some one to not look white, then they stop being white

Red alert! Red alert 🚨 Black Xmass knows, I repeat, codename Black Xmass found out! Evacuate Mr. Null!

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Hi, Kwanaaaaa. Your writing is still shit. Thanks for free ad space in your head.

Oi, did we? Where's his address, I wanna send Frog pineapple pizza.
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I was also sure Ren was doxxed because she dabbled too much into weebwars, nothing to do with comics. I'm guessing 'we' also don't particularly hate anyone, it's just hard not to laugh when everyone is equally reatrəd.

Whoa, Black Xmass sat on these screengrabs for ages, I'm also proud. RIP Emspex.

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It's hard to call somebody a nigger when he's as white as snow on Fake Christmass.


Not *cough* Zack.
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Warner Bros. Boards Feature Adaptation Of ‘Black’ Comic From Studio 8
By Amanda N'Duka
October 1, 2020 11:04am

EXCLUSIVE: Studio 8 announced this morning that Warner Bros. has acquired Black, the feature adaptation of the Black Mask comic series from co-creators Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3. The comic sets out to explore a universe where only Black people have superpowers beyond what the world believes is possible.
Bryan Edward Hill, who is a producer on DC’s Titans, wrote the script. The story centers on one young man who survives a violent event and realizes that he is part of these extraordinary people, but a secret consortium wants to control these abilities and those who possess them, and he soon finds himself at the center of a war over the future of mankind itself.

Jeff Robinov, Guy Danella, and John Graham will produce from Studio 8 with Black Mask Studio’s Matteo Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz to serve as producer and executive producer. Osajyefo and Smith are co-producers as well. The team is currently looking to attach a director.

Osajyefo came up with the concept for the comic over a decade ago and it gained widespread recognition after its Kickstarter campaign raised over $90,000. Black has launched an entire universe of comics and books. Original artists and writers of the comic and its spinoffs include Jamal Igle, Khary Randolph, Jennifer Johnson, Vita Ayala and Liana Kangas.

“Part of the inspiration for Black came from my experiencing the lack of representation in comics publishing and how that directly relates to the scarceness of black characters,” said Osajyefo. “For most of comics’ history, white outcasts have been used as allegories for marginalized groups while claiming to reflect the world outside our window. BLACK strips away this veneer to juxtapose superpowers with race while allowing black people to see ourselves authentically in media and inviting wider audiences into parts of our experience. We’re excited to bring this story to everyone through film, and thankful to Studio 8 for believing in it.”

“We became involved in the development of this story over a year ago,” said Studio 8 CEO Jeff Robinov. “Black represents a new generation of storytellers and creators who can accurately tell black stories with the type of care the industry has lacked for decades. The thought-provoking concept caught our attention early on, and we’re proud to play a role in bringing this story to the screen.”

Osajyefo and Smith 3 are repped by Weintraub Tobin. Hill is with Verve, Heroes and Villains Entertainment, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman. Pizzolo and Black Mask Studios are repped by WME.

Yaboi's take:


Black is a exceptional story but if someone is competent enough to make a decent script out of it, it's probably Bryan Edward Hill. I still expect it to be shit though.

Why would I call a guy who looks whiter than me a racial slur meant for black people? If anything, I'd call him a honky, a cracker, a casper, a peckerwood, and to get obscure with it: a buckra.

Wilhelm Bittrich

What a blatant display of poofery
C'mon, satire. C'mon, satire. Please, I can't imagine anyone doing this seriously.
Just because they bought the rights to "Black" doesn't mean it will end in an actual project, otoh, it could end up a direct-to-dvd movie or maybe a pilot they can't sell.
Maybe a competent screenwriter will be able to explain why slavery still existed when only black people had superpowers. :story:
Competent screenwriters? Nowadays? I admire your optimism!


S-C-E-X, sex. Ya had to find out about it, didn't
Just because they bought the rights to "Black" doesn't mean it will end in an actual project, otoh, it could end up a direct-to-dvd movie or maybe a pilot they can't sell.

Competent screenwriters? Nowadays? I admire your optimism!
Either that or an animated adaptation.

Carmina Burana

O Bib Fortuna!
Thank you, Kwanza, for bringing this thread back to life.
It started when Fake Holiday thought he could dunk on EVS because he quit DC to....crowdfund millions off his own IP's:

Shane Davis' wife, who is Singaporean, pointed this out:

And Kwanza, who's thinks if you're not White, you're required to hate all White people like he does, & if you don't you're a hostage or have internalized White Supremacy or some doublespeak bullshit, decided to tweet back at her like a bitchy 13-yo girl:

Kwanza thinks he's Tanihisi Coates, but he's really just Eddie Murphy doing Tyrone Green on SNL (C-I-L-L muh landlord)

So even in the post-Trump era, Fake Holiday is still an anti-White, racist asshole. Yay for "Unity," I guess.
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