Kyle James Elias "Abigail" Curlew / KyraCurlew / @Curlew_A / Socionocular / radicalyam - Lying Liar, Boring Dumbfuck, PhD Student, Deep in the Rat King; Doesn't Understand Computer Security, Free Speech, Being Transgender or Sexual Preference

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Feb 11, 2016

Meet Kyle Curlew, aka Kyra Curlew, aka Abigail Curlew


Kyle is a published Op-Ed writer in VICE Canada, a blogger on his own website, and is a PhD student in Sociology. He came to our attention when @Abortions4All reposted one of his pieces about a free speech controversy in Canada.


It is important to note that as of writing this OP on February 27th of 2018, Abigail Curlew's address and phone number have not been posted on, this person is a dishonest liar.

"I was featured on Kiwifarms (a troll website dedicated to abusing, harassing, and embarrassing transgender folks and those who suffer from mental health issues)."

This is a line from the Trans Dating Debate article. It of course gets the site purpose wrong, as abusing and harassing off-site is against the rules. And we embarrass cis people and neurotypicals too when they do dumb shit.

Speaking of hating us...
"Being discussed on" is now equivalent to being trolled on
trolled on kiwifarms.PNG

Curlew has not been trolled, unless you count random twitters arguing with you as a form of trolling. In which case that means he's been trolled on TWITTER. Not kiwifarms.

Cow crossover with notorious pedophile defender and alcoholic scam artist, Vikki Valimir
less than human.PNG

Objective facts don't real

Debate = Harassment
no point debating.PNG

I don't know what else you'd expect the reaction to be

"Gender is fluid. But the choice to support free speech or trans folks is binary."
"I totally agree"

Apparently hasn't actually read all of Contrapoint's thread here, which is mixed albeit critical-leaning. I don't remember anything absolutely out of line.

On top of thinking we're a harassment forum, whiteknighting lolcows, and lying about being doxed for attention there is one thing that stands out as the most idiotic thing Kyle has ever said, and that's his belief that "Gender Identity Disorder" aka Gender Dysphhoria is a pseudo-scientific diagnosis.
Trans folks have been historically marginalized by academics who have been embroiled in debates concerning the authenticity of our existence. Many of these debates have centered around the medicalization of our identity through pseudo-scientific diagnosis of “transvestic fetishism,” “transvestic disorder,” and “gender identity disorder.”
This cemented my belief he is a trender.

Thinks all cis doctors are transphobic just because they're cis
cis doctors.PNG


Allegedly has Bipolar disorder

This shit again?
curlew trap.PNG

This retweet apparently calls trans people confusing, it strikes me as a bit transphobic

Speaking of confusing, despite having a mental illness (bipolar disorder) and claiming to be trans (ie to have gender dysphoria), screeches about being called mentally ill.
mentally ill.PNG

Here is Curlew retweeting a news story debunking a fake news rumor, but still talking about it like the rumor was true
fake news.PNG

false dichotomy.PNG

VICE thinkpieces
"Free Speech Can Be Silencing"
"Trans Dating Debate"

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Curlew is Rat King'd to: Katelyn Burns, Zinnia Jones, MagsVisaggs, Toren from TransEthics, Alexandra DaPonte (@dreddbydawn), Jessica Durling (@elmsjustice), Sapphixy, Ana Mardoll, Horny Thorney, Benjanun_s (aka Requires Hate, a serial harasser of women and PoC. Ironically enough Curlew also follows N. K. Jemisin, who was one of Bee's victims), Chelsea Manning, and Katherine Cross

Also Follows: Hbomberguy, Lindsay Ellis, Carolyn Petit, Life of Bria, Riley Dennis & neonfiona, Jesska Nightmare, Paris Lees, Ash Hardell, Anita Sarkeesian, several people from Waypoint including Patrick Klepek, BLM Toronto, Everyday Feminism, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Laura Dale, Contrapoints, George Ciccariello-Maher, Brianna Wu, SomethingTexty, and Chelsea Van Valkenberg.


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Dec 25, 2015
He's been 'female' for four months, and thinks he runs the troon debate solely because he has a PhD in a 'science' that consists of learning who's popular in the latest social bitchfests (you're not the only person to have done sociology classes, """Abigail"""). So, just another failed beta cuck who trooned out to get more attention. A real sociologist might be curious about the recent trend of men claiming womanhood to gain power (particularly in online and leftist spaces). These guys in dresses say they're oppressed, but it's amazing how they're treated as the last word on anything the moment they speak. Especially when they use bullshit qualifications and scream discrimination every time anyone challenges them.

This all sounds alarmingly like 'some people are more equal than others'.

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Mar 24, 2016
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Jun 27, 2014
View attachment 392853.

I don't need a longpost to break down this shit. The business insider article in question declares that four people who allegedly sent death threats were addressed by the FBI. It also says that two of them confessed. Do you know who those two were? Go on, pretend you're surprised:

:jaceknife: :tyceknife:

Jace and fucking Tyce. They owned up to it being a fucking hoax. That was why the FBI didn't fucking prosecute them. That and they knew that Brianna Wu was a sensationalist idiot. The other two men brought up that Business Insider claims the FBI had dead-to-rights?

Ethan Ralph, who got himself arrested by being a fucking tard, and Benjamin fucking Barber, who also got himself arrested for being a fucking tard. You noticing a pattern yet? Like all articles that fellate Wu's withered she-cock, the Business Insider article this lunatic has posted is written by a IRL friend of Brianna Wu's (Because of course it is).

I especially love how Business Insider goes out of its way to specifically redact the criticism the FBI gives to Brianna Wu in the reports it posts, such as the fact that she kept fucking up their investigations by publicizing her harassment and that half the time, she refused to report shit correctly to police in the first place.

Kyle has almost little presence in the Autism Holy War himself beyond shrieking ineffectually (and honestly if you've seen one Anti-GG hanger-on, you've seen them all), but he cheerleads them pretty often. Ultimately he's much-better known for his Rat King ties than any to the usual suspects in GG's opposition.


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Jun 20, 2016
We're like a right of passage for these idiots. They act like they hate us, but they're so eager to include us in their resume of "Why I deserve your pity follows/likes/paypal donations".
They use kiwifarms avidly. They know their followers won't bother to see we're typically bi-partisan and against actively engaging with them.


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Sep 7, 2016

That is just so...repulsive.

Anyway, he talks about how troons aren't mentally ill and they can "make their own choices". Of course you can make your own choice, but it's a mentally ill choice. You believe you're in the wrong body. Unless you have something proving that you are indeed "in the wrong body", something you know, from that fancy world of "cisscience", then it's just all in your head. An unbalanced head.

I mean, if someone who is mentally ill wakes up and thinks they're an army tank and they go on a rampage of tankin' and killin', are they actually an army tank? Even if the Gautama Buddha himself meditated on this, he still would come to the conclusion, that one is not actually an army tank. Because you're made of flesh and bones and they cannot suddenly become that of a tank's inner workings. So your need to be an army tank must come from a sickness of the mind or spirit.

Just like Kyle - an obvious man with male chromosomes, thinks he's a girl. He's not a girl. He's mentally ill.
The tank man and the troonman can live out their fantasies - that's ok and that's fair, but you can't change reality. Even if you get the tank gun of an MKII installed on your face, you are still a man and not a tank. If you chop your peen and take horsepiss hormones - you are still a man.

If he has some fancy chromosome issue, then apologies. But with that wonderful beard, I think it's safe to say he doesn't.

I'm also sick of these men whining about "TERFS". You're not a woman. So fuck off and quit whining. Guilting people into caring about Troons isn't going to work anymore.


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Feb 10, 2017
People like this feed animals in zoos, get mauled, then declare they don't understand why they shouldn't despite knowingly ignoring the 'DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS" signs.

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Feb 11, 2016
Curlew posting that "DIY Feminist Cybersecurity" link is honestly the toppest of all keks.

Have a look at this yourself:

This is just basic opsec (encryption, 2-factor authentication, using VPN, avoid phising scams) to prevent your data from being breached or your accounts hacked by actual criminals. So that in and of itself is already hilarious considering Kyle isn't dealing with shit like that, we don't phish or hack people.

Crossover with racist tranny Munroe Blargdork

Obsessed with the concept of "trolling" and how everyone who disagrees is a meanieface troll
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Feb 20, 2017
Kyle here likes to keep track of any mention of him online.
(issue with images right now so I'll quote it)
This was the first time I had an encounter with the trolly hate group known as Kiwi Farms. I remember getting a Google notification not long after I published my Vice article informing me that my name had been mentioned on the Internet. I was blissfully unaware of doxxing groups before checking my gmail account that day and I was appalled by their cruelty. I had been doxxed, and I felt violated and vulnerable in the visibility and exposure afforded to me by the Internet.

Also, doxed my ass. Where's your address in this thread?

You had a few articles online as well as a Facebook and Twitter account well before this thread existed. You exposed yourself dumb ass troon. You actually got off lightly when compared to other insane trannies documented here.


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Dec 28, 2014
You had a few articles online as well as a Facebook and Twitter account well before this thread existed. You exposed yourself dumb ass troon. You actually got off lightly when compared to other insane trannies documented here.

This piece of garbage seems surprised that when he declares himself an enemy of freedom, people who actually like freedom use it to criticize his behavior.

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Feb 11, 2016
Mr. Kyle, I know you read this site obsessively. You have a one (1) page thread and have been largely ignored in favor of more fascinating people of interest.

I'm going to literally die of cringe and second-hand embarrassment from your victim complex and pretentious fart-huffing. Please seek help for your attention addiction.

Note that this is tagged with "media manipulation", "surveillance", and "digital violence". I have no idea what this has to do with literally anything. Commenting on public content is not and has never been surveillance or violent.

I had been doxxed, and I felt violated and vulnerable in the visibility and exposure afforded to me by the Internet.

Imagine feeling violated because people disagreed with you on the internet. This is a huge sign of being a narcissist. Narcissistic people can't tolerate being told they're wrong.

In fact, I will likely get doxxed again for mentioning my experiences with Kiwi Farms as they thrive on negative press. It took me a while to decide whether or not I should tell this story as it will give these trolls more ammunition to shoot back at me. But these assholes need to be challenged, and silence, I feel, is no longer an option.

>doxxed again
Proves he doesn't understand any of the words he's using. You aren't being silenced by being made fun of on an obscure webforum founded to discuss the life of a mentally disabled webcomic artist.

Kiwi Farms is a prime example of DIY policing in that it has allowed for home brewed vigilantes to play both spy and police officer by weaponizing our visibility to threaten us into silence. It’s also worth noting that they also take joy in attacking people with disabilities and plus size women.

We aren't the internet police. We don't internet arrest people for being fucking stupid. We're more like internet private detectives. We have a lot of info, but don't have the kind of power to do anything other than document. And I don't personally want that power, nor do most here I'd wager.

The only one who wants to be the internet police is Kyle Curlew, free speech hater.

Earlier this summer a trans game developer named Chole Segal ended her life after substantial harassment from trolls and doxxers over Kiwi Farms. Though Segal’s tormentors weren’t the sole cause of her dying by suicide, they played a terrible role, and this marks some of the more extreme consequences of doxxing in the trans community.

Here he is exploiting Chloe Sagal's death, and spelling her name incorrectly. It was SAGAL with an A, not "SEGAL" with an E.

I look forward to his future articles, because those should serve to furthur expose Kyle James Curlew is a huge piece of shit authoritarian narc who doesn't understand what words mean, or how sociological study is supposed to work, and exploits tragedies for personal vendettas.

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