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Cinema Antifa - Casablanca

He's launched a video series where he channels his TDS into comparing heroic film characters to his favorite domestic terror group. You get to listen to him twist himself into a pretzel trying to explain how the actions of anti-Nazi film characters are totally comparable to people who bash the skulls of journalists. And he says the word "fascism" so many times in 7 minutes, the word loses all meaning.
What? He's grasping for something with MarzGurl's retardedly long arms. He just comes off as a pseudo-intellectual exceptional individual who just wants good boy points for supporting a domestic terrorist group. Legitimate film critics weep.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.

Kyle is such an enormous faggot. There's video evidence of the guy getting gang beaten by Antifail. How much of a titanic ass is he going to become before he inevitably admits he's wrong about Antifa just the same way he had to admit he was wrong for his misogyny? The fact he's swung so hard from one side of the horseshoe to the other really tells you that he has no stake in politics at all and will only show the opinion his out of touch dino-brain thinks is in vogue at the time. He is literally what it means to be a sellout. I sincerely disbelieve he's genuinely invested in Antifa at all and he's just trying to be culturally relevant by being divisive. He really, absolutely has no opinions of his own.

The justifications being posted in that Twitter chain are insane too.

"Oh yeah, we freely admit that we beat the Hell out of someone filming a public protest, but you see, it was SELF DEFENSE because he was trying to expose us!"

The absolute absence of a conscious or even shame.


Official diagnosis, lol.
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People like Kyle, FilmRobert, etc, are blissfully unaware that in the event of an actual communist revolution, their fat asses would be the first ones up against a wall and shot.
Also every video they made, every blog they wrote, every post made online, every pic, and every tweet sent deleted and purge from existence they would simply not had ever existed in the post revolution world.

Also gotta love they think throwing milkshakes and assaulting people is OK but if you photo bomb some illegal filming they're doing in a park or somewhere they'd lose their shit.


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
Is this little bitch's pro-terrorist videos still monetized on YouTube?
There's not really a way to tell if he makes money from his antifa videos or not. He hasn't explicitly supported terrorism, only implicitly. He did get one of his newer videos nuked for nudity though.

Oh here we go again.

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Somehow, I got tricked into watching this dummy's Bi Lighting video. I thought it would be some Every Frame a Painting clever analysis. Nope, in the first 2 minutes he seriously concludes that the rise of blue and pink lighting is because bisexuality is increasingly accepted in society (???). Something about that galaxy brain leap of logic and his delivery made me suspicious... and wow, look, here's his thread!


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So basically, he's a terrorist sympathizer. Because the only people who would reach that deep into cinema to color terrorists in a positive hue are terrorists sympathizers. And of course, Kyle has to use one of the greatest drama movies made in cinematic history in order to make AntiFa look good.

As someome who paints themselves as a cinematic intellectual, he sure does come off as an idiotic brainlet.


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Somehow, I got tricked into watching this dummy's Bi Lighting video. I thought it would be some Every Frame a Painting clever analysis. Nope, in the first 2 minutes he seriously concludes that the rise of blue and pink lighting is because bisexuality is increasingly accepted in society (???). Something about that galaxy brain leap of logic and his delivery made me suspicious... and wow, look, here's his thread!
Watch his Angels in America review. He is so pro LGBTQHIV, that even Jim Stercuck would say "Dude, come on".


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In light of that, his entire Twitter as of this moment is a treasure trove of embarrassing shit, but I'm sure this won't age like tard cum in the next few years.
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Implying he believes in the myth that Walt Disney was antisemitic, and pulling a furry conglomerate by claiming that all other movies make you antifa.
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This autism speaks for itself.
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And finally his pinned tweet that I'm surprised no one else pasted.

1) Supporting Karl Marx, the be all, end all litmus test for determining that you're a retard.

1.5) Karl Marx was a racist who believed in phrenology.

2) There is literally a term called "Red Fascism," a term coined by chest beating commies.

3) In reference to the above, if the USSR was not fascist then what do you call a leader who refuses to be deposed, kills anyone who threatens his reign and rules until his demise?

3.2) Does Kim Jong-un and his predecessors fit the above description?

3.4) Does Mao Zedong fit the above description?

3.6) Does Fidel Castro fit the above description?

3.8) Does Pol Pot fit the above description?

4) The Nazis were called the National Socialist German Worker's Party.

5) If we were to argue that there has never been a true communist country, we therefore must accept that there has never been a true capitalist country.

6) 45 million people died in the Great Leap Forward, 20 million people were died under Stalin, 2.5 million died in the Cambodian genocide, Fidel Castro killed 141 thousand people if we're being on the generous side, and the Holocaust killed 17 million people. Those are just the major players, my nigga.

6.5) The Black Book of Communism actually places the total death toll of Communism at 100 million and it doesn't include the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Albeit he inflates the number to reach the 100 million, he certainly missed out on the opportunity to add the extra 17.

Apparently he has videos that are specifically about how movies made nearly a century ago (Casablanca) are somehow related to, in support of or embody Antifa at the conceptual or political level. I will investigate this now.

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Let us begin.

It should please the court that I remind the jury that Kyle posted this after uploading the video.

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The simple fact that he doesn't give a concrete definition of what he considers fascism is a major point of contention through this video. All he ever does is list examples of actions that count as fascism by whatever secret criteria he uses, made that much more subjective by mostly listing what counts as anti-fascist as a way of describing a fascist action. The most we get out of this empty method of description is that one of the characters from the movie is stopped from giving letters of transit to refugees, shoots at Nazis trying to stop him and it's then we're told that the act of arresting the human smuggler is fascist because it's preventing the safe migration of people from one country to another, and he summarizes that description as "enforcing borders."

I just want to say how disgustingly hyperbolic his implied comparisons of modern illegal immigration in the U.S. to the refugees of World War 2 are. Nothing is World War 2 besides World War 2. Stop trying to conflate the Holocaust and deportations together. You know what the difference is between Nazi Germany and the United States are? We're not gassing people to death by the millions, we're holding them and ejecting them back where they came from and then keeping them out with a wall. By this logic, the Chinese holding the Mongolians at bay with their wall was an act of fascism and not a defensive measure. I would also suppose he'd like to make a dumb comparison to the Armenian genocide but chances are likely he'd take sides with the Young Turks for being Muslims because muh racism.

The majority of the video from here on out are just a series of vague platitudes going on about how the protagonist is antifa because he dislikes the Germans and tells one to go fuck himself. He is also totes antifa because he becomes infatuated with a girl who is antifa, who is totes antifa because her husband is turbo antifa. Mind you, this is after he decides to remain neutral when the human smuggler gets arrested, and later Kyle says that your actions speak louder than your identity after describing someone as being anti-fascist simply because of who he does and doesn't associate with & despite doing nothing in a political fight that results in the arrest of someone else who's also antifa.

Then nearly halfway through the video, he actually describes something else as being an antifa action that's not just a vague attribute or minor squabble. No, this time someone has the bar band play La Marsellaise Casablanca over the Germans singing Die Wacht am Rhein. Then he says something supremely stupid, that by preventing the Germans from acting freely (they're not) they're conducting non-physical violence. No, violence is mutually exclusive with physical harm, it is not an abstract annoyance. He then describes it more aptly as a counter protest, even though the Germans are not protesting anything by singing Die Wacht am Rhein. Then he says something stupid. He conflates counter protesting with the act of "shouting down." No Kyle, the purpose of a counter protest is not to silence the opposition, it exists to make your own voice heard.

And now we get to the most insulting straw man of the video.

View attachment 842545

Thank you Kyle, it's necessary to shame and belittle what small audience you still hold from hemorrhaging subscribers.

Then Kyle describes, in a blind hypocrisy, as one side being oppressed by the other, the Germans oppress everyone else by having the club shut down for gambling. Kinda like how the club goers were shouting down the Germans for singing Rhine, right? You even went as far as describing the counter protest as an act of violence that prevented the Germans from acting of their own free will so what gives with your logic?

He then defends it by saying that the abolition of some speech is not fascism but the abolition of all speech in response to the abolition of some speech is fascism. In other words, it's only when the rest of us are forced to shut up that it counts. All are equal but some are more equal than others.

It's around this time he decides that it's more useful to determine if someone is committing fascism than when someone identifies with fascism. Then we get a quasi-definition of what antifa really is according to him.

View attachment 842550

So... he does side with the Young Turks regarding the Armenian Genocide, since that could be described as autonomous community self-defense since they were expelling a perceived invasive and unwanted force that threatened to taint their culture with different religious ideals. It also firmly fits the description of Germany exterminating the Jews once you think about it for a few milliseconds. In fact, it basically describes nationalism in a nutshell; a policy of autonomous community self-defense. How else would you describe nationalism than the act of defensively preserving cultural integrity? And what did Mussolini say about nationalism? Oh right!

We've come full circle, horseshoe theory proven! Praise be to the nation-god!

Then we get one of the most simple minded assessments of a character death you could imagine.

"Major Strasser was consistently doing fascism, all Strasser had to do to live was stop doing fascism, as Captain Renault does."

This was after showing footage of the protagonist and antagonist trying to shoot each other at once and Strasser got unlucky and was hit first in a Han Shot First scenario.

View attachment 842562

You could argue that Strasser was killed by his lacking moral fiber but that only works in Disney movies where death scenes are not left to a chance of mutual death, but where the villain is struck down by the very object of their moral failing. This death scene was a split second firefight in which both parties are glass cannons and stand the chance of dying. You could argue that's just a formality to push along the character death but what matters is how it's framed, and it's framed as a 50/50 fight.

"Do you see how easy it is to stop doing fascism?"

Allow me to retort.

"Do you see how easy it is to stop doing jihad?"

Kyle is an utter simpleton if he thinks that a major officer of the Nazi party could just step down from the military without being shoved into a concentration camp himself. That's not to say the Nazis were justifiable nor were they not in the party voluntarily, but to pass the notion that you expect someone with sunk costs on an ideological cause they'd been following for years as something that's not only realistic, but just so simple to walk away from is absurd. The Nazis killed something like 20,000 war traitors, so no, Strasser could not just simply "stop doing fascism."

He then goes into describing the history of Casablanca as being improvised from start to finish, so the final fate of the protagonist is up in the air until the moment the decided his ending at the end of shooting, so it's a bigger relief that his character chooses to do the right thing.

I could see where he was coming from, if the movie wasn't nearly eighty years old and everybody didn't know the ending without having ever touched the movie proper.

Think about that for a moment, it's been nearly a century since World War 2 and we're still spazzing out about Nazis long after the war came to a stop. In just 26 short years, it will have been a full century since it ended, and we still haven't STFU about the dangers of Nazism and by extension, fascism, a long dead ideology that hasn't seen serious endorsement since 1975.

And that's pretty much it. Apart from that, he sings praises for the movie in spite of its cliches, which is okay because cliches are like morals, tried and true, which is something that is provably untrue.

Let's take a look at the response he's been getting in the comments section and his subsequent response to that.

View attachment 842588
View attachment 842593
"Why did I engage the public discourse?" otherwise known as "Allow me to dismiss what's being said with a straw man because I cannot argue like an adult."
That's so exceptional i thought i was reading Movieblob screeching

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