Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle - Pedo Brony, Kothorix fan, Fedora-tipper, too dumb to live, managed nine days without fucking up.

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Yeah, I liked his videos about Kero, him leaving the fandom and his getting banned from f-list.

I like a good story.

Sorry, but I don't give a shit what his opinions are on CP/Pedophilia are. Unless he's actually fucking kids, or defends people who have fucked kids, I really couldn't care less.
You should probably leave now, if you know what's good for you.

BE 911

@kyle2252 Congratulations for registering on KF with that username by the way. I see no way this can backfire at all!

real image.jpg

Real name: Kyle Lee Biddle
Usernames: kyle2252 / kylebiddle / Twilight Kyle / kyle3x1 / smokey565481
DOB: June 23 1990 (28 at the age of this post)
Address: 312 Chelan Ave SE Renton, WA 98059
Occupation: Cashier at a grocery store

It goes without saying that our friend is autistic. Obviously.
what is wrong with you.png

He is without surprise a mega virgin, and the furthest he has gone is a kiss on the cheek. Also wants a girlfriend but you'll see that his standards are quite high given his photo above.
ultra virgin lol.png

such high standards.png

Kyle likes spending his days going on derpibooru to get mad about religions (he is a proud "anti-theist"), politics (gotta bash these libtards) and feminists.
feminism instead.png

However, for a reason that escapes me, our little Kyle thought it was a good idea to register on derpibooru with his real name, and post his extensive list of fetishes. As you can see he is into babycon. Makes me really wonder why he defended someone into CP, hm...

Welcome on KF. You are here forever. ( ( (

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