Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Proceedings - Come for the trial, stay for….

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Cloaca Rimjob

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Mar 14, 2021

Has nothing to do with Kyle except that it could be Bingers kind of humor. Its disturbing shit and downright disgusting. Basically what I told you. We are at dehumanization. My tax money payed for that btw.
The chimps are now running the zoo


Communist are subhuman, mkay?
Apr 21, 2021
View attachment 2724657I just notice Antony Huber dad is setting in the background while Kyle is preparing to draw a raffle on who will be the 12 jury. While Antony Huber dad face in the background is like WTF? lol
Thats wannabe killer's dad?
It can't quite discern whether it is hatred for Kyle or a sense of shame for his late son's disgusting conduct. Heknows deep down that piece of shit is guilty and probably in hell, but he might be victim blaming here because muh family.


Incentivized to Encourage Chaos
Jun 8, 2020


Sic Semper Tyrannis
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Mar 23, 2016
enough OT-spergery from my side
I've been in Wednesday for over 14 hours and there's still no verdict :stress:
I guess it's another 5 hours until they even begin deliberating over their verdict, isn't it?

So far Binger and Kraus have
-Asked a witness to change their testimony
-infringed a defendants 5th amendment rights
-Withheld evidence
-Pursued charges they knew were false
If Binger and Kraus get Disbarred and actually thrown in jail for this shit the world may be doomed because I will cum enough to drown every person on the planet in my jizz.
It's surreal how comically, outright cartoonish, these two acted. Is there anything else they could have done, any other dick move they could have pulled? It seems like they exhausted the list of possibilities here.

Also, you forgot: They told police not to investigate a person (Großkreutz) and not to execute a warrant in order to search his phone.

This whole case, from footage of the shooting, the circumstances to this shit by Kraus and Binger feels like it's straight from a movie.
Only, if it was a movie, people would bitch about how on-the-nose, clumsy and ham-fisted and clichée the prosecution is portrayed. People would say it's not believable and that the prosecution is portrayed as way too blatantly evil.

And here we are. This shit isn't a movie, it's reality. I really hope Binger and Kraus get into some deep shit after this display of incompetence (or intentionally being scumbags).


cyberpunk bully
Aug 7, 2020
Slightly off topic, but I feel maybe in this sprawling thread it doesn't even matter.

But, has anyone else on recent years become totally blackpilled on expert witnesses, and forensic science in general? I've been researching this topic alot and well, essentially all of it is hooey.

Blood spatter analysis is pseudoscience, fire analysis is pseudoscience, ballistics analysis is unreliable and essentially pseudoscience, fingerprints are not reliable, and the certainty with which they are presented is pseudoscience. hair analysis is unreliable pseudoscience. Bite mark analysis is made up pseudoscience.

None of these forensic methods have been backed up by scientific method and peer reviewed analysis. They always fall apart when done so in lab settings. They are genuine hokum.

They don't rely on scientific method, they rely on a so called experts who have no backing but their experience (and when you look up the minimum requirements for what qualifies someone as an "expert witness", it's bone chilling), and these witnesses are bought and paid for by the state. Often defense attorneys and public defenders do not have the experience nor the resources to properly challenge these expert witnesses on either their qualifications nor the science itself behind their assertions.

The problem only becomes more terrifying once you realize how many people have been falsely convicted on bogus expert testimony, and then later exonerated. It's more jarring when you think of how many are still probably rotting in cells who havent had the resources to challenge their bogus convictions on expert testimony.

This is a MASSIVE problem, and the system is essentially broken right now. More people need to be made aware of this.
do you realize you horse shoed into the blm territory?
edit for headline here in case of TL/DR:
.. and maybe a sex offender? Sort of?




Cursory review of publicly available info (God bless cheeseheads and their public court records):
2000 Felony Escape
2008 Felony ID Theft - $600, female victim
2008 Felony Escape AGAIN
2008 Theft - same female victim (at this point I'm guessing mother/grandmother/fat white girlfriend)
2009 Felony Auto Theft, state sought extension of probation for this offense in 2018 (you're doing something wrong if you're still on probation for a 2009 crime in 2018... and then get dragged back to court for a paddling by the judge- although it looks like the court told the state to fuck off).
2010 Disorderly conduct citation, warrant issued for failure to appear
2016 Domestic violence, female and male victims... probation revoked 2018. At sentencing , SOMEONE (def. attorney?) apparently asked why the state allowed him to reside with children. I smell a prior child-involved non-registerable/non-prosecuted sex offense. Almost certainly.
2017 Disorderly Conduct, one or two new female victims. Probation revoked 2018.
2018 Disorderly Conduct citation
2020 Domestic violence battery, damage to property, disorderly conduct. New female victim! Probation revoked 2021 , on 8-16-21 sentenced to jail with work release. This dude was serving a jail sentence when he attacked Rittenhouse in Kenosha.
2021 drunk driving with child under 16 in car, and domestic abuse (yet again). At least 1 new female victim. Ongoing case. Pre-trial began in July 2020. Something happened with bond, still out on bond, not even going to try to guess what happened there.

I didn't list traffic violations or THC offenses (caught a felony on one of these).

edit 2020 jail sentence case:
this black houdini can dodge bullets too

Mar 30, 2019
Post Cold War. Wessies were based. It was after the wall fell that they turned into gigantic pussies.
That's something I've been curious about. After the wall fell and the DDR reunited with the west, was there a flood of commie/socialist propaganda westward? It must have been bizarre suddenly having a population conditioned by quasi-Stalinist policies for half a century injected into the West German system.

Astro Galactic Megalul

Knows secret recipe of the bigot sandwich
Jul 20, 2019 should be the right timestamp. 30:40- 32:00
Jesus Christ, he's STARING at him, seemingly psyching himself up to do something bad
I kept assuming he'd left out a word. I only caught that part of the closing arguments, so I have no idea what he meant to say or rebut!
I think he meant that guns are scary and you should be afraid, FMJ IS in fact scary ammo as they claimed and jury shouldn't doubt it.
He's a fucking moron.

DJ Grelle

mentally ill
May 20, 2019
That's something I've been curious about. After the wall fell and the DDR reunited with the west, was there a flood of commie/socialist propaganda westward? It must have been bizarre suddenly having a population conditioned by quasi-Stalinist policies for half a century injected into the West German system.
I made a quick thread in DT to continue the discussion because I'm interested in it and it doesnt belong in here.