Laci Green Hate Club - 2-Minutes Hate against a "traitor" to Feminism


He's just this guy, you know?
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Feb 3, 2013
Is there a thread on this guy? He runs one of the most blatantly racist big Facebook pages. Post after post it's just really bitter "white people ruined everything" drivel.
It seems like a fair number of the commenters are comfortable telling him he's full of shit.

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May 28, 2017
This is an old one, but a goodie and nobody else brought it up yet, so here goes: Serial race-baiter and asshole Francesca Ramsey recently lost her shit over Laci's being willing to reach across the aisle, and the results.... Well:


It's funnier when you remember Ramsey's husband is a white man and Ray Gun is Puerto Rican.

Laci is half-Iranian.

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Jul 21, 2017
While she remains a shameless shill, at least I can commend her "bravery" on being at the forefront of a changing movement. She was there at the helm when tumblr feminism arose, now she could spearhead the "disillusioned" running away from the easily triggered into the red pill crowd or to a more moderate left leaning group (or maybe a movement of their own, but I think it's very unlikely). Probably for a hefty profit, but I didn't look up if she's a Sarkeesian type of feminist.

Honestly, I think the move is just a little bit premature (I don't see a lot people lamenting tumblr's toxicity from within), but maybe the disillusioned noise is louder inside tumblr's belly and indistinguishable from the white noise we receive from the outside.


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Jul 30, 2017
I remember in the 2000's it was the right who behaved that way. Moral panics were a daily basis from the right back then. Stuff like Pat Robertson claiming that SpongeBob is homosexual propaganda, or that Pokemon is satanic.

There has always been a strong hysterical, Puritanical streak in US culture (and to various extents, the rest of Western culture in general) that crests and bottoms out in a waveform pattern. You have the Salem witch trials, the prohibition-era anti-alcohol hysteria, McCarthyism in the 50s, screechy Christian-right stuff later in the 20th centuries...etc.

Extreme SJWism is the most recent manifestation of this, but it has taken a lot of people a long time to catch on, because in the US in particular, moral hysteria has always come from the right rather than the left. But history does show left-wing moral hysteria in other places: The Great Terror of Paris during the French Revolution, the Red Terror under Stalin, Mao's Cultural Revolution, and Pol Pot's killing feilds are examples.

One of the drivers behind the current SJW mania (and there is more than one driver) is a pattern whereby people with straight-laced, Christian-type backgrounds snap and rebel against their upbringing. There is no doubt the once-powerful Christian right is dying: Church attendence is plummeting, and look at how the Christian right stuff was barely an issue in the 2016 election among either Repubs or this to the massive influence it had under Bush II and before. The Christian right is dying off of old age and a lot of the nice midwestern kids are flocking to the big city and getting dyed hair and piercings and stuff. It's a backlash. But since most backlashes are simply mirror images of what they oppose, you have these nice cornfed kids applying the same puritanical zeal to left-wing causes.

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Feb 11, 2016
I'd just like to point out there are still people to this day calling Laci an outright nazi now. So the thread may as well get bumped and unlocked since these people are still salty.





@videodante DOX

Powerword: Natale Dante Douglas
Age: 24
Former Address : 2821 NE Rodney Ave, Portland, Oregon

Self-Identified Mixed-Race Black Man
Editor at Deorbital Media, Game Dev on
Education: University of Oregon, graduated with a BS in Sociology (2013-2016)

Last week his profile was archived at 78.7k tweets, and currently he has around 79k. This man tweets over 1k times in 7 days, my estimate is between 180 to 186 times per day that Dante tweets. Or about 7 times an hour, if you spread it out over a 24 hour period. (newer archive) (old archive, shows powerword)

Looks like he's also a slam poet

He's a full on ANTIFA fag

That's right, even I could dox this fucking rube, and I'm fucking garbage at doxing.
This man is fucking retarded as shit, jesus christ.

edit: i had to triple check and turns out I got something wrong, so I fixed the dox. Sorry. Told you I was bad at it. I can confirm this one is refined and accurate tho.
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Nov 15, 2017
You have to remember that to people like these, anything to the right of full-blown communism is considered Nazism. He's an antifa faggot which pretty much says it all.

Oh, right. They are insane after all. It's funny because from what I remember, Chris has actually said he's on the left. Yet he's still the enemy. :lol:


Oct 24, 2017
You have to remember that to people like these, anything to the right of full-blown communism is considered Nazism. He's an antifa faggot which pretty much says it all.

I thought White Man meant you were born Nazi these days.