Laci Green Hate Club - 2-Minutes Hate against a "traitor" to Feminism

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Feb 11, 2016
I'd like to officially announce that this thread was rescued from salt mine. It'll stay mostly the same as it was in purpose before. But post any people chimping out about her no matter the reason is encouraged.


And finally I recommend reading this one most of all because it's gold.

This is what Laci used to understand, but doesn’t now. Anti-SJW’s don’t just make funny jokes and have intellectual conversations about unpopular opinions — they, like PewDiePie have massive followers made up of everyone from average Joe’s to your Dylann Roofs and Daryush Valizadehs. So when they make their harmless jokes, as a means of “coping” as Chris RayGun says in the video above, these jokes fall on the ears of people who will go on to interact with different types of people in the real world with their biases re-affirmed by your content.

That could mean nothing at all, or it could mean discriminatory hiring, voting for Trump, or shooting up a mosque, raping your girlfriend. You have to realize these people are not single bastions of free speech they are well connected and the hate they spew is supported by institutions and millions of people. Why do you think confederate flags fly? Because free speech. They are not unusual — they are mainstream, so them making themselves out to be victims of political-correctness is interesting because all they have to lose is their right to be an asshole, while people are out there fighting for their right to not be killed for no reason.

That's right. Anti-SJW videos can lead to mass shootings and sexual assault. Meanwhile SJWs are just fighting not to be killed.