Language Learning / Bilingual / Polyglot Thread -

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Inb4 all the weebs show up and ask if their imported doujinshis count.

German and Russian movies are fucking whack though, and Russian streamers are batshit insane. Even if you don't understand commie, it's worth seeing the highlight reels of them being psychotic dumbasses.


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Struggling through kids books in Chinese is a lot of fun. Technically can also read Romanian but I don't find much gypsy stuff to read in so I'm pretty awful at it. But yeah knowing more languages is a lot of fun.


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I play games in Korean on occasion. I've picked up a few words from the Korean version of Zelda: BOTW.
parallel texts is the easiest way to learn a foreign language, at least one with some similarity to one's own.

i am basically trying to exclusively read in my weak languages so I can say I'm doing something with my free time other than just whiling away time with sci fi or whatever.

i can give a brief description of the method to anyone interested but it's pretty simple; unfortunately I have no speaking ability in languages learned this way.