this bitch proved once again that is the most unconsidered person in the world.. annoying Becky to distract her when is trying to rest after cleaning her dressed her and carried her around all she wanted plus carry all the garbage that she bought..... and not letting her sleep for a few minutes... what kind of love is that one??? plus how come this bitch is saying that SEVEN is a terror movie??? I mean ok right that you don't know about it but don't say is horror movie because IT IS NOT IS SUSPENSE AND A POLICIAL DRAMA.... anyway...

as @ADHD said I really hope that subscriber (if it's not imaginary probably it is I hope no) spills the beans about how our dainty gorl stinks..

Optavia Sales Rep
This is the same day that they went to FYE to get the Japanese snacks/candy. They entered on the side of the mall closest to Dick's Sporting goods and went straight to FYE (and also probably Bath and Body Works) then they got some CF before leaving.

Check out how much space this fat bitch takes up in the car at 3:00. Liderally spilling into the driver's side seat.

Concerned Vagino-American

I worked the camera while Kasey raped Amberlynn.
When Necky was "modeling" her ugly T-shirts stretched to their breaking point over her lumpy, mannish body, she knows she looks like utter and complete shit. Look at her face. When Amber, who's twice her weight, shows off her latest Torrid car cover somehow she thinks she looks good. Our Gorl can convince herself of anything.

LAST DAY OF VACATION - 8/3/2019 (Day 46 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- We're still in the hotel room. But Hamber still can't figure out words and sometimes calls it a "motel".

- Haven't done makeup yet, but it's time to ORDER MORE FOOD (since it's clear the act of LEAVING the hotel gets her so winded it signals impending death)

- Going to watch a movie while eating ordered food from the bed (another reminder that this is all Hamber's life is now, and all it seems it will ever be moving forward - food, bed, movies)

- Plans for today: Going to the Mall (fuck your timelines and theories)

- They will be watching "The Giver" on a laptop propped up on the 90S NOSTALGIA BOX to prove this is AFTER the Target Haul day.

- About 30 seconds wasted on filming OTHER people playing soccer outside and getting EXERCISE. (Oh, JUST enough time to make sure this video hit the 10:00 money mark! Thanks, GreedyLynn!)

- Elevators freak Hamber out (I FUCKING WONDER WHY *elevator shakes and wishes it could give up on life like all the other things Hamber touches*)

- Hamber needs to confirm they will sit in the lobby, knowing how the trip from bed to lobby has surpassed her impressive 3 minutes of being able to support her own upright weight. Quick shot of chairs (but no shot of sitting in the chairs because the sit was likely UNSUCCESSFUL with her shelf-ass.)

- This bitch is BACK at TARGET? She was already THERE. Does she not fucking understand Target has an "order online" function?? (This is her VACATION and she went to she same place TWICE and it's a fucking STORE that sells most of the same crap as Wommart back by Pillow Mountain!)

- Shots of Necky filmed from the eye level of ScooterLynn.

- Back in the car! (No shots available to point out her again leaving the scooter out in the parking lot, which we KNOW she did.) But we get to see THE TARGET at the EDGE of the mall that they were unable to simply WALK to the mall next door and needed to get into the Neckmobile and drive to the mall doors.

- Hamber gets to make fun of Necky not knowing what bike racks are.

- 5 seconds of mall footage. Back in the car! And Hamber isn't feeling "100% the greatest" (REALLY assuming it's because she's laden with Cheesecake Factory Orange Chicken and Rice but we'll have to wait until the SEPARATE EATING VIDEO she's promised.)

- A subscriber encountered Hamberlynn in the wild! Major event!

- Hamber complains that it's hot and she's "doing a lot more than I normally would eheheheheheh" and it's time for ANOTHER HAUL VIDEO.

Two fake "suck-a-lints" (Insert my usual WORDS MEAN THINGS rant here)
Necklace for Necky's mom
Dog toy for Twinkie Storr
("Becky! I can see your face!" *Necky lumbers away*)
Two journals (because she's ONLY buying ones she KNOWS she's going to use, which somehow translates to TWO MORE)
Four fucking DVDs. (The Midnight Man, Se7en, Super Troopers 2, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

1 T-Shirt for her mom (X-LARGE)
4 T-Shirts for herself (X-LARGE??)
FASHION SHOW ENSUES. (All of the shirts look to accentuate a sausage-casing quality of tightness on Model Neckster.)

- Necky figured out how to open the ramune bottle from the snack video (confirmed that this is the same day/outfit as the TRYING MOCHI + WEIRD CANDY!!!!! video)

- Hamberlynn pummels Necky trying to wake her up. So this was clearly NOT the last day of vacation, as it's now dark outside. 30 seconds of annoyance.


- Hamber wants to PARTY and to go a GAY CLUB. (Hamber seems to randomly forget her inability to STAND FOR 3 AND A HALF MINUTES AT A TIME - bitch, how YOU gonna "party at a club"?)

- Random shot of the TV and the fan they brought who also misses Pillow Mountain and his many many friends. It's the FIRST TIME EVER Hamber is watching "Friends". (And, quite possibly, the LAST.)

- "hubba hubba hubba" *complaints from the neighborhood ensue over my yelling of "YOU MEAN 'BLUBBA BLUBBA BLUBBA' YOU LAND WHALE!"*

- It's 9:45 in the video and "we're going home tomorrow". Maybe there will be a shot of the actual "last day" of this vacation?

- Hamber wants to move to the beautiful Lexington area and all of her Cheesecake Factory dreams can always come true. Does Necky want to move here???? NECKY DOES NOT.

Video ends. There will undoubtedly be yet another video where they are still in the hotel because checking out and getting all that shit to the car again and suffering with the trip home "scenery" and car-door-beeping at yet another gas station is DEFINITELY the type of quality content we've all come to expect from Amberlynn Reid.

TL;DR: 2nd Target Trip, lots of Lexington Hotel Pillow Mountain footage, and lots of eating done off-screen that will be in yet another video from this Saga.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Amber got more suck-a-lints y'all!


Oh Becky - just nooo - bursting out all ends of your tee is so not a good look 🙈


That angle - ye Gods my eyes :cryblood:


Becky - all she needs is to start rocking, and I can't blame her at all


What a sad little 'vacay' that was - eating, shopping, watching DVDs on a laptop, sleeping, eating...

The amount of passive-aggressive shade thrown at Necky throughout this, I'd actually pay at this point to see her tell Albert to fuck right off!
Not gonna happen though is it? Guess they deserve all the mutual misery they experience