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So, it seems the Thumb got her payment for hauling Lardasslynn to Lexington--4 too small T-shirts, 1 pair of 3 dollar sunglasses, and I guess 1 hat 'cause it still had a sticker on it (unless she always leaves the stickers on 'cause lazy), and all the Cheesecake Factory she can cram down her gullet. Hardly seems worth it, Thumby. Being locked in that room with the Stench Monster must be worth at least 6 too small T-shirts.....

Why is Big Al buying prezzies for people who hate her? I don't think an ugly necklace and whatever they got for the sister is gonna change their opinions of you, Al. Maybe if you bought 'em a couple cars?


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Kurt would probably off himself again after seeing that.

He could write a whole album about the beasts.

Actually there are already several songs that would apply.

"Aneurysm" - What AL does to haydurr's.
"Been a Son" - Necky's theme
"I Hate Myself and I Want to Die" - Necky's mood.
"Lithium" - Because of her "bipolar".
"Plateau" - What AL's weight will never do.
"Rape Me" - Rain And Petals Eavesdrop.
"Territorial Pissings" - For AL's food aggression.
"You Know Your Right" - From AL's haydurrs.

Go ahead. Rate me "Dumb".

Amber got more suck-a-lints y'all!

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Oh Becky - just nooo - bursting out all ends of your tee is so not a good look 🙈

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That angle - ye Gods my eyes :cryblood:

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Becky - all she needs is to start rocking, and I can't blame her at all

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What a sad little 'vacay' that was - eating, shopping, watching DVDs on a laptop, sleeping, eating...

The amount of passive-aggressive shade thrown at Necky throughout this, I'd actually pay at this point to see her tell Albert to fuck right off!
Not gonna happen though is it? Guess they deserve all the mutual misery they experience

Thanks for the new avatar!

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Necky's blood pressure must be crazy from some of these screenshots :cryblood:.. and the shirts look like turtle necks on her.

If Becky killed over on the way back and left them stranded, I wonder how long it would take for Amber to think about eating her to survive. She'd be one of the first, during an apocalypse, to develop a taste for human flesh.


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
My first reaction when amber was bothering Becky in bed was to punch her. Becky is awful, but my God the bitch has been driving non stop and not for anything meaningful. These people waste so much fucking gas and money on shit for amber to consume and hoard/throw away.She drove to the family gathering and then the day she gets back you oink to go to Lexington. On top of that she dresses you and had the horrible task of cleaning ur hardcore hormone period. You wanted her to get up and get you something.

Not a ounce of consideration for others just me me me take take take.