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I am utterly confused - this comic makes no sense to me. It presents the grey guy as negative, the purple-haired woman as positive (maybe?) and him screwing her as some kind of victory? Am I supposed to know who these are or something?

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The joke is that Toothpaste Hair's original comic is her being pissy about things that offend her in real life because she's asexual, and too much of a pussy to respond IRL.

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So every time my old man comes by he complains that my hair was too long, so a while back I tell him "Fine, you get our old family barber to do it and I'll get one." Now, I thought our family barber was long dead. Understand that he was in his sixties when I was a small child. Turns out he's not only alive but he's also still cutting hair in the same building. I literally cried when I saw him. It's going to be one of those memories I'll hold with me for the rest of my life. It was even better to get to watch my Dad reconnect with an old friend.
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