last night was intense.... 05/23/20 -


It would mess up my metabolism
Her hair is insanely greasy the entire vlog. She keeps playing with it because she could tell in the camera that her hair was stiff and clumped into huge tendrils.

I wonder if she got toasted and got turned on by dustins presence. She then probably allowed Becky to do fingers for the first time in 2 years. I wouldn't be surprised if these children played spin the bottle:cryblood:


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This was filmed the same day as "doing my makeup grwm" and "constantly letting people down".

Only a minute in, but I can tell already that this applies based on her whining about the livestream:

I love how she talks about making an exercise video for people "her size" as if the majority of people who watch her weigh over a quarter ton. :story: We've already seen that video and it was pathetic.

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For those who don't want to watch Albert and Beggy had a "social distancing drinking party" with DnD outside at Chateaux Faggotte. Albert of course drank straight up Bailey's on ice and apparently got smashed and all the social distancing stuff appears to have flown out the window at some point because Dana and Necky switched pants and Dusty "kissed Becky up the arm" (why? why). But even though Amber said that the fact that states are opening back up is "terrifying" she seemed to have no issue with the fact that the group's drunken pleasantries became less than 10 feet apart.


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Where the fuck did Dana and Destiny piss during this picnic moment, since Amber wouldn't let them in the house?

Ugh. I couldn't watch the whole video. Her clicking mouth noises were triggereen y'all.

Edited: Disregard since drunken faggotry sent social distancing packing. But did she have a bathroom plan, or were DnD supposed to drop trou and squat by the tree? Dainty.


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So I guess this was filmed before the livestream that was filmed before Destiny and Dana came over because she's talking about how she needs to eat, and in the livestream she made food and ate it and said it was because she wanted to eat before they came over. (She then also bought $80 from Pizza Hut).

How the hell did Dana fit into Becky's pants?!?!

lol @ her blaming alcohol for her weighing in at 506 :story: