last night was intense.... 05/23/20 -


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Where the fuck did Dana and Destiny piss during this picnic moment, since Amber wouldn't let them in the house?

Ugh. I couldn't watch the whole video. Her clicking mouth noises were triggereen y'all.

Edited: Disregard since drunken faggotry sent social distancing packing. But did she have a bathroom plan, or were DnD supposed to drop trou and squat by the tree? Dainty.
Everyone for sure went inside. I will bet everything I own that dusty thinks the virus is fake and told amber to quit being a bitch

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Well, let's take a crack at this, shall we?

0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey, Amber.

0:10 ‘So Dana and Destiny are going to come over and we’re going to have a picnic moment’ You know, it astonishes me how such an accomplished writer can be such a putz when she opens her fat fucking mouth. Picnic Moment. Ugh. My brain is already melting. Never a good sign.

0:12 Alright, so apparently they’re going to stay 10 feet away from her. Uh huh. Because AL doesn’t want them to touch her, doesn’t want to touch the same items, doesn’t want to breath their air. ShE’s ScArEd because the states are starting to open back up. Fuck off.

0:30 ‘My hair looks crazy.’ LEARN MORE WORDS. And quit pawing your horrid looking hair. It’s terrible.

Look at this shit!

032 1334.png

I don’t know if I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing something that looks like dried out straw that’s been doused in grease before. It’s unholy.

0:33 Now she’s whining about how she’s being hard-core attacked in live streams, which she apparently just finished. Doesn’t mean to come off as rude, condescending or disrespectful, but if you’re rude to her she’s going to fire back. Because she’s tired of being shit on and is going to be the massive cunt she really is.

1:19 Moving on, she thanks everyone who supports her. Says that those people are ‘honestly qweens’ and bullshit. Can’t set her phone up to save her life.

1:48 Shows us her shitty nail polish on her stumpy nails. Then talks about her lipstick and that she’s wearing two. ‘They are bolth’ some sort of Maybeline thing or whatever. She’s blending shitty lipsticks.

2:42 Starts talking about how she wants to show us her workout routines and shit and how she wants to show how to work out when you’re the size of the Hindenburg. But she gets distracted and starts playing with her greasy disgusting stringy hair. It’s even worse with her camera further away. Ugh.

242  1334.png

Yikes, gorl. Talking about how she has a huge knot even though she ‘lidurally’ just brushed her hair. Then talks about how she prefers a messy look over a straight look, because fugly and messy is her style.

3:16 Will tell us the song she’s going to work out to, but won’t have it on the video because she doesn’t want to be copyright struck. Says there’s not many videos out there about how to work out when you’re a fat fuck. Gorl apparently don’t google.

3:57 Update. She and Twinkie are in the car and they’re at a triple-dot. Destiny and Becky are in there. AL goes ‘I think we’re going to drink tonight!’ And then blathers about how the last time she drank was on Eric’s live yesterday and the last time before that was New Years. Says ‘when you have it, you drink it’. Because that’s exactly what you need.

4:54 DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR ANYMORE. Has a message saying that plans changed after the clip was recorded. She was whining about how the state opening is scary, but they plan on still social distancing and shit. Becky’s going to visit her mother in 2 days.

5:45 ‘This is like a one time thing, hanging out with Destiny and Dana’ LOLZ sure. Then she records Twinkie who lays her ears down and looks panicked every time AL looks back at her.

6:23 AL professes she’s going to be slammin’ Bailey’s. Because she is a basic bitch.

6:44 Excited for a new change of pace, because she’s been stuck in a ‘weird spot’. Also says she needs food in her system because all she’s had is carrots, crackers and chicken dip stuff she made. SHUR. I BELIEB U.

7:22 Next night. Went to sleep with her makeup on. Her mascara is everywhere.

7:37 ‘Last night was intense.’ She got fucked up, apparently drinking herself into oblivion. Says she is a fun drunk and made a fool of herself.

8:02 Proclaims there’s parts she doesn’t remember, but they had so much fun. Went to bed at 6AM, went to bed with Dana wearing Becky’s pants and vice-versa, Destiny kissed Becky up the arm, and she doesn’t mention anything going on with her.

8:40 Blah blah blah we needed that, it’s just been miserable, blah blah blah.

8:57 It’s midnight and she’s feeding Twinkie.

9:00 Mentions that she weighed in - she weighed 506. NO DECIMAL POINTS?!? NO PROOF?!?

9:05 Bobbles around like a weeble to give Twinkie a treat. A treat? I thought you were feeding her? Or is this what you meant?

9:11 ‘Alcohol did me in fer shur, and then I woke up today and I had McDonalds, and yesterday I had pizza - I got pizza for everyone, because I didn’t want us all to have alcohol with an empty stomach.’

9:53 Bitches about lighting because it makes her look like a corpse.

10:05 Says her weight’s due to weighing in with all her clothes on and right after eating McDonalds. Says she’s got to shape up before she shapes out.

10:33 Shows off shitty doodles she’s been doing. There’s a bit of a cut because her alarm went off (around midnight?! WTF?) and what not. Says everyone needs to do shitty doodles like her.

1100  1334.png

This reminds me of crap that 5th graders do.

‘I don’t know, I just kind of came up with it and said I don’t know, it looks like fun.’ Because drawing circles is SO ORIGINAL. Apparently this shit is the height of fun for her.

11:53 Blathers that she needs to shape up. And then talks about how every time she goes on live stream, everyone says she’s drunk or high and she’s ABSOLUTELY NOT U HAYDURS. Says it’s her anxiety medication. Apparently it motivates her to actually do something with her empty life.

12:39 Threatens us with ‘quite a few videos’ she has to edit and schedule. Because she’s gotta keep those YouTube bux rollin’ in.

13:14 Says ‘we’re not turning the famous 89 lbs into the famous 75 pounds. It’s not happening. NOPE.’ But it’s already happened, AL. It’s already happened. Just accept it.

13:21 Says if she doesn’t get back on track tomorrow, she’s blaming her medicine. Because nothing is ever her fault.

TL;DW/R: She got plastered on basic white bitch Bailey's. And put on weight. That's it.


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How many bathtubs full of Bailey's would Big Al have to drink to get plastered? Jeebus christ idiot can't even get drunk right. How many calories in a gallon of Bailey's? That they got at the "alcohol store." And did you know Bailey's was an Irish cream type of alcohol??
No Al, you are not a "fun drunk". You are a stupid drunk. And I'm betting extremely load and obnoxious. And hungry, very, very hungry.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
I know you can sloshed if you dont drink regularly off of a little bit of booze, but how did she black out on Bailey's and mikes hard after eating a entire pizza to herself most likely? I think it would take 2 bottles of wine or half a bottle of vodka to to have that effect on her.


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She's already addicted to food, why not throw some booze in the mix? It'd be a nice addition of TrashyLynn. Maybe she'd finally show dem laaaayyyyyyygs.
I mean, we all know Amber has drank in the past, but no use disorder has come of it. She has a fear of addiction extending to avoidance of benign medicine (or so she says).

Take her food away though, I guarantee she would switch to another substance.


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Her hair is insanely greasy the entire vlog. She keeps playing with it because she could tell in the camera that her hair was stiff and clumped into huge tendrils.

I wonder if she got toasted and got turned on by dustins presence. She then probably allowed Becky to do fingers for the first time in 2 years. I wouldn't be surprised if these children played spin the bottle:cryblood:
Could probably have gone my whole life without thinking of amberlynn plus the phrase "do fingers"