last night was intense.... 05/23/20 -


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Damn that angle makes her look wider.

Exercise vid? Hahaha this was two weeks ago. We won't be seeing that. She'll be a roly poly 600 pounder when we see her again.
We've all just been so stressed out
Bish please. All you stress about is your next trough feeding time.
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She's feeling herself at the beginning of this one & after her pathetic humble-brag about her adolescent drinking spree. "The lighting does not do me justice." Unfortunately, like the Evil Stepmother's mirror - the lighting does not lie. You can fuss with your filthy hair in your filthy shirt & archly comment on your own makeup but you're still a death fat. And I hardly think any booze store clerk is going to mistake her for a minor based on her looks - behaviour maybe, but not her looks.

Creating a workout routine for other death fats; really? Please show us your credentials to do so or even a basic working understanding of the human body, especially skeletal & muscle mechanics... no? Didn't think so.

So hanging out was a one time thing because CoVD terrifies her. Know something, Amber? You can spend 1,000 days maintaining perfect social distancing & that one time, ONE TIME you get sloppy, CoVD comes a-calling. She doesn't know where D&D have been or what their exposures might have been. As to Becky seeing her mother, IF her mother had maintained perfect social distancing & if Becky had as well... maybe but I'd sure check with Becky's mom's doctor first. But we know Becky hasn't done so, so why risk her mother's health further? I get it - it's hard not to see family, especially those sick or elderly or new babies but it's something EVERYBODY is dealing with - Miss Special has nothing on the rest of the country.

We should all try that doodling? I think I can speak for most farmers when I say if we have free time on our hands, we can come up with better options.

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Gorl spends time applying makeup and telling us all about it, doesn't notice her lipstick is noticeably not even. lol @ blending two almost identical shades of pink. She's making daring choices, y'all

Then talks about how she prefers a messy look over a straight look, because fugly and messy is her style.
Then regularly showering is my style

The way she puts her arm against her face is everything we need to see : trying to save face. We all know what comes next : weight gain, and excuses. :story:

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i've thought westcoast lass was a sock for a few the past few vids. i guess now hamber is using her highly-skilled PCA worker experience to comment on the current social distancing rules for seniors


i think most people are using social distancing/isolating/quarantining pretty interchangeably these days.... once shit really hit the fan everyone who started working from home and everyone else was using quarantine as the act of staying home away from other people, both to prevent the spread because we don't have the infrastructure to test every symptom-less carrier, but also to prevent them from getting it. there were all those memes and hashtags of 'X days in quarantine:' on twitter and i'm pretty sure all of those people weren't COVID patients.

if you MUST go out to get groceries or whatever, that's why the social distancing guidelines are a thing.

also amber, you're still fat.