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This thread is a hall of shame for what us kiwis have been spending our hard earned cash on.

The last games I purchased (bought all at once at a used game shop) were Record of Agarest War 2 for the PS3, SOA Hollow Realization for the PS4, and Attack on Titan 2 for the Xbox One.

What was the last game you spent cash to obtain?
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I don't even know the last time I purchased a video game. I don't have a powerful enough PC, I don't have any of the 8th gen consoles, and I jailbroke my 3DS a year ago.
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I bought Modern Warfare for myself and a friend. I don't even care that Blizzard is a cuck for China, I want my trip down memory lane before the quarter life crisis sets in and I attempt to assassinate a politician.
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The last game I purchased was Borderlands 3. The previous purchase of Code Vein was a better investment in the long run and before that was Remnant From the Ashes. So my choices have been declining.


do monthly subscriptions for MMOs count? Otherwise, I cant remember, most of the games I have are gifts from friends.
I think it was CK2 a year or so ago.
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Sea salt and chynobilte. I bought both at the same time on gog. I'm enjoying both sea salt is a great spooky game if not a bit simple and wonky.

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I preordered WWE 2k20, waste of my neetbux, and I also bought Warriors Orochi 4 Special. My PC can barely run either of these.
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Something called "Mecho Tales" for Switch for 19 cents because I like buying those dirt cheap games on the Switch store

Haven't tried it yet, could be good, could be bad, who knows, if it entertains me for like 5 minutes then that's 19 cents well spent
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I purchased a copy of Transformers: Devastation for the Xbox 360 a few days ago off Amazon for $15 brand new. I'm not even that big a fan of the franchise, but I do enjoy action games (not to mention the game is made by Platinum). The main reason why I bought it is the game is out of print, and I wanted to get a copy before prices skyrocketed.
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