FIGGIN [Late Feb - March 19] "Phil had a dream" semi-megathread. -

The Dude

My dad says that's for pussies.
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Lots of people have lots of dreams. Lots of people have nightmares. Most people don't start sleeping with sports equipment because of their dreams, because they're smart enough to know dreams aren't real. Then again, most people don't lie about dreams to paint themselves as a victim for ass-pats and pity points.

The Littlest Shitlord

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I forgot about his obsession with public transit systems, he hasn't mentioned it in a long while. That is also one of the things that has been consistent with him over the tears.
It's kind of an obsession of necessity though, given that he's literally too stupid to pass the written driver's license exam, too lazy to walk, too uncoordinated or something to ride a bike, too obnoxious to retain the the friendship of anyone with a working vehicle for very long, and too poor to use a taxi/Lyft/Uber all the time. The fact that the more enviromentally-concerned portion of the Left just loves public transit makes it even better.

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