Trainwreck Laur Trueman / RVT01 - Batshit crazy mother of "influencer" Lillee Jean Trueman.



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Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we go through Laur's most popuar tweets since July of 2019. What's with the eggs? Why can't I spell inevitable? All this and more will be answered tonight! Please consider donating and supporting the following organizations as well.."


the state is controlling my destiny and my penis
Today I learned that Mike Wazowski, an employee of Monsters Inc, hacked Laur's computer to steal pictures of Lillee's bargain nightie that Laur bought second hand on eBay. She reported this to the NYPD.

Does anyone know what brands have dropped Lillee?
I know that she got told to stop pretending she had a sponsorship with Bite Beauty. All the other brands that she was affiliated with were from some "influencer agency" type site where they're the ones that actually partner with the brands and ask the agency to distribute free samples to their clients with over 100k followers. I doubt any of the brands are actually aware of her as they only have contact with the agency. And afaik she's still signed up with the agency?

edit: i was really high when i wrote this so i dont know if it made any fucking sense lmfao
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