Laura Isabelle Late / Rovdyr / LauraisLate - PC drama-hog from Norway known for SJW actions, masquerading as a purple circle

Dr. Stuart


Rovdyr (predator in Norwegian) is a 22-year-old PC asexual entity known as "she" or "her" known for their tendency to mass-commission artists one of three large animal characters; Laura, Donna, or Sarah.

To begin; her long-time relation with Samael.

Laura and Samael

Rovdyr has commissioned over 30 pictures from Samael, known lolcow, and act as a close friend to them, especially on Twitter and Tumblr. Rovdyr usually colors these works, because Samael is too damn sorry to do it himself, and Rovdyr is a cheapskate.


Laura the Dragon

When designing a character, it is important to make them relatable and likeable. Rovdyr has done just that. Laura is often portrayed as an extremely overweight anthromorphic dragon in shades of purple; on occasion, she is human. Most images depict Laura as a pushy power-hungry mongrel with tastes in fashion even an avid Hot Topic visitor would cringe at, who loves to eat anything, including people. Often, Laura is depicted in macro form or as a massive giantess, crushing buildings, squishing fellows, or being an overall land whale. Her ineptitude stretches all the way to the Pokémon universe, wherein she owns an equally-large Aggron. Laura's goal is to be as big as possible; a bane for artists, as they constantly get asked to make Laura bigger.



Rovdyr the Person

The common Rovdyr surrounds themselves with people of a similar mind; these may include such people as "So Sorry" Samael, walkitalki, roundanimal, Zaphod, garuda-six and TheBritishDeer. Their Twitter page, currently with over 69.2K tweets, mostly consists of complaints, banter about being large, complaints about other people, shitposts, and other otherwise useless tweets. She is subscribed to Klassekampen, a left-wing Norwegian newspaper. A typical Laura can usually be found near downtown Oslo, Norway working at a Coop Extra supermarket, stocking the drinks, or residing in a cramped & cluttered bright pink room in a small house situated outside of a dried-up lake.


If you wish to make the mythical being do work, you can hand over 6 US dollars for them to paint color-by-numbers, or, alternatively, 10-13 US dollars to turn a sequence into a crude morph. That is, unless you have tried to talk with them before and they did not like you. Then, they will block you forever.


Their favorite artists to commission are/were walkitalki, Samael and EddytheOkapi/eddybelly.
Rovdyr is well-known for their ineptitude to understand humor or different opinions, often yelling about things that she can't even control, like Discord loading messages:


The S in SJW Stands for Spam

Rovdyr, being a strong PC trans woman, must let you know that it is OK to be highly political and spurt your opinion every day; in fact, just like watching Rick & Morty, it makes you smart.


Rovdyr is very picky about who "supports" her.


An example of flawed thinking from the massive eggplant:


Rovdyr will not tolerate neo-nazis, non-PC behavior, or fat-shaming. Either she will eat you, block you, or get her white knights to "destroy" you. If you say anything negative about her or her friends, she will make you realize how shitty social media websites actually are. Talk shit, get hit.


Rovdyr Around the Net

Rovdyr can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, FurAffinity, the dead Weasyl and DeviantArt. She has three twitter accounts; one for smut, another to roleplay as her characters and a personal account. The Tumblr and Twitter accounts are notorious for their massive amounts of posts/reposts and generally under thought messages. Rovdyr is known to check sites like 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica to prevent negative comments about her from being spread.

The general consensus on Rovdyr is somewhat negative, often pointing out her massive loads of low-quality commissions and bright dragon character filling up the FurAffinity search engine and shoddy Twitter posts.



New Canvas.png





Vidar Viking Elvi
True & Honest Fan
funny to see that both her and @BSV live in Oslo, maybe they could meet up and have even more exceptional lovebabies :story:

of course she reads Klassekampen, I bet she's involved/supports Rødt too (the biggest Norwegian communist party)
Yes and she probably frequents Blitz. (norwegian antifa/SJW place) She would see me as a nazi. Since I am for liberal values, and don't like mass immigration from muslim countries. Things that are totally nazi an racist from her point of view.


Humanity is at its peak with autism
Just looked at the rest of the replies on her Discord tweet, Dear god. It gets worse from there.
Laura just pretends to be a fucking childish brat about the discord message issue that a lot of people disagree on.
Hence; These examples:

Complaining about something stupid 1.3.png
Complaining about something stupid 1.4.png
Complaining about something stupid 1.5.png

AF 802



The doctor nobody asked for
True & Honest Fan
Further down:
View attachment 422337

Except when that type of autistic screeching is what gets companies to drop comedians because "le advertisers".
Exactly. Nobody wants their image tainted. Due to her inability to handle even a drop of criticism, Laura legitimately expresses this fact in the worst way possible. That’s what makes this tiny thread so damn amusing. Considering how often she checks places like E.D and 4chan, I’d be genuinely surprised if she doesn’t come here fairly soon

Also about those commissions:
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