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Dramacow Laura Kate Dale / Laura K Buzz / Joshua Dale / Laurawesome / joshany12Fake "leaker", autistic tranny, popcorn fucker

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Ride, Jan 14, 2017.

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  1. I dunni I guess the fact that people expected goku but got a dog instead
    Mapo Tofu

    Mapo Tofu 50% less soy than Wil Wheaton

  2. Because she was an Earth shattering reveal, that's why.
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  3. Just to explain the situation.

    After the tweets Laura said below, she said "when you watch the direct you will see why they delayed it". She's since deleted that tweet but i'm sure an archive exists somewhere.
    There was some speculation as to what she meant. Some people thought that a new smash character that had the caption "rocks the stage" which is insensitive to the situation. Other people believed it was a town building game that featured natural disasters, also insensitive to the situation. It wasn't cities, but an indie dev game.

    So the direct dropped, and absolutely no one who watched the direct saw why they delayed it from the trailers. And after i posted my original comment, the next day someone asked on r/nintendoswitch the same thing. It's since been yeeted by mods but using my history, ceddit and archive.li i've managed to archive the post:

    The only thing it could have possibly been was cities: skylines. Except for earthquakes you require the natural disasters DLC, something not coming to the switch at the moment and would have never been featured in the direct.

    So now full of shit, Laura is now attempting to make a news story on why nintendo delayed their direct. Any normal person would say "because homes are destroyed and peoples lives are lost", but it's not enough for Laura.

    She's now trying to push out a publication explaining the direct delay. She's also covering her tracks by claiming "was a little overconfident a week ago it was an easier story than it ultimately is":
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  4. Cyberpunk 2077 Doesn't Have To Be Progressive, But It's When the Genre is Most Exciting
    By Laura Kate Dale on 13 Sep 2018 at 9:37AM
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    Wärring Ornac

    Wärring Ornac When you reverse "LOVE" It turns to "EVOL"

  5. This is insane troon word salad. Authentic self blah blah, true self, hurr durr transphobia.
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    Sinners Sandwich

    Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

  6. One of the many issues with that word salad is not being able to distinguish between video or board game story/narrative and storytelling through another medium. The stuff about does having a hip replacement make you less human isn't touched upon because it isn't important for the game, because if you're getting cybernetic implants you're getting things like wolverine claws, built in grenade launchers, network ports for hacking etc. Things that have clear gameplay mechanics. There is probably some hardcore rules variants that explores it more, but again, it would be purely for gameplay purposes, like the result of a crit going poorly in your favor means a limb gets blown off, and you can only replace limbs X times before your die permanently. Basically, it serves as an alternate HP system. The "humanity" aspect is generally more about balancing the game so you can't just stack implant after implant on your character and become a beast. Again, it is entirely for gameplay purposes.

    When it comes to literature, there's a lot more freedom in the style of stories you tell. You can explore the impact of getting cybernetics from a story telling point, not a gameplay mechanics point. I think the reason we don't see more stories like that is because it is a waste of the genre. If someone wants to read about gender identity, I don't think they'd pick up a cyberpunk novel. If they want to read about someone who can transform their arms into swords and acts as a shadowy mercenary fighting against corrupt corporations, they'll pick up a cyberpunk novel. Are there exceptions? Absolutely. But it would be like if you got the rights to write a Star Wars novel, but instead of making it about Jedi or lightsabers or X-Wing battles, you set it on a generic planet and explored a character struggling with the idea of cutting their dick off.
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  7. Trannies being overly sensitive is a lie. Now here's a bunch of words about how I have been triggered and am literally shaking due to a game not making the entire narrative about tranny rights.
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    Ghostse Former Waffle SS

  8. Here's an actual comment post from the article page that best sums up how bullshit everything she said about the tabletop game is:

    "The information about the tabletop game's humanity system is wrong. If you read the full section it states that everyone can get new limbs grown cheaply to replace any that are lost for minimal cost. The humanity cost comes when a character starts augmenting themselves BEYOND what is humanly possibly. Having a bionic arm or cybernetic leg that has the same capabilities of a normal human limb doesn't impact anyone's humanity. Choosing to have a cybernetic arm with a hand capable of crushing bone and metal (ie beyond human capabilities) is where the humanity costs come in. If you want to read into that then it means that once you start elevating yourself above normal people then you start believing you are better than them. Take literally any politician or businessman as an example. When you can take high calibre rounds to your subdermally armoured chest and crush the skulls of literally anyone as easily as an egg I'm sure cyberpsychosis would start to be a thing.

    Also, I don't know why this needs pointing out but it's a balancing mechanic for a game ruleset that directly influences difficulty and power curve of the game...a mechanic that feeds directly into the lore of the world and setting."
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  9. It's a pretty standard system of "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". You're telling me that if you could jump fifty feet into the air you wouldn't be abusing it like you were the fucking Hulk on his way to work?
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  10. The below project must have a potential audience in the... um... fives?

    Then there's the 2nd 'book' being worked on:

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    Blue Jerkop

    True & Honest Fan

  11. Pretty sure there are some VNs about this on Steam now that they allow adult games.

    Wait, what? What do you mean that's fiction? WHAT ELSE IS FICTION?!

    Anyways, it sounds like Depression Quest: But Trans This Time. Considering it released roughly a year after Depression Quest, I wonder how much it sold... I don't think Laura was particularly big back then.
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  12. I would read a memoir from an LGBT aspie if they had a sense of humour about the whole thing. And didn't fuck popcorn.
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    vertexwindi Ohhh~ banana
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  13. Laura wants to LARP as her ideal self in the new game, which she may or may not actually play if those Polish fascist devs make another Bad Tweet. Typical statements from her.

    Laura's "VG Butts" cutesy bullshit makes her look unprofessional. She sounds like an immature teenage girl instead of an actual woman.

    If you want a trans woman games enthusiast, watch Kim Justice instead of Dale. Much more authentic.
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  14. Xhe is so close to actually grasping the transhumanist undertones of most Cyberpunk, but fails to grasp that it's about finding one's identity when the lines of man & machine blur & not gender.
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  15. What kind of a publisher would publish a book from an autistic tranny who lies about his work? Who the fuck wants to read his memoir? He’s in his 30s and accomplished nothing in his life.
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  16. Personally I think the chapters about him grooming an autistic girl, convincing her via wiki article she's a lesbian, convincing her girldick is so in, ditching her when he got bored and setting Jim Stirlings fanbase on her to prevent any leaks and wrong think are going to be brave and inspiring.
    But hey its a book by a troon, ain't gonna be a word is truth in it.
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    MMX True defective
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  17. What did Dale do that required Jim's fanbase to hurt some girl?
  18. The break up wasn't exactly amicable. Josh had made Tilly pretty depressed by the end and Josh largely controlled the break up narrative.
    Anyone who attempted to reach out to her (real friends included) faced a wall of autistic screaming about how her and Josh weren't public figures and needed time to heal.
    Josh got to play the role of stronk woman moving on to the cheers of "you go girl" on twitter whilst Tilly sobbed and stressed about how loosing a single twitter follower could kill her, the narrative her had ditched his fag hag now he had a vagoo was allowed.
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    #1558 MMX, Sep 24, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018

    MMX True defective
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  19. Fellow Twine game maker Anna Anthropy wrote a book about the game ZZT that was covertly a biography about realizing they were a trans woman. It is only advertised as the former.
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  20. He did cause that minor shitstorm when he lied about that E3 presenter misgendering him. That counts for something, right?
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    Oh Shit I'm Sorry


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