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Tanner Glass

Well he's gone as of today. The "About Us" section of Kotaku UK hasn't updated but expecting competency or punctuality from a clickbait site is asking too much. To offset getting shitcanned from his last "job" he's doing what all other social justice/troons do when they need money -- begging on Patreon.
He's at 1,050/month - not sure if 12,600/year is enough to live on for anyone but LOL good luck.


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Sterling will throw him a bone every now and then and give him a guest review for a few bucks.

Healthcare is covered by the government

Everything else I'm sure he can get on the dole for. Plus I'm pretty sure his whatever his significant other is has a job.


Might be next to you right now.
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Yeah Jim Sterling is going to let Dale slobber on his knob every now and then for a couple bucks. Dale could never last on his own.

As an aside I find it odd that Dale is allowed to just have pictures of naked asses in his Twitter avatar. Twitter normally takes a firm stance on that stuff.
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I guess after the whole thing happened, Laura decided it was actually best to move onto other pastures.
I know this is 100% self serving, and lol that fucking 100,000rpm spin, but really surpised by the fact Josh was able swallow his narcissism long enough to act reasonably mature instead of throwing a tantrum .

Sissy Galvez

He was fired, i’m confident he wouldn’t leave that gig voluntarily plus he talks about how he’s got all these great projects (his garbage books) in the pipeline. There’s new management over Kotaku and he tried to throw his bosses under the bus over that shit article he wrote trying to start a harassment campaign against Nintendo and a Japanese artist.
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Does he really need that from a horribly botched stink ditch surgery or is it just munchie bullshit from this attention whoring phony?
The possible causes are

1. Mutilated penis wound wasn't kept clean leading to an infection that spread and damaged their legs like some kind of syphilitic Victorian whore.
2. Knees have bitten the dust due to the bloated mass they struggle to hold up daily.
3. Autism makes them think a cane is cool. Very likely if there is some kind of video game character who uses a cane, but I can't think of one right now.

Any of them could be the correct lore, because lolcows gonna lolcow.

By the way has anyone got a pdf/epub of the butt book? Seems like it would provide a lot of prime sperg material.

Trigger Me Timbers

I'm going with fired or "Let go" because;
  • Right before E3 means that they didn't want to pay for him to travel.
  • All of these media outlets are hemorrhaging money and LKD is not a steller contributor.
  • These "personal projects" are not gearing up to be anything amazing that would trump a solid game jorno salary, he doesn't have Jim Sterling youtube numbers and no discernable hype of anything LKD is producing.
  • I can't see any of the personal projects taking so much time that he couldn't keep working for Kotaku whiles working on them.

    I predict that LKD will "If he's lucky" get a new job at another outlet (I doubt it since LKD doesn't seem that popular even with the target audience of soyboy nu-males) or more likely just e-beg and grift on a slither of a salary and blame transphobia for it.

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