Careercow Laura Loomer / @looms93 & Jack Posobiec - Cuckservative "reporters", disrupted a play, #TireGate

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Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
>inb4 case dismissed
I have a feeling, like the big Milo Vs. Simon & Schuster thing, she will play it off like it's all going according to plan no matter what.
I wish by some miracle this ends up in public court or something and she ends up representing herself. She 100% would.
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Larry Klayman is a hack of a lawyer, and has been sanctioned numerous times for unethical behavior. He can't grasp that Facebook, as a private company, can ban whoever it wants for whatever reason it wants, and if they're leftist (they dump their curated news section to appease conservatives), tough shit, it's their product, they can use it however they want. Facebook is going to crucify both of them.

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Necroing, but well worth it. The stupid bitch is running for congress in Florida. More specifically, the 21st district of Flordia, which is north of Miami.

It's also trending on twitter.


Adolf Honkler


Conservative reporter and activist Laura Loomer announced her run for Congress in Florida’s 21st congressional district.

Florida-21 is a blue district, based in Palm Beach County.
It is home to President Trump’s Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago.

The district went for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016, 59% to 39%.

Laura released this statement on Friday.

Laura will take on Democrat Lois Frankel in the district.

Laura Loomer files to run against Rep. Lois Frankel. Running Loomer’s campaign: Trump’s 2016 Florida state director, Karen Giorno
FL-21 is a blue district, based in Palm Beach County, home to Trump’s winter getaway club, Mar-a-Lago
— Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) August 2, 2019

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