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Loomer is going to get her SCOTUS docket number tattooed on her wrist to bring home the example that being banned from twitter is literally the Holocaust.


Sadly Loomer is 27 but that's what poor quality facial surgery does to you, like a wax statue melting
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Days DSP has waited for Twitch apology: 22
Might be late but did she recently get lip injections? She looks like a cartoon duck talking

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Here's another one from this newsletter. The most recent one. This time, complaining about some razors and "cancel culture".


Fight Toxic Censorship
Remember that “Toxic Masculinity” ad by Gillette in 2019?

Rather than stay in their lane by selling and marketing grooming products for men, Gillette jumped headfirst into the #MeToo movement.

First, they ran “The Best Men Can Be” and despite the backlash, Gillette doubled down and ran an ad depicting a father teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time.

After their failed attempt on the front lines of social justice, the company posted $5 billion in losses.

Their CEO, Gary Coombe, was unphased saying it was a “price worth paying.”

Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” campaign was done out in the open.

But what’s been done behind the scenes by companies like this is far worse and is the focus of my next lawsuit.

Help me keep up the fight by donating to my lawsuit to stop Cancel Culture.

While Facebook, Twitter and Google have the power to cancel any of us at any time, they also work hand-in-hand with companies like Gillette that share their liberal agenda.

Big Tech’s advertisers hold MASSIVE sway on where their ads appear and if they don’t want one of their ads showing next to content you post . . . who do you think gets the boot?

You or the advertiser?

Yep, you’re gone in an instant.

My upcoming lawsuit will be exposing this relationship and proving how our culture . . . and our elections . . . are being manipulated by Big Tech AND the companies you support!

I guarantee that there are at least 10 products in your house made by companies that are part of a conspiracy to eliminate conservative speech.

Help me prove it by chipping in $20 to fund my next lawsuit.

And please, stay tuned because this will be huge.


Laura Loomer


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Loomer is going to get her SCOTUS docket number tattooed on her wrist to bring home the example that being banned from twitter is literally the Holocaust.
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Sadly Loomer is 27 but that's what poor quality facial surgery does to you, like a wax statue melting
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It's a shame SCOTUS rejected her case. I'd pay money to see the looks on the justices' faces as they hear a crazy woman ranting about digital shoahs while waving a Holocaust tattoo around on her arm.


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Imagine thinking an adequate call to action to raise money is "Remember that thing that happened 2 yrs ago? Are you STILL MAD?"

Like, is there nothing relevant that happened recently? Cause if not, sounds like problem solved.

I'm going to help you, Laura:

"Remember in the 1860s when the southern DEMOCRATS refused to abolish racism??!"

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Looks like Loomer's at it again trying to pin the blame on Zuckerberg for deplatforming "conservatives".


I was shocked when I found out that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife gave my local elections office $6.8 million before the 2020 elections – about seven bucks for every registered voter in the county.

That grant was 1.7% of the $400 million donated by Zuck to fund “voting infrastructure” throughout the country.

“Zuckerbucks” were sent to 2,471 counties in 49 states – your voting office was likely funded by the founder of Facebook in 2020.

Now, I live in Palm Beach County, the third wealthiest zip code in America according to Bloomberg and there is no shortage of funds. As a matter of fact, the county just passed a $5.4 billion budget!

So why did Zuck throw millions at one of the wealthiest counties in nation and earmark his donation for voting infrastructure?

Why did Zuckerberg donate money to your county?

Today, we’re starting our investigation into Zuckerbucks around the nation, and will be filing Freedom of Information Requests to get to the bottom of this.

But I’m going to need your help to go through all of the documents that will be flowing in over the next month.

I’ll be posting them online, but could you help cover staff costs of scanning and posting the documents?

We should be able to have FOIA fees from county governments waived, but I’m sure I’ll probably have to pay for some of those as well.

We need to raise about $4,800 to get this started, so if you can chip in $25 or more, I’d really appreciate it.

I’ll report back soon, but please, help cover our initial costs by chipping in if you can.


Laura Loomer


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Someone needs to update this thread with a poll for how long it takes for Jack to take out a restraining order on this goofy bitch.

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