Law permitting Police to break into your home to install trojans on your computer passes in German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern -

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Despite fierce criticism in advance , the state parliament in Schwerin passed the Security and Order Act (SOG) on March 11 with the votes of the government coalition from the SPD and CDU as well as the opposition AfD. The new regulations give the security authorities significantly more powers, including secret online searches with a state Trojan.

In order to identify the target devices or install the Trojan, security authorities may also secretly enter the home of a suspect, according to the explanations on the law . Accordingly , it is conceivable , for example, for "systems that are not connected to the Internet (so-called stand-alone systems) or systems that offer insurmountable access protection against attacks from outside." Both when entering the apartment and when searching online, judges must agree to this. However, these usually only check the requests very superficially .

In addition to the online search, the police are also allowed to monitor the source telecommunications (Quellen-TKÜ). This is intended to intercept encrypted communication, for example from e-mails or messengers such as Whatsapp or Signal, after decryption or before encryption. The online search, however, allows full access to the data stored on the device. Technically, the two monitoring methods hardly differ. Both use a state Trojan to gain access to the devices of those affected. This can be installed via social engineering , security gaps or through direct access to the devices.

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Liebe Bürger der DDR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Lands, do remember that, even in your deepest isolation, whole CS departments are paid to fuck with trojan circumvention for sport, and that you can learn how to leverage their shit for free without leaving your home. Corona-chan loves you and wants you to take this opportunity to become smarter and more resilient.



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spengler was right about the difference between anglos and germans. germans are too docile/conformist for their own good.
But Americans are the real fascists, amirite folx?
americans inhereted the worst traits of both the anglos and germanics (the arrogance and independence of the anglo and the conformity of the germanic, paving a clear way to the rabidly individualistic yet mass consumer-kultur of post-WWII era)
when i read the first few words of the thread title i assumed it was about the US. everyone forgets the patriot act and PRISM. i mean, look at what just happened last week:
somehow people are still surprised that the EU is and has always been a moral police state, after everything that has happened since 2001, the response to everything bad that has happened from the response to terrorism to the yellow vests. i'm not sure why we're still surprised that the EU citizenry just go along with the program. they're doing as they're told by the state, just as americans do by ad agencies.
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just install linux, ez
That might foil unsophisticated attacker, but I don't know if that's enough to annoy the state cops sufficiently. According to my reading on evil-maid attacks, (that's what break into your home to install trojans on your computer is called) the physical security of the computer is the first line of defense. So you might want to lock it up behind a tamper-evident contraption of some sort. Failing that, you might want to look at full-disk encryption, which is never really full because the bootloader is a thing unless you have a Librem or some weird shit. But even that might be chipped, hence the physical security part. On top of that, you have to look at online compromise and OSINT, so compartimentalize your shit. I think the smartest move is to buy a Raspi 4 and a small vault if you want to shitpost in peace. Neither Tails nor Qubes support ARM, but you might be able to run the Tor browser bundle using QEmu userspace emulation. (if you want the Tor browser bundle, that is) So to summarize, my idea of a teuton-proof neo-Enigma build would be a Raspi 4 in a vault, with Raspbian, LUKS encryption, and either jerry-rigged TBB or the native Tor daemon. And also autism_1.3.0-2_arm64.deb.

EDIT: Also we have a thread about VPN providers if Tor ever fails.
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